My lungs feel tender and bruised ?

Have had this for several days now thought it was cos I over did it one day ,which it might well be? Iam sob so what ever I do Iam having to stop loads ,lean on the side till I get my breath back,but as i stand up my breathing is really painful and stops my breath intake because it hurts? Iam having to bend which my lungs hate but puppy still not house trained so have to clean up!

Can we kinda bruise our lungs from breathing very hard unlike our normal breathing? Or maybe Im just being a wimp cos I no likey pain.Many years ago when in prenatal classes everyone was saying 'natural childbirth no pain relief except me I said I wanted everything that was available please!

Be blunt with me if Im just being a baby I can take it !!1

I dont feel ill in anyway just restricted in the lung area so to speak.

Thank-you peeps

Janexx :)

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You could try gentle goblet squats to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, as a way to keep supple

Hi AnneGodolphin Just looked at goblet squats,goodness me i think I could end up as a stag beetle on its back lol.Iam unfit and have been doing exercises 2-3 times weekly so am trying to build my fitness level up,Thank-you for the suggestion. :) Janexx

I dont know about lungs, L.L., but if I cough a lot, my ribs get really tender and bruised. xx

Hi pergola yes me too if I cough a lot,was wondering if lots of heavy hard breathing could do the same? :) Janexx

Sorry to hear you are unwell Jane. I would think the best thing for pain was rest - and then get it investigated if it does not improve. xx

Hi Toci I dont feel ill in anyway just my lungs hurting me,and funny you mention rest my lungs are struggling more than normal as i lay and try to turn they really showing off? Can we over breathe and make ourselves tender do you reckon? :) Janexx

May be an exacerbation then.

Yes maybe, will see the doc now and see what she has to say.Cheers :) Janexx

Hi Jane, who's a silly billy overdoing things! Please get this checked out sooner rather than later. We're not doctors on here, and anything unusual like that, why worry about it when a quick trip to A&E will put your mind to rest. Take care :) x

Hi initial I know but we cant help ourselves sometimes eh womans gotta do what a womans gotta do lol! I dont feel poorly at all has this never happened to you before? I was hoping people would say yes blahblahblah! I think A&E might be unnecessary but will make appt with doc now.Damn lungs their be the death of me hehehehehe! Im playing just my way sorry dont mean to be fickle. :) Janexx

you could have trapped wind or strained them,wind can trap anywere,rest with a hot water bottle near your rib area and drink boiled water,xxx

Hi twiceshy3 I have to admit to suffering with trapped wind and boy that is very painful sometimes and do drink warm water to help.This pain is definitely to do with my lungs in some way,was hoping it was a common occurrence either with exercise or from over doing things? Thank-you :) Janexx

:) Yes I agree get it out and I do try windeez help a little. :) Janexx

Hurt something chronic when I had pleurisy, but usually it's a muscle pain with coughing continuously. Please do get it checked out soon, Jane. Think of your PR classes, you've got to be fit for them :) x

Maybe its muscle pain then I have been breathing very hard cos of doing stuff maybe its the same effect as coughing? could be eh? Yes I will get checked im not going to miss out on PR. Due to have bp done next week again i think aswell so keep your fingers crossed its gone back to normalish again. :) Janexx

Hi Jane, I agree with the others, why take the risk? Get yourself checked out and put your mind at rest. I know what you mean re Bailey, I got two puppies recently and I admit I had forgotten how much hard work they can be and all the bending .......! a very puffed out Julie x :)

Hi Julie I will make an appt with the doc now.Arnt they just bless them! Oh my you have 2 thats a lot of dodo! Gosh I bet your puffing all day long.Cant wait till i can keep the back open.Bailey is clean to paper and ive edged to almost the back door now one more hurdle to go yaaaa!Will be nice. Thanks Julie :) Janexx

Sounds like the pain I get with pleurisy. I'd get it checked out. You could have a 'silent' chest infection ie no sputum or cough.

Oooer dont want that I had that when I was a young person cant remember too much about it to be honest,oh can you have a silent infection didnt know that.I shall be going to the docs now on everyones advice.Thanks happyfeet :) Janexx

Hi happyfeet59.

Read about 'silent' chest infection some years ago. This is only the second time I have heard that expression. Last year when I felt unwell I visited my doctor but he could not find any signs of infections in my lungs. Neither did I have a cough or sputum. While I didn't have any viable sighs of infection I still ended up in A & E next day with a serious bout of pneumonia.

Glad someone else has heard of it! Sara.

Hi just read your *silent* chest infection, Im sure I have this, felt very sob last week have broncho, asthma and osteporosis, sats were low, went to A & E (was sent by GP) had blood tests, all came back normal, normal chest x-ray, no sputum and then sats begun going up, sent home, as they said I didnt have infection, week later, still sob after boosting pred (40mg) for a week, and have just started bring up green muck! Does anyone think it could be start of a chest infection? Dont know what to do, sats low off oxygen 86 on oxygen 90, any onr simular!

Hi Boylie,

I really think you need to see your GP and bring him a sputum sample. Apparently even green sputum production does not mean with any certainty that an infection is present so your sputum must be tested. I think you also need to talk to your oxygen nurse about your sats levels. I can't really advise you but they do seem low to me. A good idea would be to put your worries in the question section above so that members with a lot more experience than me could give you their experiences and advice. But please whatever you do get that sputum tested and your sats checked. It's your health that's on the line. Best regards, Sara

Glad you've decided to make an appointment with your GP, if something lasts for a few days you should get it checked out.

Do lets us know how you get on please Jane.

Hi Riverbank yes Iam. I really thought everyone would have had this due to over doing things praps but I hear what everyone is saying and take that on board.Will be a nice trip out on gertie. Iwill let you know thank-you for caring. :) Janexx

Hi Longlungs.I hope you haven't been doing wheelies on gerti.Hope you are well soon.Bengunn.xx.

Thanks Bengunn I havnt but might on the way to the docs lol .Im fine not ill at all just hurt in the lungs region a bit not my normal hurts we get used to living with.It'll all come out in the wash no doubt. :) Janexx

Hiya Jane, not had that in my 20 years of copd apart from when I used to cough and strain something (don't have a cough any more) think I'd be seeing the doc. Hope you can get it sorted soon, you know how quickly things can get out of hand. Libby xxx

Hi Libby yes I will ring the doc tomorrow,apart from the pain and discomfort im fine dont feel ill at all.Thanx Libby will get on it now :) Janexx

hi jane, i get this pretty bad when i try to bend, but my spine is fused and the effort just knocks the breath out of me, i just wonder if your bending too much attending to the puppies, anyway glad you are seeing your doctor about it,, he,ll know best i would think, hope things improve,,jimmy xxx:)

Hi Jimmy do you,this is what I was wondering if over doing things and breathing hard a lot of the time due to exertion.The lower part of my spine has all fused together and my bones all curling in my neck.Haha couple of old crocks we are.Yes Im sure things will without a doubt.Thank-you Jimmy, hows your earoles? :) Janexx

i think your right jane,, two crocks:) :_your spine sounds like mine,, think its called the "ouch" syndrome :) but joking apart it knocks the stuffing out you,, glad to hear your positive about things, its the only way really [hard as it is at times lol] but do hope it improves a little,,, the ol lugs are a bit better now really, i am getting the ear things and face mask from the oxygen company [supplier] got the shoulder bag for the portable oxygen this morning,,, best regards jane,, jimmy xx

Hi DaftVader any massage is blissful love them.Exactly my doc will listen and see what she comes up with.Thank-you for replying.Funny things our bodies. :) Janexx

Hello slap-head unfortunately theres not always somebody about,and as soon as i get out to the kitchen and back really my lungs arnt ready to be bending etc so gives me quite a hard knock so to speak,have to do it straight away cos he is so excited to see me im terrified of him skidding in the mess ,then i have to wash him.Sorry thats not very nice to read I know.My boys are good when they are here and help a lot.Yes will be seeing the doctor now.Thanks for replying slap-head :) Janexx

get a neighbour to play with the puppies so much fun to share

Yes my neighbours love him to pieces dont think they'd be to happy to clean up after him though Blackeye. :) Janexx

Poor Jane,that's not pleasant,good idea to see Doc,just to be on the safe side.The only time I had that feeling,was when I had pleurisy,however it sounds feasible the bending for Bailey!Hope it's not to long,before he's fully house trained! He looks a treasure,so I'm sure you forgive him!

Get yourself a ride down town with Gertie,& a treat for when you get home! Take care,love Wendells xxx

Hi Jane ...sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling to good ...I wouldn't call you a are strong an courageous ... get your self to a doctor would be my advice ...hope your on the up soon cleaning more poo poo than u can imagine...hugs Wes xx

Hi Jane, best to get this checked out quickly better be safe that sorry. Really hope your feeing back to your good self soon. Take care Bernie xx

When I had that feeling my doctor said try a steam inhaler (Boots do a god one) put in one drop of Olbas Oil and use it for five minutes. Certainly eased my lungs and cleared some of the rubbish that was in there. He also pointed out that there are a lot of muscles around there and it's easy to damage one when coughing. BIG BIG WARNING pain caused by breathing in needs to be checked by a doctor sooner than later, better to be told it's just a pulled muscle than taking the ambulance ride because it's something more serious. Here speaks the voice of experience, being a hero I tried to ignore it and took pain killers, then ended up with paramedics, blue lights and sirens, plus a doctors saying another hour and they would not have been able to do anything.

Hi, I agree with nanber get it checked out now, could be silent infection, giving pain but no other symptons. I've had this once, turned out to be pnuemonia, Take a sputum test to docs now and get it sorted. Better safe than sorry.

Jane, have you managed to see a doctor today? Please give an update :) x

Longlungs we all deal with pain in very different ways. I have been told I have a high tolerance to pain. All I know is when it hurts it hurts

I have had an ache on my left side lung for over a week but today I feel as if I have had a good whack and it is hurting when breathing, moving and doing nothing at all. I have no idea what has happened.

Be Well

Hope you are feeling much better Jane. Sara xx

Hope you had a good night and feeling stronger. Take care

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