Well I'm getting tested today, (again) but this test will prove a bit more interesting I hope. I started on Relvar Ellipta one month ago and today's test is to see if it has made a difference, at my last test I had lost 50% of my capacity and had the lungs of an 84 year old ( I'm 56.) Being used as a bit of a guinea-pig by my GP as I asked for/demanded this new inhaler to try.

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  • Good luck with it Peter. Well done for holding out for the new inhaler. Let me know your results.

  • It will be good to hear if the new inhaler is better

  • Good Luck, let us know how the new inhaler is doing. TAD xx

  • Good luck. Would be interested to hear results.

  • When what your taking is not making a difference using another type has nothing to lose good luck.

  • The results,

    Last test said lost 50% of capacity and lungs of 84 year old. ( 3 months ago )

    New test says lost 41% of lung capacity and lungs of a 77 year old ( test done at 12pm today )

    and best of 3 blows Min' 65% Pred' 77% Max '89%

    so I've knocked 7 years off my lung age and gained 9% of my lung capacity back, on both breathing tests I went over the predicted on the graph by a very good margin so both me and the nurse are a bit bemused by these results, not complaining just confused.

  • was this test done without you taking your medication, otherwise its not a true reading.

  • I took the medication at the same time this morning, It's once a day. So yes I had taken the inhaler before the test

  • hi peterk1..i thought that you are not ment to take any inhalers on the day of spirometry until you get there and after a few blows into the machine..anyway if im wrong you have done well

  • Sounds good Peter, well done for insisting on a change of inhaler

  • That's great Peter. Hope you keep improving.

  • Sounds like good news Peter nice one good for you.It will be interesting to follow you and see how things go with this new inhaler,please keep us posted? :) Janexx

  • Thank you folks, I will keep you informed as things go along, It has got me thinking though, lot's of questions and nobody to answer them, the nurse felt the same.

  • Great news any improvement is good.

    Our surgery will not even tell you the results on the day you have to wait to see the doctor who then only talks though what he is seeing. I had to make mental notes of the scores as they would not let me see to write them down :(

  • Request a print out, or do like I did and make your request a polite demand lol, you should be entitled to a printed reading as it is part of your medical records.

  • I would be better off asking for his bank details

  • Shame I keep mine as a personal record so I can take it to hospital etc just in case it helps but I do get my copy from the nurse as it's done before the Dr even see's it

  • Even at the hospital they will not say or let you see the results, it seems that they think you will not understand or will not deal with the result!

    When I saw the consultant and he went though my CT scan in detail it was very different I asked about the white parts that showed no air and the grey splodge because of my paralysed Diaphragm. He concurred and asked for a radiogram and xray and said that if he sees anything more than what was showing he will call me back quicker than my follow up.

    I think it is a policy in our area not to be as open as they could be to cover their backs. I have asked for the doctors letter to be sent to me as well and he agreed.

  • I always try to get copies of everything, I had 6 weeks in ICU and I obtained a copy of the full hospital records.

  • I was in ICU also for 32 days and I had to pay to get mine!

  • Good news Peter! So glad for you.As for taking inhalers on the same day,I was told to take them,as they knew I'd be a mess if I didn't,so don't worry xx

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