Wow was it hard to wake up this morning, like dragging my head through thick cold custard, I had to force myself to move, and every muscle complained about it. Not done anything strenuous yesterday and went to bed feeling fine.

Only thing different is the Champix dose went from 1 tablet to 2 tablets. Maybe that's how Champix stops the smoking habit, keeps you asleep 24/7. I feel Ok now but I have been awake for 3 hours now.

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Morning, I'm afraid I don't know about champix but think you best to take it very easy, drink plenty of fluids and keep an eye on yourself.

Do you have people around to make sure you're ok?

I'm sure the first few days must be the worst.

Fantastic what you're doing in quitting. Bravo to you!

I have people around today so yes they will keep a close eye on me Thanks feel Ok now though just big headache but I'm sure I'll be Ok

When did you last drag your head through cold custard that is something I have never tried .ha But hope your day is a good one,!

lol Thanks

Keep up the good work Peter I'm with you all the way. Hope you manage the full course of tabs then hopefully you'll be a none smoker in the end. Best wishes to you xx

Well done for the quitting smoking! Just take it easy and take care, TAD xx

Champix are good for giving up but they certainly affect your sleep. With me, it was very, very vivid dreaming so I used to wake up exhausted sometimes after a whole night of adventures. In the end it was e cigs that allowed me to stop. Wished I'd done them earlier.

I don't think e-cigs are a good idea!

i had the vivid dreams but was ok on waking up keep up the good work marian xx

I recently quit using champix. Just kept telling myself that the fairly mild side effects are nothing like as serious as the side effects of smoking. Best of luck.

I've never used Champix so only know from second hand accounts which are generally negative. I quit smoking after over 50 years of the crap using double up on the patches; that was six years ago this month and haven't wanted one since. If you're determined to quit, that's the main thing; doesn't matter how..., just do it !!!

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