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Going to Thailand

I am off to Thailand at the beginning of June as a volunteer at Soi Dogs a charity that helps all the stray dogs and cats, which I feel compelled to help. This charity is making a huge difference and is involved in neutering as many animals as it can to help the problem. It is also trying to stop the meat trade and suffering in dog meat between Thailand and Vietam. My involvement would be to give the dogs socialising and walks on leads, the cats cuddles. My health at the present is o.k and I would be grateful of any advice to help me survive the experience, which although I can't wait to go is slightly scary. I am going on my own but if I don't do this I may never have the opportunity again.


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What a fantastic opportunity Quintus and such a worthwhile cause. I can't give advice on coping as I have been unable to fly for a few years now. Have you had the fit to fly test at the hospital? Who is going to look after the alpacas?? Send them round! Libby


My husband will be looking after our alpacas while I am away. I have travel insurance who are fully aware of my condition and are quite happy to insure me. To find out out more about Soi Dogs in Thailand. Please type in Soi Dogs Foundation 'The movie' and watch. You will then see why I am so passionate to help them.



I certainly will, I think I have seen something about it before, being a passionate animal lover I tend to gravitate towards these organisations. Have great and productive time! Libby

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What an amazing adventure! I do wish you well in your travels, and in your plans while there in Thailand. Best of luck :) x

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Hi Quintus what a wonderful thing your going to do what an experience you shall have.Have watched the movie what lovely people,I really envy you,as for advice not sure obviously make sure your covered by all the necessary shots .And seriously pace yourself,Iunderstand the weather can be very draining on you. :) Janexx

What a wonderful lady you are. I hope you have a good time there, and I take my hat off to you. Make sure you have a copy of your prescription meds you take in case you are taken into hospital. Drink plenty of water . Make someone aware of your medical condition too.

Good luck hope to hear about when you return.

Thats fantastic,do hope it all works well,just be careful of that humidity,coming from a cold country.When we went overseas,some time ago,we took all medication needed for that time,the Doctor wrote out all meds,& what they were for,everything was in see through packaging,so no probs. through customs etc.Also you know what meds you are having!

Medications are very cheap there, but cant be to sure of what they contain,if that makes sense!

Try & keep to bottled water if possible,& do make sure all vaccinations up to date.

I think you are wonderful,& what a great sense of adventure!

Do let us know about your experience,I have heard of it before & the work thats done is brilliant.

Three CHEERS for YOU,

Love Wendells xxx

What a fab adventure - just make sure you plan - get any vaccs. sorted, take enough medication including antibiotics if you can. Have a fantastic time and keep us updated with your adventures. Enjoy!! TAD xx

Sounds just fab, I would do the same if I were younger and fitter, that is a wonderful opportunity to help these poor dogs. Good luck with it all. xx

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