if i can remember this without mucking it up :) :)

the old ones are the best lol:) :)

the pope arrived at edinburgh air port, got a taxi along the main road to edinburgh, .the taxi driver and the pope got taking, and the pope happened to say, " i would love a try at driving a taxi, ive always had an incling to do that, but in my position , just never got the chance" "no prob" says the taxi driver, "you get in the front and i,ll get in the back, then drive the taxi, to your hearts content" so the pope gets in the drivers seat,and the taxi driver gets in the back, the pope then drives the taxi, he then gets a bit carried away, and puts the boot down, doing about 80 mph,,,,ee haww , ee haww, [that was a police sirene: :) :) the police officers stops the taxi, gets the fright of his life seeing the pope driving a taxi, so he radios through to his control room, and says " i dont know how to put this,, but i have just stopped a taxi doing 80, and believe me there,s is someone very important in it, "how important do you mean" says the radio control,",well r, r.r,r realy rrrealy important sir " says the police officer, "c,mon now dont mess about" says the radio control, ,, JUST HOW IMPORTANT IS THIS CHAP, the police officer then blurted out,,WELL!! HE,S THAT IMPORTANT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......................................................... ,,,,,,,HES GOT THE POPE DRIVING HIM ABOUT IN A TAXI !!! :) :) :)

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the shortest verse in the bible that,, true,,, and the popes shortest trip in a taxi:)

It's an of one jimmy but it does make me laugh, imagine John Paul the 2nd doing that, he was rather cool, how you doing jimmy? x x x

och its just for a wee smile:) im doing ok medow thanks, hectic day today, tired but at least sleeping better at nights, hope things are well with you jimmy xxx

Aaahhhh jimmy did make me smile, glad your sleeping better, I feel like I'm picking up a bit now the weathers getting better x x

Thanks Jimmy, you made me smile.

yes you have to smile a bit ,,:) hope things are well with you,,jimmy

Good one Jimmy,haven't heard it before! xx

hi wendellls , yes you need to smile at times :) [otherwise youd cry lol :)] but theres more folks on the site tell jokes better than me :),,, jimmy xx

Ooh Jimmy,yours are as good as anyone else's,don't put yourself down! xxx

I haven't laughed so much without coughing for a long time. Thanks for cheering me up.

:) :) glad to hear it stopped your coughing ,, its only a wee harmless chuckle, we often need that at times ,, best regards ,,jimmy :)

LMPO ha ha ha ha

Brilliant ! - having met the Pontiff Frances - I know he would be the first to enjoy that story - he's he most down to earth Pope I've ever seen , and has a very good sense of humour - have you seen the bashed up old car he drives about in Vatican City - he's no time for "Status symbols" - he said , he " leaves that to Prime Ministers and Presidents " - quite a guy !!...

it must have been great for you to meet him, yes he does seem very down to earth, and just like anyone else i am sure he would manage a chuckle at times lol, im quite sure he would take no offence, rather the opposite, thank you,,,jimmy

lovely thank you xx

thanks undine,:) :),,,,jimmy,,,

love it like you say the old ones are the best keep on batting jimmy6w123

hi eastridingbigden,,yes, the old ones def, the best lol :) :) thanks,,jimmy

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