Hot bath and Domestos fumes 4 months ago has resulted in being suspended from driving!!!

4 months ago I posted about having a bit of a wobbly turn after a having a hot bath and breathing in domestos fumes while cleaning the mould from the bathroom tiles.

The paramedics were called out at the time who could find nothing wrong with heart, blood pressure breathing etc and advised me to see my GP. My GP saw me the same day and put this wobbly moment down to the hot bath or the domestos fumes but also wanted to refer me for a few tests.

The 1 EEG test involved wiring my head up to a load of electronic sensors and then flashing various speed flashing strobe lights in my face and the other EEG sleep test involved going a night without sleep and once again wiring my head up and lying in a quiet darkened room for 45 minutes while being observed and monitored.

I received a letter the other day to make an appointment with my GP as the results of the tests were in so I drove myself there wondering what the tests had shown as I felt perfectly normal while they were carried out.

My GP informed me that during the sleep test there was abnormal electrical activity going on around my brain so I am being referred to a neurological consultant and until I see him I cannot drive. :(

It seems there is a possibility this wobbly moment could have been an epileptic seizure so now its going to be down to the neuro consultant on whether they think it was a feint or a seizure.

Something definitely happened that day 4 months back and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a seizure but we'll now have to wait and see what the expert has to say.

Until then I will continue to get myself even fitter as my car is having a rest and my bus pass is going to see a lot more daylight.

I've recently cleaned the bathroom tiles again but I didn't use domestos and the windows were wide open for good ventilation. I will also be sticking to showers from now on, that one off hot bath seems to have caused me a few problems.

Be careful Healthunlockeders whether your cleaning yourself or your bathroom as who knows where it'll end up. :)


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Oh goodness Tony,you don't do things by halves do you?!

4 months later,seems rather a long time,but the wheels do turn slowly I guess.

Well let's hope they get to the bottom of it,talking of that,how is your backside?lol.Do hope that's been sorted by now.

Hope you have a good bus service,as that may be the way to go,at present time.

Seriously though,do hope it's nothing serious,let us know how you go. Love to all,Wendells xxx

Hi Wendells, It seems as though I'm in the land of waiting, waiting for my bum operation, waiting to get back on the transplant list, waiting to see if I'm an epileptic, waiting to see if I can drive again, waiting for the child bride to return from the hairdresser so she can drive me to the shops.

If there were medals for waiting I would be up for Gold after the last 3 1/2 years of Hospitals and Doctors, I've always had patients and its just as well.

Good to see your results came back positive and you had a good time on your recent holiday.

Young Tony xxx

I know exactly where you are coming from Tony re baths and bleach! I have only had showers for the past 3 or 4 years - I like the thought of having a bath but the reality is that it exhausts me and I also found myself doing cartwheels a couple of times as I got up and out. As regards the bleach - I always say I don't use it anymore, but I can't resist using it occasionally. I tell myself it will be fine - window wide open - breathe in and hold my breath for as long as I can while I slosh the stuff around - then a quick exit before I breathe out and in again. Daft! Every time I convince myself it won't affect me but of course it always does. Nothing too dramatic though - just an audible wheeze for the rest of the day, which is something I don't normally have, as well as a really tight chest.

As regards to your abnormal electrical activity in your brain - I will be interested to follow that so do keep us updated. I have a weird sleep thing in that I dont have sleep apnoea yet I have steep drops in saturation when I sleep - but I also have a thing where I forget to breathe - I just don't feel a need for it and 'can't be bothered' when I am really relaxed so I can't help wondering if that is what is going on in my sleep. So - full step by step disclosure please if thats okay as you go through your 'electric brain' investigations - will be interested to follow - keep well :) Vanessa

Hi Vanessa, maybe I should keep the batteries better charged on my electric powered brain. I will keep you updated although my GP has already informed me that the neurological wheels can turn very slowly.

She said around £150.00 could speed up the consultation time if I went private. I've never paid before but this might be worth doing if I can get back in my car quicker. Of course he may confirm epilepsy in which case I will have to go 12 months without an attack before I can drive again.

My wife has often told me that I stop breathing while I sleep so it might be that's where my problem lies.

Thanks Vanessa x


Hi Tony

Like Wendells said, you don't do things by halves! You must be the most prodded and poked and pierced guy in the world and now they are taking over your brain!

Seriously I hope you are okay and will be able to drive in the future. I know you use your car quite a lot from reading previous posts. Just hope you are ok period. Take care Sara x

Hi Sara, It seems as though they all want a piece of me don't it, your right my body is covered in scares and there's going to be more to come. When I first went to Worcester Hospital I was lost but now I know every room and ward, I would make a great porter there if I had the energy and breath :)

As for the brain, well at least I have proof now that I have one and it seems its electric powered!!!

Tony xx

Thinking from the oxygen side I am not a doctor make of this what you will I do not make my best decisions on low sats guessing the brain reacts as the heart does with electric signals we can do better without.

Hi Sophia, my best guess at what happened is when I fell asleep without my oxygen on, my brain was low on oxygen and very slow starting up and misfired a bit when it did.

I guess the sleep test has shown a problem which needs looking into so we'll wait and see what the next test will be when I meet the neuro consultant.

Thanks for the link :)

Tony x your right about decision making, I'm much sharper on oxygen than off.

I suppose the silver lining is you will get even fitter!! And you have such a good doctor. Good luck TAD xx

That's what I like to hear TAD, positive thinking, I'll be fit as a butchers dog, my GP is 1st class and I'll save a fortune on petrol bills so its not all bad is it.

Thanks :)

Tony xx

hi dall, my goodness, just goes to show,,,,,,i hope things turn ok for you, it must be very worrying,

that, in a way was how i found out i had copd 4th stage now,,,,but a few years ago i went round the whole static mobile home i stay in,,, i cleaned off all the drippings of this wood preserver from the pvc windows,with bleach and cif, done a few each day, which took me all day. ,,,, then went mad and did all the inside, my breathing got worse and worse, by the end of the week finished up in hospital,, it was then i was diagnosed with copd,,, my goodness we live and learn,, as they say,, lets hope the experts have better news for you, good luck dall,,, regards,,,jimmy

Thanks jimmy, you gotta be careful with any fumes it seems as you don't know whats in them. Hopefully the brain consultant will put it down as a one off and let me loose on the road again soon but only if its safe to do so. I know that they are thinking along the lines of epilepsy and are being cautious but I really think they have got it wrong on this one. We'll see what he say's when we meet.

I read you had a torrid time of it with your leaking bags, I'm sure your friends were as upset as you were and must have really felt for you. Trust you to get the bad batch eh', it seems the quality controller was having his Tea break when those came down the line.

I know you'll get over it jimmy as you have humor and strength of character on your side.

Thanks for your post


hi dall i sure admire your courage and optimism , it really must be a worry, lets hope this brain surgeon, gets you back on the road again,, and soon,,,, it,ll be a relieve to get "the all clear" lets hope that,ll be the case.

as far as the catheter bags are concerned , i,ll phone tomorrow and get these tea breaks stopped by the quality control :) :)

thanks for the post dall, keep us posted on these results,, i for one am rooting for you, as i am sure all of us are, your the same dall your character and humour will see you through,, best of luck and kindest regards,,jimmy

Oh blimey Tony I do remember when you had that funny turn,wasnt expecting you to come back and say that though.Good grief its a constant rollercoaster for you.At least your docs are on top of it even if the cogs turn slow,and as you said at least they found a brain always a bonus lol.Any news on your butt op yet? Keepwell Tony and keep positive I know you will. :) Janexx

Its good to know I've got a brain even though it has a little to much electrical activity going on. I wonder if I could charge my phone through some headphones eh'. That would freak the head consultant out wouldn't it :)

No news on the butt op but should hear something very soon I hope.

I read your post earlier and it seems your not having the best of times yourself Jane, it seems all that bending has worn you out but I liked the idea of having a bedside table on wheels loaded with goodies, That's a great idea to have everything at hand when your not feeling to great.

Is Gertie well again as I read she was getting a bit of a temperature. :) Tell her smoking is bad for her health.

Tony xx

Hi there Tony hope you've had a good weekend.It will be interesting to see what they have to say on the extra brain activity eh?Yes my table is much like a hospital one same idea of pulling it over the bed, I love it very handy indeed.Yes me old lungs are a little sore at the mo,im sure steroids will help,no infection so thats good at least i do feel fine just a little hurty.

Poor gertie is quite dead at the moment Im hoping they can fix her or will have to replace her bless. Keep well Tony :) Janexx

I find scrubbing the bathroom tiles sets me off. so leave that job to hubby anyway. Hope further tests prove that nothing seriously is wrong on top of your other issues. You have more than enough to deal with, without added complications.

Good luck Daxiemad

It seems I have problems up top as well as down below. At least I'm well balanced now eh'. My list of ailments is growing but so is my determination.

Thanks Dm

Tony x

Oh Dall I am so sorry to hear this news, I know how devastated I would be if I lost my drivers licence

Lets hope your 'brain' will be OK when it gets looked at more

I actually have the feeling that they will find nothing amiss, it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances, and they will be giving you back your licence

I hope your right Sohara, I am missing my car already and my wife say's I'm a terrible passenger, I think annoyingly, she is probably correct.

I am surprised at my GPs decision to stop me driving but she's seen something on her computer screen that has made her mind up. She knows what I've been through and was pretty upset giving me the news so we'll wait and see now what the brain consultant thinks about it all.

I'll plead my case and cross my fingers the right decision is made.

Tony I won't be having a bath the morning before seeing him I can tell you :)

Well miracle man, now we know why, you have a fizzy brain and can do anything. I am sure with your talent you will be back to driving in no time. Although this would be the ideal time for the op on the bot. You take care dear, love Dozy xxx

You know what DD, I think that EEG test has just discovered the power source that got me through ITU.

You may have a fizzy brain too and that's why were still here to tell the tale.

With a bit of luck that brain man will give me back my car keys soon and if he doesn't then what the heck, I'll use the bus until he does.

With the weather improving you must be dreaming of getting on that boat of yours soon and sailing your troubles away. I hope the good weather brings with it better breathing for you DD.

Fizzy brain Tony. xxx

Get a steam cleaner they're brilliant for cleaning mould etc. and don't need harsh chemicals.x

Steam power is probably the way to go with no chemicals, thanks ntbreathe.

Try breathease,several products for cleaning,no smell.Tesco is supposedly the exclusive supplier,had to ask them to restock it,as I couldn't find any after the first time I bought it.I believe it is a range of products for asthmatics but is good for all lung sufferers.Sooki.

It seems there is plenty of stuff out there for us, its a shame I didn't take this advice earlier and I may still be driving. Never mind I am still breathing eh' :)

Yes I remember that post, but as you say it will make you even fitter bussing ever where, does seem a while for them to find this out but suppose its all the cut backs, you stay positive tony and stick with the shower,It really did sound like the fumes and no ventilation at the time, but always best find out for sure.Heather.xx

I'm pretty sure it was the fumes or the hot bath as I've never felt like that before or since. Hopefully the brain consultant will think the same as he holds the power to give me back my driving licence and let me loose on the road again. I will be very nice to him/her when we meet. :)

Until then I will continue getting fitter while I await the operation on the abscess.

Tony xx

Yes Tony the sooner you can get that abscess seen to the better, keep on with the keeping fit,sure once its sorted you will soon be back on the road, Lost without transport.x

The shops are only a mile walk away and I can get there, its the getting back that's the killer. Driving is so important these days with public transport cut backs, I am going to miss getting behind the wheel, I'm hoping it will only be for a short time.

Tony. x The abscess op shouldn't be long now as I've seen the pre-op anesthetist a few weeks ago.

No wont be long, you take care,enjoy the nice weather.x

The fun starts today without my car. My daughter starts work at 12 oclock today and I would normally drive her the 3 miles there. I'm now checking bus times and I will take her this time using my bus pass which allows a companion to come free. :)

I will save on the petrol cost but it'll take a long time and involve quite a lot of walking for me. At least the sun is shinning but it'll seem a little strange walking past my car on the drive and off to the bus stop. :(

Tony x

It will be a completely different journey for you on the bus, suprising what you will be able to see over the hedges,x

Have you tried white vinegar it kills black spots But you have to scrub it off later that bleach is dastardly put the vinegar in a spray bottle use it on all chrome I put it in the kettle over night wash out job done and its cheap no ill effects In Victorian times it was used as an antiseptic .The Romans used to drink it and look where they went , the natural things are the best .Take care Lola,( new to this forum)

That's interesting Lola, nice to meet you.x

Hi we learn some stuff on here don't we nice to meet you too.

I thought vinegar was for fish and chips :) . I'll have to try some of this white vinegar next time the bathroom tiles and ceiling needs a clean. Our shower gets a lot of use and the window is rarely opened in the winter so mould soon starts to grow on the grouting and ceiling. It needs regular cleaning and I'm the one who ends up doing it seeing as I'm the one left at home these days.

The lead singer of Bad Manners who was named fatty bust a blood vessel used to eat a jar of pickled onions like sweets and drink the vinegar afterwards. As far as I know he's still alive. :) . Thanks Lola.


The one to drink is Apple Cider vinegar One teaspoon in glass of water every day has all the minerals Google it

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