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Has anyone tried this Alternative Treatment Serracor-nk for lung scarring?

My husband has interstitial lung disease/pulmonary fibrosis and has been advised that its still spreading.

I have come across this Alternative Treatment from a company in USA.... 'Serracor-nk' for lung scarring. The link is.....

Just wanted to know if anyone with a similar condition to my husband  has heard or tried this product. We have been advised that it is a natural/herbal product so can't do any harm but just looking to see if anyone else has used it as would give us more confidence to try it?


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Sorry,don't know about it,but I'm sure someone will pop in,to advise you xx


Thanks Wendells x


Hi lynhurst.

I'm the same as your hubby with fibrosis and really struggle at times.I've just read the ad,not cheap is it.but wouldn't it be worth it if it worked.i would hope that maybe with a bit of research something along those lines a bit nearer to home might be found.hopefully someone here may offer more advice,because I,like you would be very interested to learn the end of the day if it helps us breath...great.

Good luck.

John x


Hi John, I'm sorry to hear that. My husband is 55 years and never smoked and suddenly got this condition 18 months ago. Every test an biopsy has been done but no clue has to how he got it. He has just spent 2 weeks in hospital with pneumonia but home now. I have asked his consultant if we can try Serracor-nk but monitor results, I know it's expensive but if helps I feel every penny would be worth it. I will await replies from other members. X


My husband has severe Copd and he started to take serapeptase (which seems to be one of the main ingredients) about three years ago it does help with his cough ie he coughs less with it and is definitely more breathless without it. But others in particular a chap who does a great blog - Derek Cummings trialled it and found it didn't help. Serapeptase is available at about £20 for a months supply I use Seventh wave supplements who advocate pure product with no fillers. Serapeptase is also used a lot in Germany and is routinely prescribed post surgery for anti inflammatory properties. Good luck TAD xx


Thanks for this information TAD, I'm gathering all details then will decide with my husband whether to give it a try. Xx


I too suffer with the same. Also read the ad. My consultant prescribed n acetyl cysteine (nac) which was part of the treatment. He was not that impressed with the serapeptase as I am too far gone. The nac is good for calming inflammation and thinning any mucus. My sympathy to you and your husband but keep positive, regards Dozy


Thank you so much for the information had problems replying.


Thanks Dozy for this information and will look into this further. Thanks everyone for the moral support.

Regards Lyn


Hi Lynhurst,

I too have IPF and have recently had a big deterioration. I took TAD's advice a couple of months ago and starting taking Serrapeptase. Unfortunately at that time I wasn't well and discovered what appeared to be tiny red specks (blood?) in my sputum. My GP wasn't bothered but as I was then given some new medication I decided to give the Serrapeptase a rest. I am now further down the line and have just started to take it again -what can you lose? However, I should declare that my Papworth cons is not at all impressed with any such treatment, saying they would be using it if it was any good.

However, I have read some encouraging blogs on two American sites, "Inspire " by a Pulmonary foundation (sorry.forget the name) and "Patients like me". On both these sites you can simply type in Serrapeptase for some interesting reading.

All the very best to you and your husband for these terrible disease. Please post if you get any good news (or even negative).



Thank you Cressie, I will look at this information on USA sites and the decide after discussing with family. Thank you for you wishes and I will keep everyone updated on behalf of my husband.




I know this post is a few years old but I am hoping someone will see this. I wonder if anyone has any information as to if this treatment helped anyone at all. My dad is rapidly declining and I am trying to find anything that may help


If you go onto the website then click on the pulmonary fibrosis page you will read the story of an American Doctor who was terminal with PF. He investiaged and talked to Pivotal Health and subsequently he purchased the products supplied by them and his health has been transformed. His story has much medical info that I did'nt understand but in between this info is his own story. These products work. They are expensive but whats the alternative. There is another enzyme called neprinol which includes the ingredients of serraco-nk and natokinase which I am going to try myself as this has had good eviews and is available through Amazon . Again it is expensive but worth scrolling to look for a better price. I was diagnosed with basic PF (not idiopathic) 3 years ago. This sttarted with an autoimmunde disease I have which started attacking my lungs. I don't cough very much and I never have mucous but I do get breathless. Large doses of steroids had a bad effct on my body. Now I don't take anything but I'm aware of being beathless a little bit more at the moment. Just had a CT scan and booked in for LFT's which maybe will lead my Consultant to suggest I go back on steroids. No way. Read the testimonials on the Pivotal Health website, They are heartwarming and encouraging. I'll wince a bit as I order the neprinol becase of the price but I just have a gut feeling it will turn my life around. The medical profession does'nt prescribe these enzymes. Dr.Trifelos says they must have controlled trials and they will eventually. In the meantime they are keeping him alive and he leads a normal life. I do believe when the medics say they can't do anything else then we must fight our corner ourselves and look for whats out there. The full name of the Doctor is Dr. Nick P Trifelos MD. I believe if you type his name into Google, quite a few webs sites are available but do look at the Pivotalhealth website first. Good Luck


Okay wow. Thank you so very much. You have helped me a lot.


my wife is also sufferring on IPF for almost a year now, she was diagnosed at Philippine Lung Center and until now im looking for medicine to prolong her life. ccould someone help me about this.


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