Finally - 9 months after registering for PIP and assessment in August - a Decision!!

For those that followed after I was one of the first on here to apply for PIP on it's introduction in June last year - I am pleased to say that I have finally received their decision. I am equally pleased to say that they have awarded me the Enhanced rate of Mobility. To be honest, I never thought, nor did I expect that I would get anything based on media reports and stories by others on just how hard it is to prove how ill you are and how much you struggle day by day.

All I can suggest to those still waiting is, don't give up - phone them regularly like I did (as frustrating as it was), and get on to your local MP to chase them. Had I not done that I think I would still be waiting for a decision.

Jean :-)

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Hi Jean oh you must be over the moon not only for the award but that it is finally been dealt with happy days and a sigh of relief! Big bonus of all that backdated money give yourself a very well earned treat and enjoy. :) Janexx

Congratulations on your persistence Jean, though as you say it should not be necessary.

Wonderful news, Jean, it does give other applicants hope. This protracted time-scale, though, it unacceptable. Yes, I understand there is a need to check, but the delay between applying, getting a face-to-face assessment, then the decision, is far too long a wait. I hope this will make a huge difference to your life. :) x

Brilliant news Jean - sooo pleased for you hun.

love cx

Great news xxx terrible to keep you and others waiting too long

Well done Jean, I'm so pleased that you are a happy bunny.

Bobby xxx

Thats great Jean well done. Are they going to bakdate it?

Glad to hear your good news!! Xxxx

CONGRATULATIONS. :). :). :). :). :)

How wonderful! You can relax now,& spoil yourself with something! xxxx

Ah, thanks all. Yes, my persistence paid off, but we shouldn't have to add that stress to our daily living. Best of all is that it was backdated! Like a win on he Lottery... definitely treating myself to a few nice things, but the main thing is that it will make life so much easier in many ways.

Thanks again :-)

HI, Do they make a decision on the same day ? I am attending one in 2 weeks time not for me with someone else for a Neuro issue ? been waiting nearly 12 months now for this day?

Unfortunately no. I've waited 7 months for this decision since a face to face assessment at the beginning of August. You may end up waiting yet another 12 months at this rate - I hope not. good luck

Brilliant..soo pleased for you x

Also You will get paid out the full amount from the day you first made the claim,Unless this Government have moved the Goal Posts which wouldn't surprise me, good luck..............Lola

Yes, I did get that as promised, but who knows if/when it may change. :-)

Hello Jayenne

That's fantastic news. It makes you feel so much better I doesn't it, I was one of the last to receive DLA and like you I couldn't believe it and the back dated money helped so much. Enjoy.

Kim xxxx

Have heard media stories but my experience has been quite like yours filled in the forms with some help from the citizens advice it all went much easier than I was expecting. Clear of paperwork for 2 years now with the constant review that comes with this new pip scheme.


Fantastic news!

what was the conditions that you claimed on ?

Be Well

Thanks Offcut.

Well, my health in general really - or lack of! I don't need care so I knew nothing would be gained from that part of the claim. It's more about mobility for me with the breathing problem and lack of ability to walk far. As well as the face to face assessment, my own information input about my health, together with letters and reports provided by Consultants and others on CAPITA's request, I was awarded 12 points in the Mobility part for not being able to walk more than 20 metres without having to stop.

congratulations is pip the old DLA ? they turned me down for this and that was put in June 13 and only had my decision a couple of weeks ago I still haven't had a decision on my ESA again that form was done at the same time.

Do you think your MP did help ?

Hi onamission,

Sorry to hear yours was declined. I honestly think it's hit or miss with who gets PIP and who doesn't! I think they are so overwhelmed with claims, short-staffed to cope with the demand, and of course pressure from the government to cut costs in every form - but yes - definitely complaining to the local MP did help.

I think if I hadn't met with him, I would be non the wiser even now. He has pursued CAPITA since I met with him about it in mid-January, and even when told it had been passed to DWP just over 2 weeks ago, he also chased for an outcome from there. From what I've read on here, (and I could be wrong), I think if you have the help of your MP, then you stand more chance of at least getting a response, and then hopefully a positive result.

Jean :-)

I got my MP involved in my ESA fiasco and they did not lose any more info I sent after they got involved I was sending by recorded delivery to prove they got it as they kept saying they had not and I was near deadlines etc.

I must add I had done and won my appeal on my own before that but had no answer from DWP on what they had agreed on, that's why got on to my MP

Brilliant news Jean, nice to see a good result for your persistence and patience. Now you can relax and enjoy a treat from the proceeds. Plus any extra things you need due to your illness. best wishesx

Thanks Katie, if only we could buy a new pair of lungs from the Pound Shop eh!! :-)

Yeah if only x

Hi Jayenne I'm very much like you unable to walk 20 meters without being out of breath and horrendous pain in my back but I did not get a face to face interview with anyone when I filled in the forms for DLA is this something they only do when claiming PIP.

Yes, this is part of the process bought in with PIP in June last year. Did you claim before then - it changed on 10 June 2013? I had previously applied before the change when it was still DLA, and like you, filled in a form and got a response 2 weeks later (har har) declining the claim. I believe that with PIP, you have to have a face to face assessment, either a home visit, or at a centre nearby - although that could be miles and miles to some! If you claimed before the change, do what I did and claim again under PIP, especially if you are suffering similarly - as they need to see just how bad you are with the face-to-face assessment - it helps with the process of your claim.

Also, as it has been 9 months since your claim and if your condition has changed/got worse, you need to let them know - so much can happen in that time.

Jean :-)

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