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A 'little' fibrosis in the lower lobes?

I had a telephone consultation with my GP on Monday and she told me that my recent chest xray Showed a little fibrosis in my lower lobes and she wants me to come in to have some routine lung function tests.

I originally went to the GP because since giving up smoking (2 months ago) I had developed some dizziness. They did an ECG -fine, blood tests - fine, BP 24 hour monitor (think that was fine) and a chest xray. The chest xray didn't show any fluid or nodules and my heart size was normal.

I asked her what the fibrosis meant. She said let's do the tests and take another xray in 6 months. Now I am probably freaking out a bit but if it's fibrosis in the lung surely I should be referred for some proper tests. I have read a lot on the internet (reliable sources) and to be honest am feeling very scared.

I don't cough and I am not all that short of breath (I'm 57 and not overweight but don't go to the gym or anything). I work full time and feel fairly healthy. Is there anyone that can shed some light on what I need to do, or am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks to anyone who will take the time to answer me.....I know there are a lot of people on here that are suffering this terrible condition.

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I would suggest you insist on a referral to a pulmonary fibrosis specialist - if you Google the NICE guidelines for IPF which were published in June last year, it should give you some ammunition with your GP. If you do have a kind of fibrosis which may gradually worsen, then you need to be on top of that. You need a high resolution CT scan to ascertain what is going on, and then you will be in a position to do all you can to manage the condition. Good luck ! Gill

Hello Rozi, I would take advice and ask for a CT scan too. I have an anger inside me as my first consultant told me a week of steroids would stop the scarring, what a lot of rubbish. Find out as quickly as possible about the fibrosis.

Thank you so much for the advice and support. I spoke to a nurse from the BLF today who said exactly that. I am going to be a pain in the ar..e until I get my own way on this. I have been going out of my mind with worry.

I would agree with above and yes you need to be assertive to get referral to a specialist. I wasted a year by being fobbed off by a consultant who did nothing but give me another inhaler to add to the three i already had for asthma no tests no help or support or info for me when at winter im laid up for months with chest infections. This xmas worst ever and he was going to discharge me!!!! Im still on sick now. But in jan i asked for second opinion at another hospital what a difference tests ct scan bloods and guesz what im not asthmatic !!!! Been taking inhalers for nearly 20 yrs ...i go on tues for results of my ct scan. So dont by soft the saying goes shy bairns get nowt ( from geordie land) xxxx

Hey tigershay1

Thanks for the support and encouragement. I am really sorry you didn't get the help you needed sooner. It's a disgrace that people can suffer by being treated by those without the proper knowledge/ expertise.

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