Its just one of those days know what I mean?The only energy I could find was writing this scribblet and making mince & mash !!!

Am I bovvered

Are you

Nah me neither

Just cant be bovvered

No not today

Me elastics gone

I dont know where

And I cant think why

No bounce today

Just cant be bovvered

Bring me a smile

And make me laugh

Dont make me sad

And make me cry

Cheer me up

Please make me happy

Coz you know me

Iam very bovvered

Just not today

That I cant be bovvered

I know I got the blues today! Gertie is off to hospital tomorrow and they will give me a temp scooter until she is fixed so this is very good news,I will be able to go out,it doesnt wanna start snowing or I will get the miseries.Who moi ?

Thats all folks


:) :) :)


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  • I love your scribblettes, even when you're down, they bring a smile to my face :) I do hope you're Gertie is mended soon, and that you'll be able to get out and up to your old adventures. The escapades you two have had! Cheer up my dear, it's nearly summer :) x

  • Your too kind initial is true to my mood today makes me scribble.When I described gerties symptoms they seemed all knowing as to her problem so this is good.Im interested to see temp one now? :) Janexx

  • Hee hee Jane thats very good. Hope poor Gertie better soon and your temp one behaves itself :)

  • Haha a bit of fun on moody me.Yes looking forward to that hoping that the weather is reasonable,Cheers coughalot :) Janexx

  • Am I BOVVERED. Had my usual chuckle. Thank you Jane. Big cuddle for you xxx

  • Im not bovvered Poppymichael lol. I'll be fine again tomorrow no doubt pain in lungs is really just about gone so all good in that sense.Thanks for the cudcuds :) Janexx

  • Up to your usual standard Jane. Hope Gertie's recovery is swift. Me I have definitely got the miseries today. Have changed my profile picture to match my mood xx

  • Thank-you Suzy6.Haha yes pussycat not a happy bunny bless.Any reason for your mizzies today or like me just one of them days? Keep your pecker up Suzy. :) Janexx

  • Just one of those days Jane. Thanks. Better day today for both I hope. Have a good one. xx :)

  • I enjoyed that Jane.

    Hope Gertie is back with you soon and I really hope the temp one works as well as Gertie.

  • Cheers Riverbank.Yes it will be interesting eh? if the weather is good i will definitely be test driving it tomorrow. :) Janexx

  • Do you think that Bailey has something to do with the missing elastic? Have a slightly breathey hug and a :) xx

  • Lol sounds about right to me tinker he is.Thanx for the :) and hugs. Look after you do hope you have turned the corner into recovering now,sounds like you had a worrying weekend. :) Janexx

  • hi jane, hope your better today, just noticed this post,,,, your a real inspiration :) great post [as usual :)] hope gerty is good again,,,,,what can i say,,,," a too much poop day, and not enough shovel day" :) :) your lovely jane,,, big hugs,,, jimmy:)

  • Hi Jimmy thank-you sorry for long delay in reply,was more fed-up than I realised,Im slowly climbing back up. :) Janexx

  • yes we all get like that jane,,,but glad your on the up and up:) i get like that at times,, makes you just feel like screaming:),, only i havent the breath to lol:),, kindest regards jimmy xx

  • Well I'll

    just put me bovver boots on an give u some bovver ...hugs Wes xx

  • Hi Wes lol. Sorry gov no bovver please! :) Janexx

  • Hope you're feeling better today Jane.

    I was thinking of you earlier, is it 6 months you've been a non-smoker?

    xx Peeg

  • Hi peeg I know cant believe it myself it is 6months good bliddy game lol.Thankyou have been in a dark tunnel for a few days climbing back out slowly can see the light ! :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane,hope things are better now,my love.I thinks you are going through separation anxiety from Gertie! Get on your,& blow the wobbles away!

    Hugs to you,love Wendells xxx

  • Your not wrong Wendells have been a bit sorry for myself,am taking myself in hand now lol. :) Janexx

  • Another good one Jane, Gertie will be raring to go when she gets home as you will too, once you have had a bit of rest and me time, hope your sore lungs go better soon, xx

  • Thank-you yes lungs are not feeling to bad. have been down in the dumps and just had a eureka moment its the blinking steroids fault why I feel so low hadnt twigged and couldnt understand why I was feeling like this omg ! Stupid lady Iam thats cheered me up actually lol :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs, hope you have been feeling a bit more uppity today, and I hope you get on ok with the temporary scooter. You will soon have your old Gertie back, and the rest of the week for us up in Dumfries is sunshine and warmer. I don't know where you are but hope you are getting the same, that will cheer you up. Take care. Cheryl

  • Hi Cheryl Im feeling better now, as I was replying to junespoon realised its the steroids that have made me so low ! couldnt understand why it was but now I know can deal with it.The weather here is glorious and warm will now try and go out on temp scooter tomorrow.Yes the little man who took gertie said they had never had this before? but thinks it might be the brakes? Enjoy the weather :) Janexx

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