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Shock discovery WELL i never knew that.

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Today as been quite a day had my PiP assessment 2 hours in all.

Time will tell how things go .. but to be fair ATOS HCP was professional and quite humain .. but during my assesment a was telling HCP about my condition and all this chronic lung sepsis and how i was having problems.

Anyway never in my life did a think chronic lung sepsis could affect your brain.

Today i was quite upset as more HUMAIN ATOS HCP did this test given what i had been saying to them about my condition.

Cognitive subtraction and finger ability test.

A was surprised shocked when i failed test .. like how can you forget to do basic subtractions. but i did and just could not do it

Its was quite a shock to find chronic lung sepsis as left me with problems like that A Know a was ill but its still a shock.

At least ATOS HCP did the test its just a shame my old GP could not of been that intrested before i was ill.

Am just very surprised at how effective such a basic test can be at judgeing forms of mental inparment due to infections and chronic lung diease

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Don't be upset - it certainly hasn't affected your intelligence, ability to investigate complex details and other capabilities. I think you're brilliant.

Anyway, who needs to use subtraction - calculators are cheap!!

Sounds like it was a good assessment so keep your chin up and smile.


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Hi jude cheers yer have been suffering a bit of confusion am just glad thay was intrested this time

Cheers thanks

good morning ,i am sorry to failed test with atos, is not the end of the world ,you can a pair against the decision, good luck

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Hi 123podmore cheers yer test was part of assessment and its more a recondition of my problems failing test .. still have to wait and see what dwp say tho

Hi Daz hope you get the results you want take care xx

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Hi newlands thanks cheers

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That must have been a shock but tests are just that. You are a bright intelligent man who has an eye for detail and the ability to decipher complex issues. Take care and take heed - remember how amazingly capable you are! With love TAD xx

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hi tadwell.. good coment could not have put that better myself about daz

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Cheers muic

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Hi tadaw cheers thanks

I agree with Tad seem pretty switched on Daz ...good luck with all the tests wishes Wes

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Hi jettace cheers thanks

yes this must have been a shock, but off course there will be varying levels of any impairment, and as tadow says, you seem a bright intelligent young man, this should enable you better than most, to manage better, but no doubt this must have been a shock to you, take care my friend and again its worth remembering how capable you are,, kindest regards jimmy

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Hi jimmy thanks cheers yer is a shock but just have to make most of things


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read the link,if you got refused you can appeal,what others have said your intelligent bright and not bothered about speaking out,who needs a maths lesson anyway,keep searching and posting we need good posters who take the time to research anything and nothing,dont get upset we all have down days ,happy days are coming,xxx

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Hi twwiceshy3 cheers thanks yer am still guna have to wait and see if i get it given my problems

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fingers crossed for you,at least you don't give up ,persistence will pay of in the long run,and you seem to have a lot of problems so keep at it and if thay refuse you must appeal,xxx good luck,

Interesting thank you Daz and for link x

Bless you Daz, you are still doing well by the sound of things and are still able to investigate your problems so it can't be all bad. You take care and wishing you well as always. xxxx

Fingers crossed for you DAZ Have you gone for the full mobility PIP? Got consultant confirm RLD for me and 12.5% drop when flat. Just had some more tests to look at more recent Xrays. I have asked for letter to doc to be cc to me as well.

The link just sends me to the start page of medscape?

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yes and I joined ,I had to sign in,hope that helps and my computer didn't flag as dodgy,or I wouldn't have gone on,xxx

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Done that in straight away. That explains my short term memory problems.

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not a dodgy site or my computer would flag me,xxx

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Hi offcuts good to see ya yer i still have guts trouble .. well never stoped having them.

But yer was talking to dwp guy and he advised me to go for fast track claim.

He said if it tried killing me and could again you need to.

Its good your geting copys of your docs letters

Sorry to hear about your lungs hope you start feeling better .. U are a inspiration true surviver my friend

Yer if you go to link there are boxis at top of page click on full site

Hi Daz they did this test with me when I had my medical with Atos I think its a standard test. Good luck with getting your benefit I do hope it comes through for you I thought Atos were not doing medicals anymore ?.x

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Hi onamission cheers yer it was defo atos doc .. but was difrent doc from one on letter.

Think given my previous dealing migh of used a real doc

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Not a really, real doc? My, oh, my. Whatever next! :) :) Glad you got it over with Daz and like others have said, you are obviously a man of intelligence and wit. Power to the people.

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Daz you have what it takes keep on the case don't let them get away with anything and good luck mate,x

Yeah, I can see why you were shocked Daz, must have sent you reeling for a bit.

I'd better read the link to find out what it's all about.

I think something's happened to the language part of my brain. Noticing it more & more lately and really, to be perfectly honest don't think I have serious lung issues so I can't blame that.

It seriously upsetting when you find something's missing.

Good luck with you claim Daz

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