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,observations on getting older :)

your kids are becoming you,, and you dont like em :) but your grandchildren are perfect:)

going out is good, but coming home is better.:)

when people say "you look great" they add "for your age" :)

when you needed the discount, you paid the full price, now you get discounts for everything, pictures, flights, hotels etc.,, but your too tired to use them:)

you forget names, but its ok because other people forget they even knew you :)

you,ve more chance of loosing keys, than losing weight :)

the things you used to care to do, you no longer care to do,,but you really do care, that you dont care to do them anymore :) !!!

remember when your mother said " wear clean underwear in case you get an accident",,,,now you bring clean underwear, in case you HAVE an accident:) :) :)

you used to say "i hope my kids GET married" , now you say "i hope they STAY married":)

you miss the days when everything worked with just an "ON" and "OF" switch :

when google , i pod, and e.mail were unheard of,,,and a mouse was something that made you jump up on the table :)

you tend to use more four letter words,,,,like "what" and "where" :)

now that you can afford to wear expensive jewelry,,its not safe to wear them anywhere:)

you read a hundred pages into a book before you realize youve read it :)

what used to be called freckles are now "liver spots" :)

now your husband has retired,,you,d give anything if he could find a job :),,,

BUT,,old is good in some things,,,old songs, old films,old talks, even old jokes lol,,,,,,,, but best of all ,,OLD FRIENDS :) :)




i love you all ,for all the help advice and friendship you have given me, in such a short time,

i think the word i am trying to say,, but lucky if i can spell it :) :)


god bless you all, jimmy xxx

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Thanks for the chuckle Jimmy. x :)


hi susie, aye a wee chuckle does no harm , i couldnt think of a joke off hand so just printed that off:) kind regards susie ,,jimmy xxx


Hi Jimmy really enjoyed that so very true all of it lol.You are a gent its good knowing you.Did you have a better night last night and did your nurse visit and help at all with your queries re earoles etc? Keep well :) Janexx

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hi jane always good to hear from you, yes i had a great night last night, and felt better in the morning, the nurse phoned me but was behind schedule, she did offer some advice, but really nothing that a hadnt learned on the forum, but she was really nice though, shes calling week wednesday, but i can phone her anytime,but i learned on the forum, that i can phone the oxygen company, they can supply me ear shields and face mask, and a shoulder bag to carry the portable oxygen will ring them later today

strange when you get something on your mind and cant sleep.even although i am tired, its after 3am ive just got back up as i cant sleep, i was sitting up in bed [as i always do,] warm,quite comfortable, breathing fine,ears reasonably ok, sitting at peace really, but had lots of phone calls during the day,[getting a bit mixed up with them all] but one of them, was a call concerning a new house for disabled folks, im sure its a lovely place,the council medical officer is calling about 12 noon , i think to assess me for this, it seems a great place with occupational and physiotherapist there all the time, doctor is at hand as well, but i have been living in a large static mobile home in a residential site for about 14 years, ive got to know everyone, and they are all really good to me, even the maintinance workers drop in for their coffee, they all know me well, and we often get a good laugh, its a bit of a wrench to think about moving,, i have my garden which i love, but i know i am getting to the stage where i am finding things hard a bit, i think this is bothering me a bitty, i came here "temporary" 14 years ago, but have grown to love the place and neighbours etc,i might sleep now that i have got that off my chest as i didnt tell anyone.but i must admit the thought of moving is bothering me, its strange how these things bother you at night. anyway jane, sorry to go on,, i will just see what she says, and take things from here,,, anyway, the main thing is i m feeling a lot better,, kindest regards jimmy xxx

p,s if im up any longer the catheter nurse is calling 8am with bags etc,, well at least i will be ready for her lol:)


8,40 had a good sleep at the finish jane , feeling ok,,, oxygen still,on,, ears still on :) :) now waiting on catheter lady,,,jimmy xx


Hi Jimmy Im guessing your now armed and dangerous with supplies from nurse?lol I completely understand your dilemma re moving, those residential sites are lovely and a great sense of community.Its early days from hospital at the moment, how long has this offer been on the table?Do you feel you can manage on your own where you are is there lots of good care in the community for you if you stay put?What have they said today? In it hard Jimmy change is always a little difficult,praps a visit and have a nose before eh?

So what have they said today when they were round?these decisions need time before you make it your fresh outta hosp still recovering trying to deal with sore earoles,bags etc etc! I do hope that you are not rushed into anything know what I mean.

Im the same, night time is when my brain goes into overdrive thats ok when its the good thinking but when you under the weather problems present themselves unkindly,I have to turn my tv on to try and change my thought pattern.Sorry about all the questions Jimmy Im a nightmare.Please let us know your news ? Hope the day has gone smoothly for you. Speak soon Janexx


hi jane , thanks for your interest, yes these are the questions i am asking myself, had quite a hectic day today,and feel it now, but not a bad day as such,, yes this medical housing lady did call today, she was really lovely, understanding, and spent about over an hour with me, strangely enough i asked the questions you put in your post, i have to admit, this place sounds good, it seems that theres lots trying to get into the place, but cant get in, she told me i have high medical priorty, which puts me near the top of the list, but she couldnt give me an answer as to,,when!!, not that its her fault, the place was just finished being built last sep, and is full, but any vacancy that might happen, if you get my meaning, i would have priority, seemingly they have a meeting to decide who suits best. you must have been thinking the same as me,, as i will have a nose at it first privately, but she said just go, give your name and the manageress[so my name must have been mentioned there ] would show me around even give me a cup of tea, [i thought it was a bit much if i asked for my dinner lol:)], any vacancy could be 1 week, 1 month or even i year, but i thought by the way she was talking she was thinking it was best for me, she said its up to me and joked shes not on commission :) my name is down now, so its a waiting game,,, and a really big thing to think about. a lot more really, but most of it is actually in your post,, what is it they say,,"great minds think alike" ,,,,, or is it fools seldom,,, :) :) anyway, a lot to think about. i will give you more details later, the other thing was i phoned the oxygen company, they are sending ear shields and a face mask, and shoulder bag, no problem at all, the catheter nurse called handed catheter bags in, until the order from the pharmacy arrives , so all in all covered quite a bit of ground today, but very tired now, only had a few hours sleep last night.dont worry about the questions jane, only too pleased to let you know, but done enough for one day today,, oh shes sending me a leaflet about the place, so that might be interesting, anyway shall keep you posted,,,, so oxygen on,, pee bag on:) and off to kip now,, lots of kind regards jane from a a tired worn out [happy though] jimmy:) :),,,,xxxx

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Night night Jimmy sleep well talk tomorrow xxx


Oh Jimmy,that was great,& so true,ha ha!

Do hope you're feeling better,& have got that tubing under control,also the sore ears!

Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor!

Hugs to you,keep safe,love Wendells xxx


hi wendells , yes its just a bit of fun, the best i could think of at the time:),, but as i said in the previous post i think i was just printing it to take my mind off things lol, but i refuse to loose a sense of humour ha ha:) too stubborn for that ha ha:) i think i shall manage to sleep a bit now, getting that off my chest

thanks for the lovely post,, nighty night, or is it morningy morning :), lots of love,,,jimmy xxx

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Yes lunch time for me! Sweet dreams Jimmy,& don't lose that lovely sense of humor that you have! xxx


lunchtime!!!!!! get up you lazy '###

only kidding:) ,,,, ill probably be sleeping by then,, :) : sweet dreams,,, love jimmy xxx


That is lovely ,.....certainly all well covered lol. :)) x


hi lynntim,, at least i am up for the catheter lady:) :) [shes not been here yet,, but any time now,,,dont tell anyone,,, shes a bit of a sour puss :) :) hope she doest see this, or i,ll be wearing the bags,,,,,,,,,,,round my neck lol,,, jimmy x


Great lil blurb here Jimmy ...

Bless you mate xx


hi jettace, yes good to get things out,,slept like a baby from 4am till 8 pm,, peed the bed!!!,, only kidding:) :) [catheterized lol.]. thanks jettace have a great day,,jimmy xx


Hahaha your a riot Jimmy too have a great day ...cheers Wes


nearly CAUSE a riot at times jettace:) but a wee laugh works wonders:) all the very best,,jimmy:)


Enjoyed that Jimmy, so true lol Julie X


hi jools, thanks julie,, it is true really, but just a bit of fun,, you have a great day all the very best,,,jimmy xx


Well done Jimmy, it's lovely to have such a sense of humour in our little group in spite of constant ill health.

Keep us smiling old friend, you certainly have my unbounded APPRECIATION!!


hi eightyplus, yes it is great to have a sense of humour, but often difficult in hard and worrying times, i live alone, and my neighbours,,,, [good job they know me, or i would be "carted off to the funny farm" :) ],,,, often hear me singing the old song,

why worry, why worry,

worry gets you nowhere at all,

if the skies are cloudy, do not despair,

look for a silver lining ,,, cause there,s always one there

why worry, why worry, worry gets you nowhere at all,,amen:),,,,,,,,,,,,,nearly burst into song there:)

thanks for the great post, keep well,keep smiling,and keep singing,, and ill maybe meet you in the funny farm lol:) :) [you know im only kidding lol:)]

best regards,,jimmy


Hi Jimmy, I'm new on here but pretty old in every other way. So enjoyed your post, really made me chuckle and it's great to see someone giving adversity the old two fingers. Respect to you and a lot of warm feelings and good wishes.


Some lovely thoughts thank you Jimmy x


Hi Jimmy, loved every minute of reading that, made me smile. We are all angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other. Have a good day. Bless you Nannyb xx


Bless you too jimmy, what a great post! Made me laugh and it is all so true. You take care and wishing you all the very best. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Too true Jimmy, remember my Mom saying some of those things.xx


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