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Bad Ticlkly cough at nights keeps me awake tried cough medicine sweets etc any advice I have emphysema on oxygen otherwise healthy

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My husband uses Buttercup syrup that sometimes help - or a teaspoon of honey diluted in hot water. Others have recommended vicks on the soles of your feet - didn't do a lot for my husband but some people swear by it. Good Luck TAD xx

Liquid codeine helps my cough

hubby swears by sucking a mint sweet or two, takes away that tickle for him.

i take tea with whisky before i go to bed and i rub the Vic on my chest work for me sometime ,otherwise go to see your doctor good luk lovex

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Hi Suzeelouise my personal ritual for night tickles,I always have a cold drink by the bed which i have a gulp of first then I have a swig of covonia original and a soothers sweet plus I put vick under my nose down my neck,this helps with any fluid that trickles down our throats causing us to cough,also you might need to raise your pillows a little bit.If nothing is working for you time to call the doctor for some help and advice.Goodluck and takecare now :) Janexx

hi suzee, i often used get that, but since on oramorph, this seems to knock me out lol:) so i cheat,, i miss my day doses [unless in really bad pain], and just take it at night,5ml,, i think it benefits me more as it effects me more,and i believe actually helps my breathing at night,,, but i do have plenty bottles of that flavoured water, and keep gulping that if i awake dry,, at least i dont worry about peeing the bed now,,,, catheter :) which i hate,,,,,, .i have plenty sweets at the bedside but i see you have tried that.,,, but one thing i do, do, is last thing before my oramorph is have lovely cup of hot tea, with a teaspoonful,,sometimes two!! of manuka honey, [industrial strength 15+ :) ]its supposed to be really good for you, but its expensive [it costs two packets of fags :) that,s how i price things now:) ] maybe if it bothers you too much is see the doctor, i am quite sure he or she would understand, and prescribe something for you, as it is really annoying. i do hope you can get this put right,, kind regards,,,jimmy xx

Have you tried Ricola sweets original flavour , they help me

simple linctus works for me I drink it by the bottle nothing worse than falling off to sleep and start coughing.

My Dr. recommended codeine phosphate tablets to suppress the coughing and it works uite well for me. good luck.

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