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Thank you to everyone who gave advise to me on the situation of slow response from my doctors surgery.

After phoning NHS 24 and getting an emergency appointment with another doctor, I was admitted to the Western General Hospital that same night within half an hour, where I have spent two weeks on IV and oral Antibiotics as well as pain killers.

Just got out of hospital today at 1:30pm 4/3/14 very much better and with a letter for my surgery advising them that had I been provided with an anticipation pack and seen promptly, it would have been very unlikely that I would have needed admission to hospital for such a long period of time and that for the future an anticipation pack must be made available along with a swift appointment for assessment.

Again, I have to praise the kindness and thoughtfulness of the members of this site.

This has been an experience that I have no wish to have again anytime soon.

Thank you all, My friends.


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Glad you are feeling better Tom and that things are in place for the future to prevent recurrence of this situation. M x

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Thank you so much Mocarey.


Dib Dab Dob... We are all good boy scouts ( and girl guides ) on here always their to help.

Thank you .


Hi there Tom what a performance and 2 weeks in hospital no fun at all for you.But glad your back in the land of the living and now armed with your rescue meds for any problems in the future.Makes such a difference having caring people to help us.Takecare and keepwell. :) Janexx

Thanks Jane.

Yes it does make a big difference when you have help and caring support.

Although....just read the discharge sheet and they have added to the Bronchiectasis emphysema as well as COPD. WOW I'm going all out here with the diagnosis.

It has been impossible to get any information from any f these doctors, but now....I wish I`d never asked.

Take care.


Just lucky I guess.hope your feeling nicely labelled and boxed lol .Details never used to worry me but more recently Ive noticed certain info can have a negative impact sometimes.But we need to know hiho and away we go.Keepwell now Tom :) Janexx

I agree, you do need to know and it does get scary not only for me but also for my poor wife.

I can see and hear her fear and just want to comfort her as much as I can.

So far depression has not been a problem but I have to admit I am starting to fear the worst even though I don't think I am that bad yet.

I know and really hope that is too premature, but when you keep getting these little added extras, boy it knocks you for six.

This site and the friends on the site are a strong arm and I genuinely am glad I found my way to it.

Thanks again Jane...


Don't worry too much about 'new' conditions Tom as emphysema is COPD.

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I know that Now Toci.

Just wish the medical brains had told me that 12 years ago.

I think I have stirred up a hornets nest for my GPs practice whom the hospital thinks have let me down badly.

At least now I have the promise of PR and will be supplied with an anticipation pack, every little helps.


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So glad to hear that you eventually got the health care you needed. So pleased to hear you are feeling better. Take good care TAD xx

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Thanks TAD,

I Will try to pay more attention to the warning signs now that they have added a few more things to my wrap sheet, and armed me for what may yet come.


Tom, I'm glad to hear you are home and armed with emergency meds for the future!! let's hope you won't be needing them too soon, sleep well tonight in your own bed, sending well wishes, huff xxx

Thanks hufferpuffer.

Cant get into my bed for my granddaughter, it`s like sleeping in Waverly Train station the way she wriggles around but she is a little cutie.

Hope you are well.


Good to hear you are home Tom and that your gp has had good instructions from your hospital ......i am pretty new to this compsred to some here but after four years of winter misery i asked for referral this time last year .....i was obviously not assertive enough (even though i am a manager!!) I let him fob me off with no tests just another inhaler and this xmas wham worst ever. So now seeing a new consultant. Dont be fobbed off you need rescue meds you know your body best if youd had them your experience would probably not of been so stressful . Take care love Judith xx

Thanks Judith.

It`s an old story, every time I go to hospital I get something added on to the original diagnosis, the list ( in successive order ) Asthma, Scarred Lung, Bronchiectasis and now Emphysema.


Just checking to see both my legs are still below my Bottom.

I am not finished with my GP yet, he has to get a bit of my loose tongue.

What diagnosis have the quacks given you? is it constantly changing at every consultation? it gets scary to go to the doctor now LOL....

Keep well.


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Flipping heck Tom, what a kerfuffle. I know the signs now and always go straight for an ambulance, they've never failed to take me in and admit me, I have a permanent bed in the hospital now!! Lol! Don't ever hesitate to ring for one Tom. I must admit leaving it nearly too long on a couple of occasions as I hate being in hospital, please don't follow my example! Libby x

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ha, I`ll try not to follow your example Libby, but like you I hate the thought of going through all the rig marowl of admission, jabs in the belly for DVT, treatment and worst of all.............Hospital food aghhhhhhhhh.

Apart from the stress my poor wife goes through when every time I come home with yet another problem added to the list.

I think I must be a medical anomaly.

I will get PR In six weeks time of being clear of infection, so that is another step forward, just hope there are no more steps back on the horizon.

In saying that, the nursing staff are excellent and are on first name terms with me and I with them, just waiting on my staff night out invitation.

You look after yourself and keep well.


Will set your mind at ease now you have your rescue pack.glad to hear you are feeling much better.x

Thank you Junespoon.

Just another hurdle we all face at sometime of our illness I suppose.

My GP will not be too happy when he gets the hospital letter BUT That's his problem.


Too true. You keep marching on towards that PR, Tom. I can thoroughly recommend it. :)

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Thanks Toci.

I will, I want to reach 80 at least.


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