Thank you for your support chaps over the weekend, when I got admitted to hospital. Have been home a couple of days, mostly been catching up on sleep, so nice to sleep without being serenaded by blood pressure monitors and bleeping drip stands. Instead enjoying snuggles with the daxies, no walkies for a week for me, but that is easy because Chester was relieved of some of his manly bits (sorry guys if your eyes are watering) yesterday and isn't allowed to go walkies for a week. Lottie happy to trot around the block so that is good. Just need to feel better now so that I can get back on with studying, got lots to do

Take care everyone love Daxiemad

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  • Just take it easy Mrs. Get well & strong xx

  • Really good to hear you are home - take good care and look after yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery TAD xx

  • take it slowly and all the best ,xxx

  • Know how you feel about the drips and monitors in hospital, reminds me of the TARDIS and doctor Who???.

    I am just out of hospital today and like you BOY AM I GLAD to be home.

    You take care and rest.


  • Welcome home to you too Tom,hope you're feeling better! xx

  • A lot Better now I`m home Wendells Thank you.

    The site seems to have been up in arms over two weeks I was in hospital, what a shame.

    Hope you are well too Wendells.


  • Nothing like your own bed!! Cosy haven. Welcome home Daxie and keep well as you can. xx

  • Good news to be back at home Daziemad with all your home comforts.Bet the dogs were over the moon to see you.Hopefully your start to feel much better soon.Keep well :) Janexx

  • Ah thats good to hear xxx you take care and get better soon xx Judith xx

  • Welcome home Daxiemad. Glad to hear of the improvement. x

  • Welcome home, rest up and speedy recovery, and welcome home to tomac too, sweet dreams. X x x

  • Lovely that you are home again! Bet the daxies are loving you back,hope Chester is getting over the deed!

    Take it easy,& enjoy. xxx

  • Hi pleased your home, and have been catching up with your sleep,always a great healer, you take care get stronger.xx

  • You take care Daxi and get well soon. Glad you are home now and back with the lovely Lottie and Chester (Bless him!) Love to all, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Welcome home Daxie, forgive me if I give you a wide berth, I'm quite attached to my man bits, that's no way to treat the man in your life.

  • Hi, glad to hear that your home and recovering. I've always said Nessun Dorma should be the theme tune for a respiratory ward as it means Non Shall Sleep. Good luck with the the studying, remember to pace yourself though. Take care, Richard.

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