Anyone know of this?

Gp rang me yestrrday evening the letter shed recieved said possible Idiopathic Bronchitis? She d never heard of it ....googled and not much found ....or Bronchiectasis ....anyone on here herd of the idopathic bronchitis? I see consultant nxt tues for results. Also ive been keeping record of my peak flow since dec when really poorly its now steady at 250-300 each day ...feel confused Judiyh xxx

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  • Hi Judith,all I can say is that idiopathic,usually means cause not known.Dont know if that's any help to you! xx

  • Hi tigershay1, I have IPF so don't know much about anything else but do know that idiopathic means no known cause. Popplewell

  • Thank you x guess ill have to wait to get results ...odd as if you google it comes up with not that meaning !!! Even gp had not heard the term before and her hubby is a chest consultant xx

  • Sounds like you have none cystic Bronchitiasas i assume the calling it idopathic as un none cause

    Bronchitiasas is by all acount's chronic lung sepsis or bronchitis depending who you ask.

    But i have found out they like to use word bronchitiasas as its not as grim diagnosis and sounds better.

    Anyway cheers all the best

  • Hi Daz

    They call it non cf bronchiectasis because that is exactly what it is. It isn't bronchitis (although bronchiectatics do get inflammation of the bronchi).

    Good luck Judith with the results - please let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • Thank you cofdrop x yes will xxx

  • Thank you x yes probably sounds better ....well its some lung thing so either way not nice but people on here live with far worse and still doing ok so that helps me xxx take care Jufith xx

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