Hi peeps its me again 2 things have happened to me in the last18 hours my life is never dull !!!

So to the first thing,I went upstairs around midnight followed by my tray :p I faffed about organising myself in and on my bed,I tend to sit crossed legged ,I then roll my duvet down in front of knees otherwise i get to warm cos im not snuggling for a while.On top of duvet i have another cover cos my kitkat tends to snuggle on my bed during the day cant be doing with his fur,so this is folded down half way cos he creeps on bed in night which Im not keen on to be honest and I have to admit to having oicked and launched him across the bedroom on the odd occasion that hes made me feel trapped bless! Then i have a hand towel used like a large serviette over my lap covering a firmish pillow folded in half length ways for leanage purposes,so any mess is kept out of bed like sharpy crumbs etc and I can lean without squashing longlungs,table on wheels pulled across bed and i survey my tray,I have houmous and a pitta torn into dippy sizes I also have some hot salsa and a bag of crisps,I find that if Ihave apiece of pitta with houmous place a crisp on top with a little salsa on makes for a wonderful taste sensation mmm.Also on my tray i have an apple and cheese for maybe later who knows :p I also have a choice of choccy bars at the ready.Well I demolished pitta,crisps and dips while watching the tv,lovely.About an hour later my breathing went down hill oooer it seemed to get worse, enough for me to become worried,my heart started to race and I could feel that panic start to creep in ,I tried to talk to my brain and tried to focus on the tv to take my mind away from panicking ,now i needed the loo thats worry kicking in,I stood up and felt dreadful must get to the loo ,came back sat on bed getting ready to pick phone up,Iwent to rub my tummy and then realised what the problem was the white pitta bread I cant eat white breads anymore because it bloats my tum in an instant normally have the brown ones,how relieved was eye, yes i was struggling to breathe cos my tummy was huge and defo squashing longlungs,but i knew in time that would change,how stupid am I !!! I was really getting my knickers in a twist.Oh well alls well that ends well. :D

Have I sent you all to sleep yet lol?

My second event was this afternoon,I'd missed my prescription delivery as i was at the docs yesterday.so youngest son said not to worry he'd get it in the morning.I really need it its my spiriva puffer and im in the red with the one im using.So when I came down today youngest son was out,other son in bed.So made myself a coffee and went into the garden with our Bailey, it was so warm and just a wonderful feeling, chilling sipping my coffee.I was trying to encourage Bailey to do his business outside,but no he wasnt doing anything.My first site of a bumble bee and what a site it was humungus,then I spyed two foxes sunbathing in the tall overgrowth in the empty piece of land which just looks like its my garden as the fences are down,they played with each other and then both fell asleep Bailey was completely unaware of them.Youngest rang telling me he was at a friends in london wouldnt be back for prescription.In a way I was pleased seeing how warm I could get it myself on gertie.So got myself slowly ready.I reversed out onto the path and off I went thought Id go the park way and see if the daffs were up mm thatll be nice I was thinking,then gertie slowed right down then she picked up to only slow right down again how very strange? I had gone about 400yds and noticed the battery had gone from fully charged down to the warning brown and red markers,so turned round poor gertie was ill in deed ! I became aware of people staring at me, why? Please gertie just get us home last 100 yds to go,she struggled to get up the kerb Ikinda bounced on her to get her up and we did,I could smell smoke and thought its a bit early for a bonfire we were moving at 0mph now,I heard a loud car radio and turned towards the noise and to my horror gertie was on fire !!! why did no one tell me they were all looking at me.Im so sad :( poor gertie has had to go into resus.So no prescription sleeping son said he would go but didnt get up and he is not civilised when waking him,My chemist is open for a couple of hours in the morning so youngest son will get them .

Well thats all folks lol :)

Keep smiling :)


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  • Poor Gertie! Poor you! Oh dear, Jane what a fright that must have been with your breathing, but what a relief to realise what had caused it, and well done you for not panicking! As for Gertie going up in flames, I've never heard of the scooters doing that before, that must have been frightening. I hope you didn't get any smoke inhalation, now that would be awful. I would say take care, but somehow, with your luck, or lack of it, I don't think you'd pay much heed LOL :) Please make sure your surly son gets up tomorrow to collect your prescription. Relax and chill tonight :) x

  • Hi initial im so stupid didnt give the pitta a second thought and after didnt feel full really,and my brain didnt twig either I guess cos i heard my docs words in my head automatically thought s--- my lung is collapsing,wont do that again! As for poor gertie Im gutted god knows whats wrong with her,I have to say didnt see flames but thick white smoke bellowing out,I'll tell you what I havnt moved so quick in a long time haha,shes not even a year old bless her. Couldnt get hold of the company so monday now I think they are supposed to bring a replacement out for me to use,do hope so..All good fun eh ? :) Janexx

  • I think we've all done something without thinking it through. Don't be too hard on yourself. As for Gertie, she can always get replaced. Just think, the adventures of Jane and Gertie II - can't wait to read those exploits :) x

  • Are you okay. Perhaps the chemist would deliver if you explained circumstances . Cheers

  • Hello coastal1 Im fine thank-you for asking,I was shocked though couldnt believe the amount of smoke coming out of her and for that split second though could she explode so moved off her very lively I can tell you.People must have thought i was some kind of nutter just looking at me in disbelief lol glad i hadnt gone to far.You gotta laugh really. :) Janexx

  • Well Jane when I was reading the first part of you post I was thinking that I myself had not had such an eventful time in bed for YEARS !!!! :):)

    But the second half of your post made me worry for you....perhaps your younger son could have a look at Gertie in the morning....you will feel so much better when you are mobile again

    I am glad all ended OK

    Perhaps the next time you plan a 'party' in bed you might ask a few of us HU friends around :):)

    Love Sohara

  • Hi Sohara I drive myself round the twist with my rituals but I guess we all have them to some extent.Something my family have always done is bedtime snacks Ive just taken it to another level haha.Poor gertie I think has died sadly but as Im in the motability scheme she should be replaced or given a heart transplant of some description.Im fine did shock me to see all the smoke I just stood looking for a second or two abit dumb struck to be honest.lol And yes that would be fun to have Sohara. :) Janexx

  • Wow Jane, What a flipping day.

    Get son up, throw water on him if necessary use the garden hose, Glad your breathing is better, gertie can always be repaired or replaced.

    You take care of yourself and in future, if anything goes wrong with Gertie when your out and about.........................CALL THE AA or RAC.


  • Hi Tom a right flipping day it was haha!Your right I should get the hose out but anything for a quiet life sometimes cant be dealing with the nasty moods that can ensue.

    Im with the motability scheme so i will get as you say replaced or fixed,there is an emergency call out no but guess what couldnt find it!Heyho Monday now it shall be. :) Janexx

  • I have a grandson who is 18 now.

    He has lived with us for about 6 years ( long story ), He is a late sleeper who does not have work but I do not sit well with that and he does not argue with me at all. ( get hard with him ) for his own sake.

    You know I just read your post again and honestly I was shocked that people saw flames coming out of your scooter AND DONE NOTHING!! How bad is that!.

    People sometimes amaze and disgust me, you could have been injured and they watched and done nothing.

    The important thing is you had a good outcome with thankfully no injury.

    Stay Well.


  • I know Tom thats what I thought,I think that cos I was going so slow people thought that I was aware I had smoke bellowing out from underneath but of course I didnt know can remember thinking 'get past this horrible smell of smoke!' In that nanno second I thought could I explode? but I was off before the end of that thought.They probably thought what an idiot for keeping on it lol.Thats how Im seeing it now ,at first I thought why did they stare and say nothing? but I think they made an assunption,which as we know can be the mother of all ---- ups! Now alls well its become another tale to tell fortunately. :) Janexx

  • Hi Tom again I didn't address the first part of your reply re sleeping son.i absolutely agree with what your saying and there are the times I feel it's ok to push although my need was great today he said yes he would when he didn't rise I didn't feel I could push he does work hard and is on call 24/7 and I know this week he probably hasn't had his fair share of sleep and know had I have got more assertive could well have pushed his buttons and I'm just not up for those kinda rows he is 25 and 6'4" just looking up to him makes me cough lol.i have to pick my moments do you understand plus ( not moaning but how it is) being on my own does put a slightly different slant on how things run.Although both very caring cos my health isn't great they both think they are the governors!! They are not and we battle .it is exhausting at times they are both very different characters peace making ain't easy sometimes!! I never stop trying though. They might leave one day :) Men !! Keepwell Janexx

  • I know exactly what you are saying Jane.

    Your sleeping beauty works, My grandson doesn't your sons 25 and 6-4, My grandsons 18 and 6-4 in girth, and like you I have to pick my time to try and educate him for his sake.

    Believe it or not Jane, I was once 18, but, my mother suffered badly from rheumatoid arthritis and my dad was a master bricklayer who worked very hard.

    The result was , when I finished school and college I went home to clean the house make dads and our tea till dad took over when he came home, when then I could get time to play piano guitar and learn my skills.

    You know, I never ever thought badly about having to do it and It has made me a better man and cook for having done it BUT, I liked my sleep as well.

    There has to be a balance and that is what I taught my kids and now trying to teach my grandson.

    To prepare them for the time when we won`t be there for them, so they can competent in being self supportive.

    If That sounds "cornie" I`m sorry, its not meant to be, it is just a way of life that I have been fortunate enough to have been party to.

    Wishing you all the very best life has to offer, OH and a brand new souped up Gertie.


  • Hi Tom I couldnt agree more with you I too was bought up in a hard working enviroment,my dad would leave home at 6.30 get back at 7.30 and carry on doing jobs till approx1am,and my brother and I had our chores to do daily.

    Both boys if they found themselves out there on their own know the details and know how to look after themselves theres never been thats a boys job or thats only for girls,so they can cook etc to fend for themselves.They have not had the practise as yet my eldest has been away a couple of times but not had his own place yet,I think until they do they will never fully understand and appreciate.You are so right when you say balance coz we need that in every section of our living,and hopefully they will become happy grounded and well balanced adults.I have many faults and Im positive there are things that i could have done better for them.Its not easy sometimes though is it ? Keepwell now yes gertie will be sorted one way or another.Thanks Tom :) Janexx

  • Ah Jane, we all make bobo`s in our lives, mine was ever having started the smoking, thankfully through me being a hypocrite non of my kids or grandkids smoke.

    I`m sure you have instilled in your kids the important things needed for life and that in there own special way they will be thankful you cared enough to do so.

    Boy`s being boy`s we hide our emotions.

    Problem is::: we never stop being parents.

    Now ain`t that a lifetime of joy.


  • Poor Gertie. I'm sending her a get well hug and one for you as well. You have had a time of it these last couple of days Jane. Know how you feel though. I suddenly got so breathless this afternoon and have had respiratory failure before so I get very scared. It's the worst in the world. Still trying to get my breath properly. Sounds like you are a bit breathing better anyway as you sound much more cheerful.

    See you are keeping all those choccy bars to yourself again! what are we going to do with you?

    I'm off to bed in a minute to try and relax. Hope you have a good night Jane and don't forget Tom's advice. Use the hose in the morning! It's amazing how fast they jump.

    Nite Nite Sara xx

  • Hi Sara yes it was a scary mary moment for sure ,fortunately a happy out come :)

    Poor gertie bless her maybe they can bring her back to life but she definitely dead at the moment,she will get fixed or replaced makes me glad im with the motability scheme now.All will be well Im sure.

    The hose thing I should do and i reckon he'd jump as quick as i did when seeing the smoke haha! :) Janexx

  • Hi again Sara was just wondering how your breathing now? Isn't it just the brain goes into immediate overdrive and it is hard to stay on the right road and not panic or give in to it. I do hope your feeling a bit better and your breathing is getting back on track again. Stay strong and keep well Sara :). Janexx

  • Hi Jane and thanks for your lovely replies.

    Hope you had a good night and are over your chest pain episode. These things seem to just happen out of the blue sometimes and it's so dammed scarey! We are just so lucky we don't live alone, (sometimes!).

    Breathing is still not so good this morning but better than yesterday. Hopefully things will improve as the day goes on. Funny thing is Friday was the best day in a long time and then suddenly yesterday it got worst. Probably overdid it as we do when we're 'allowed out'.

    I have to go for an epidural tomorrow for a spinal cord wash and a cortisone injection tomorrow so guess I'm a bit worried about that. Pain doc says it doesn't hurt at all but bet he's never had one!

    Sorry if poor old Gertie is for the knackers yard. Was getting fond of the old girl! Sara xxx

  • I love to read your posts Jane,Ido have a good chuckle. Hope Gertie is better soon, and I hope you get your prescriptions soon. Look forward to next chapter xx

  • Hello Poppymichael7 ah thank-you Im glad you chuckle.Gertie will no doubt be operated on or buried ahhh hopefully shes fixable.Yes i was hoping tomorrow as they used to open on sundays for a couple of hours but Isee from the internet no more so Im hoping to squeeze the life out of the one I have.Takecare now :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs.Do you suffer from night starvation? Is all this snacking good for you I wonder if I ought to try it.As for poor gerti you sure you didn't go for a burn up ha ha.I hope you get it sorted.One thing about it sure makes interesting posts for the rest of us. You are a tonic.Much love.Bengunn.xxx

  • Hello Bengunn lol I hadnt eaten all day yesterday so got carried away with my fancies maybe .I have always had my secret squirrel stash though.I do get the giggles with myself though sometimes saying dont you get hungry now Jane you sure thats enough now! :p and if my boys see my tray of delights well they then want one of course,see i do like a fiddle so it looks nice,habits eh.I have to stress this is not a nightly thing. :D I do have a bit of choccy most nights though.Living dangerously me haha alls well that ends well just get these lungs sorted and gertie and start all over again. :) Janexx

  • Hi longlungs. I was glued to that post. My heart started to quicken when your Gertie started slowing down on you and I thought, Oh no, the battery had run out and you couldn't get home. Phew, was I relieved when you managed it - just.

    It's a good job you don't write thrillers, I'd have no flaming finger nails left. Haha.

    I'm a bed snacker too. Me and the dog pig out together. Thanks for the post. Your a trooper. xx

  • Haha how funny casper I know thats the worse thing I thought, not bellowing smoke! Theres nothing like a bit of fear to make you jump and move quick and oh boy did I.

    Yes you cant beat a little munch in bed love it.No more white pittas though lol Takecare now :) Janexx

  • Hi everybody, only signed up about ten minutes ago, but I love the funniness and good wishes of it all. Also, I only stumbled across this site under an hour ago, didn't know any thing like this existed. It is going to be a lot of fun for me, getting to know you all, and I look forward it. Take Care All. xxx

  • Hello pillbox welcome to you yes we are a very friendly forum and care and try to help and support each other best we can,between us and the BLF is a wealth of information.So please feel free and ask away or click on the red balloon for blf no and you can get some more professional help if you need. Nice to meet you pillbox and see you soon. :) Janexx

  • OMG Janie,me thinks you need a body guard to look out for you!! Soo glad you made it home ok,my goodness,what sort of people can just stand & stare? I think the poem says cows,so that's fitting lol!

    Oh well alls well,that ends well,thank goodness,hope you don't have to wait for Gertie2!

    Now please have a safe & quiet Sunday,hopefully you're all tucked up now! Hugs & love Wendells xxx

  • Lol yes i seem to have an eventful life for sure,I was very shocked though when I saw the smoke! Yes she will get fixed or replaced just hope it doesnt take an age to get it all sorted,Ive places to go and people to meet haha! Yes a nice quiet one today,lungs quite sore today.I think Wendells people probably thought I was aware as I was moving so slowly and wondering why I was still sitting on it!I can hear the gossips now lol.You keep well now bye for now :) Janexx

  • Omg im shattered just reading your post haha glad ur ok thoughxx

  • Haha Im a nightmare mcnally what can I say! Fortunately all was ok apart from gertie bless and she will get fixed or replaced I dont know what the problem is as to why she was burning?Will no doubt find out soon.Happy days its a grand day out there at the mo am enjoying the garden. :) Janexx

  • Hope you ok now...think you should write a book....Travels with Gertie or Janes Diary.

    I can't eat white bread either...and need the loo when I lose my breath and panic! Best wishes and I hope Gertie soon gets fixed

  • Hello knitter yes Im fine thank-you,lungs are still sore but Ive not been taking the steroids very long so hopefully they will kick in soon.I just didnt think about the white pitta so stupid of me the effects are rotten arnt they I no likey! Yes fear is a scary thing and we all react in some way to it eh? Yes cant wait till she gets sorted and Im back on the road again.Keep well knitter :) Janexx

  • Jane I have to admit the first part of your post made me smile until it all went pear shaped with your breathing.

    The rest of it was scary. Hope you have a better day today.

    M xx

  • Oh Iam sorry really didnt mean to scare you Mocarey because all ended well I forget about the bits that scared me cos it becomes another story to tell.Yes Im staying put today a nice quiet one lovely.Thank-you M Keep well now :) Janexx

  • Jane you are as daft-as-a-brush, but I love reading your posts. lol

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Haha yep that fits Bobby Ive had similar comments have to admit :) Its all good though keeps me on my toes for sure glad you like,this makes me a happy bunny,tis a good thing we do bringing a smile to somebody,yaaaa Hows you doing? hope your well :) Janexx

  • Good grief Jane - it could only happen to you! What a carry on but glad things are working out for you anyway. Hope the bloating has gone now. You got me wondering if Pete has problems with white bread so I will keep an eye on that.

    Poor Gertie, will she recover? I do hope so. You take care and good luck to you. xxxx

  • Yes the bloating is awful sometimes and really does affect the breathing! Life is grand sassy59 my life if never boring theres always something haha! Yes keep an eye on Pete? Poor gertie is fairly dead at the mo but hopefully they can fix her or she will be replaced sooner the better.Hope your keeping well and your Pete :) Janexx

  • Thanks Jane, keep posting and take care. xxxxx

  • Odear. What a dreadfull time you have had ! I really hope you are feeling as better as is possable. This is an awfull disease we have isnt it. ? One thing on top of another. Then when the panic starts to build up.it seems like there is no stopping it. Andthings get out of your controll. ....no one knows how awfull it feels do they. And. You try and put a brave face on. I send my love to you. You are brave person. ( think you have to be to live with this disease !! ) sue. X

  • Ahh bless you Sue yes it can be a struggle sometimes for sure.For me I try to be as positive as is poss and be lighthearted about it thats my coping mechanism .Thats what I like about this site so many likeminded people we can be serious and we can laugh.Thank-you Sue for your support :) Janexx

  • Yes we try and be lighthearted. ...people think you ok. And inside it breaks your heart you cant do what you want .....Still. omward and upward eh. Take care. Lots of love. Sue. X

  • Its certainly a funny old life Sue,yes I wish I could do more and feel very frustrated at not being able.We are funny creatures not everyone is interested in how you really are,but hopefully our family and close friends know exactly how it is.I often prefer to do my jobs on my own as if anyones about they take over as im always so puffed out,so I do more when im home alone.As you very rightly say onwards and upwards it has to be and keep smiling too.Keep well Sue :) Janexx

  • I started taking spiriva last October .Both the doctor and chemist said it can take 3 weeks to fully get into you're system so probably similar time to get out. My doc said not to take it for 3days before spirometry retest. Yo can speak to a pharmacist by phoning 111 . I did this last summer on behalf of an elderly relative and they were brilliant. Cheers.

  • Hi coastal1 ive been on spiriva respimat for several years now and do rely on it im hoping to squeeze two more puffs for the morning and it will be delivered in the afternoon for me.Oooer ive never been told to stop it 3 days before couldnt do it Im afraid.Yes Ive heard a few good reports re 111 which is good to hear. :) Janexx

  • Don't seem to regard myself as elderly at 63 . But the relative is 92! , Hope I'm not giving needless advice about 111 . Cheers .

  • Hi , what a eventful night and morning you have had, poor old Gertie,your pride and joy, but good that you are in the mobility scheme and they will be out to look at her or replace, Does your chemist not deliver, some do, would make life a lot easier.Must have been so frightening, not been able to catch your breath, Know where you are coming from, and always the case, we need the loo, just when our puff is giving up,Hope today is much calmer and Bailey bear is ok. as always great reading Jane.you take care. Heather.xx

  • Hi Heather I know bless her she was in a right old state cant believe I was unaware of what was happening! Yes my prescriptions do get delivered but i was up the docs and missed them on friday,dont normally leave it that late till i order.Its bad eh the more you cant breathe the more you need the loo etc!Yes a very quiet one today Im having.Bailey is a joy hes very bony marony Ive increased his food im hoping its just a growth spurt,will be keeping my eye on him though. Keep well Heather :) Janexx

  • Well Jane what a laugh I'm sorry I had this picture in my mind you doing 90mph through the park and the back end of your scooter on fire something you would see in a movie. I know what you mean when you say you feel really ill when you get bloated I'm the same my breathing goes out of control take care Jayne I would stay in doors the next few days don't think its your week luv.xx

  • Now that would be fun I'd love to be able to do that how funny onamission lol.Whats good with sharing here is that others have it too like this bloating and breathing thing,not that I'm happy other people suffering but knowing your not on your own does help. I will use this when I have those moments and try and turn it into something to make me smile and calm down,we have to try and change our thought process which ain't easy at those moment ! We all try anything we can? Takecare of yourself now. :) Janexx

  • You will have to have a new scooter I hope you will get it sorted soon we need to be able to get out no matter how ruff we are feeling take care.x

  • Me too Im sure it will onamission. Yes I would hate to not be able to get out anymore now ,its good to be able to keep some independance ,will be hanging on to it for as long as I can to be sure.Keepwell now :) Janexx

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