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food for thought,,,,,whose rich and whose poor ??

a father of a very wealthy family , millionaires, took his young son to a trip to the country with the firm purpose of seeing how poor people can be, .they spent a couple of nights in a dingy little old farm, of what would be considered a very poor family.

on their return from the trip the father asked the son "how was the trip" "it was great dad" "did you see how poor people can live" the father asked. "oh yes" said the son, "so what did you learn from the trip" said the father,,,,

the son answered, " i saw they we had one dog, and they had four, we have a heated swimming pool which reaches to the middle of the garden, and they had a big natural pond surrounded by trees, way at the bottom of the fields with such lovely scenery,we have got the most up to date imported lighting all around the big house,, and they have the whole sky with all the lovely shining stars and most beautiful moon, our patio reaches to front yard and they have the whole beautiful horizon.

we have a small piece of land to live on, and they have fields beyond our sight,

we have servants,,,,,,,, but they serve others

we buy our food, but they grow theirs..

we have walls round our property to protect US......


with this, the father was speechless., then the son added,,,,,,


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Hey there Jimmy how very true to be truly rich money is not the issue thats a bonus ..:) Is all well Jimmy ? :) Janexx


hi jane aye i thought just a very simple way how things can be seen, yes we all need money, off course we do, but when greed comes into things its slightly different.:) :) [wish i could win the lottery lol :) :),,, might help if i buy a ticket :):)

im no bible puncher , quite the blinken opposite at times :) :)

but i do remember as a child at sunday school, the teacher saying, theres a verse in the bible we all say "money is the route of all evil" ,,,,this teacher explained that it was in fact wrong,... it says "the LOVE of money is the route of all evil" and when you think of it, that one word makes the difference,,,,, heareth endeth the sermon ha ha :) :) you have a smile and a very good night jane, kindest sincerest regards ,,,, a tired jimmy:) xxx


Wow! that's an eye opener. In this day and age, do we really see what is in front of us?


hi mustcarryon,, maybe its a good job we cant :) but we can just try make the best of each day,, kindest regards,,jimmy


Thanks Jimmy. Feeling blessed and humbled now. xx


thanks suzy, jimmy xxx


That's nice x


yes, its nothing special, but food for thought at times,:)

hope your feeling better peeg ..jimmy


excellent thank you


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