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Afternoon everyone.

Now this might sound nuts but has anyone felt ill using liquid oxygen. I have a concentrator 1/2ltr 15 hours and also had cylinders for walking exercise etc,

I ask to be changed to liquid as it's lighter to hopefully be more independent, but I've had several headaches and just feel generally unwell ever since. I can hear you all saying we're always getting infections, but this just feels different and fingers crossed I'm ok. Any thoughts.

Kim xxx

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hiya x you might be getting too much oxy or not enough try putting it on the other settin n not the contant one x x

Hello Chrissyk

I don't need it when I'm sitting down but I was told to use it on 2 when using my arms like with exercise and 4 when walking that's on the constant one, I'll try the other side. Thanks for the info.

Kim xxx

Kimmy, you know you best. If something does not feel right then it probably isn't. Give your oxy company, nurse or GP a ring and let them check this out for you. :)

Edit: Sometimes a too high flow rate can cause headaches. I just thought it might pay to check the settings. I remember once being put on a half-litre when I was in hospital when I should have been on 2.


I get headaches if my setting is too high. Not on liquid oxygen though.

I'd phone oxygen company or oxygen nurse to check if there is a difference in litreages.

Thanks for info everyone. Your right Toci you do know your own body and I just think it's weird I've only started feeling rough since I started using it, I'll check it out tomorrow. xxx


Good luck. xx

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I have the concentrator and bottles for outside too, but only thing I suffer from is horrible nose clots which I have to blow and blow and blow out with a hankie, it is awful. I have been offered larger bottles, six of them which the company will fill, but have been warned it can take up to four days to get them that what you mean??

Thanks for your reply but I was just wondering if anyone had starting feeling ill when they first used liquid oxygen.


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