Congratulations to today's Moderators

Just want to congratulate whoever's doing the thankless task at the moment on the speed with which they got rid of the relentless spammers today. The annoying posts had hardly appeared before they disappeared.

Wish there was some way of stopping them altogether, but moving them quickly off is the next best thing.

Great work ! :-)

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  • I agree Jabber,

    it seems we are not the only ones having problems, I have joined two new forums this week ( no not the alternate breakaway one lol) both well established ones and both have been having serious spammer/hacker problems lately. Julie :)

  • Thanks for saying that jools - some people seem to think it's just the BLF community that's having the problem - and though I would never wish the problem on anyone - it's good to know we are not alone and that there is no fault on the BLF part.

    Thanks again

  • Thank you very much.

    We do try - we have contacted HealthUnlocked to make sure they are on the ball. It's down to them that the bulk of the spam have been stopped. The odd few that have sneaked in today we have managed to delete. They are just a nuisance more than a risk to anyone.

    If anyone is concened just delet the emails that may appear in your mailbox or better still change the email settings in your profile - set it to not receive email notifications - and you will stop getting the emails from HealthUnlocked telling you that the spam posts have arrived on the community. Remember the email you get is from HUL not the spammers.

    So no need to worry or panic.

    Thanks for your continued support

    The BLF Moderating Team.

  • Thanks for a very re-assuring post. I feel better about coming on here now and I have NO SPAM today. Hurray! Well done all! xxxxxxx

  • Many thanks for the hard work you guys and gals do behind the scenes BLF/HU :) x

  • Yep,well done guys.:),

  • Aye they are doing a grand job cant be easy.Thank-you. :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs.Hope you are well,the sun has shone for 2 mornings running I had to put the shades on,must be a miracle.The last time we spoke you asked about how far I could go on hibernator, although it say's 25 miles on the spec I doubt you would get half that if you drove at 8 mph.The furthest I've gone is 9 miles at mixed speeds and the needle was in and out of the red zone too many times for my liking and where I live it is quite hilly which does'nt help.By the way because I've had so many chest infections I saw my consultant on mon and she thinks I've been nurturing bugs in my lungs for months hence all the infections.Thank goodness they have now identified it and will treat it with right AB intravenously twice a day for two weeks by rapid response nurses.So I hope it works and I might actually be able to go out.Love

  • Hi Bengunn it's been glorious here aswell warms the cockles of yer heart doesn't it.

    That's what I thought Bengunn about 10

    -12 miles, it is scary when you go in the red I've done it a few times and have been willing gertie to get back in time sweating we do haha !

    Oh this is not good to hear your lungs being hijacked by the god damn bugs brigade,time to do battle and get the big guns involved. Let's hope they kick in lively once and for all this time giving you time to recover. And get your kit on and get out there lol. See you soon get rid of the hijackers in yer lungs. :). Janexx

  • Thanks once again.

    Hopefully this will stop soon.

  • Well done lads and lasses on the moderating team. We know you are doing your best. Thank you.


  • May I also add my grateful thanks too.


  • Well done guys it's a thankless job being a moderator. But you do a great job, once again well done.

  • Thanks for the hard work, HU and BLF.

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