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What suddenly happened? I was online looking at the forum earlier today and all was as normal. Came online again just now, clicked on my BLF link on my favourites bar as usual, and up came the above message, followed by: -

"We're working hard to make HealthUnlocked work on your current browser but in the meantime you can access HealthUnlocked right now by using one of the trusted alternative web browsers below:

Download Chrome from Google

Download Firefox from Mozilla

Download Safari from Apple

If your computer is running Windows 7, you can upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer:"

As it happens I already have Google Chrome (though never used) which is how come I'm here now, but what changed since this morning? Incidentally my laptop is running Windows 7, but it was ok with that this morning.

Any experts out there with an answer?

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  • I am on Windows 7 but the browser I am using is firefox, so no problems for me....YET !!

  • Sorry, I've no idea. I've windows 7 and google chrome, and not had any problems, so far.

  • Jabber what browser where you using?

    Later on you may get more replies from others who had problems getting in

  • That`s computers for you.

    Sometimes things go like clockwork the suddenly, nada nothing, very frustrating but usually if you restart your machine it sorts its self out. (but not always)!.


  • Hi

    Try clearing your history, and cache,

    Have you updated to IE 11

  • I had that message on my old laptop but only when the site was being updated a few months ago.. Haven't had it since on my I pad. You could contact the BLF to ask if you are still having problems

  • Well Jabber like the others I am on windows 7 with google chrome or on my old computer it's windows 7 with firefox, so not sure what's affecting your access. But did notice two of those naughty indian sounding posts again today and yesterday so maybe there' a site hiccup again.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone. In answer to Sohara the browser I was using (with no trouble at all till yesterday) was Internet Explorer. I'm now using Google Chrome just for this site, which is working okay, but it's a nuisance having to change over. Katie, I hope it's not those troublesome spammers causing problems - do you think they know how many times I've reported them? :-(

    Stone, your reply sounds very professional and I thank you, but don't know how to clear my history and cache. I tried clicking to upgrade my Internet Explorer (it was to IE10 I think) as suggested in the original message and I then got another error message - systems not suitable or something.

    I went on to BLF's or HU's site and found some questions and answers, and one of them clearly said IE no longer supported. I also found an old thread where people were having similar problems so seems I’ve been lucky to have continued this long without trouble. I might have another go at upgrading my IE but not to the point where I have to start changing all sorts of other things. This laptop isn’t particularly old. I would have hoped Windows 7 would not find itself obsolete quite so soon.

    Anyway, in view of my very poor understanding of the computer's inner workings, for the time being I shall carry on accessing this site through Google Chrome - at least I know it'll get me here.

    Thanks again everyone, Jan :-)

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