hi guys

just to say hi to all you lovelys and to thank you for your resent post .

i have nothing but chest infections since christmas never taking so many antibiotics in me life .

nothing seems to clear it now im told i have flu heading towards phnemonia sorry spelling bad lol

so now am on large dose of antis and steriods i wonder sometimes gets very depressing i know u shouldnt but cant help it get cross with me self

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  • Hi becraftygirl blimey that all sounds pretty rotten for you no wonder you feel cheesed off who wouldnt! I guess you wont be able to attend your PR appt? is it your referral appt or the actual course starting? I do hope this high dose of meds get rid this time.Please takecare of yourself. :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs.I follow your posts regularly notice in your picture you have the same scooter as me (Gerty ) I think you call it.I hope you get more use from yours than I get from mine it's been on and off charge since last autumn so I call it Hibernater ,like me it only comes out in spring.Love Bengunn.xx

  • Hi Bengunn what a brilliant name I like it a lot.I love my gertie wish i could go out more but the weather forbids it,but hey i do get the odd trip out which i love even if its only to the shop or docs ,gets me out which has opened my life back up.I hope to join one of the breatheasy groups once the weather is more stable.Gives a little independance back plus funny things seem to happen to me so winwin really.Is that when you got your Hibernator last autumn? :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs,Sorry I did'nt reply straight away I was saving my finger for today ha.To answer your question I had Hibernator 2 years.I have another small scooter which I call Bitzi because she breaks into bits to go into the car.I bought hibernator which is more powerfull so can don the leather jacket and jeans ( yes they still fit) and go cruising to see if I can grab a grannie ha ha, I don't know what I would do if I caught one I've forgotten.Love Bengunn.xxx.

  • Hi Bengunn I need to get a smaller one like yours so i can go on buses etc apparently any scooter that has wing mirrors are not allowed on the buses.It is handy to have both types,how far do you think we could go at 8mph,I know they say 25 miles dont think thats on high speed though what do you reckon? Haha cruising huh! you just never know whats round the next corner ?Try it you might just like it lol :p Janexx

  • Hi Becraftygirl.I know the feeling ,just finished my 6th infection since October and I think I am coming down with another one.The amoxicillin ab does'nt seem to stop it,I do get some some relief from the steroids but it does'nt last.I. Have been out only 8 times since October and 4 of those were to hospital &doctors.Seeing my consultant tomorrow pm so I hope she do something to help as I am right fed up.Hope you improve.Love Bengunn.xxx.

  • Evening becraftygirl, It's sure is time of year for it, on my way to doc's in morning for some. you would think we would get used to it. Hope the meds work quick for you, and your feeling better soon. Chin up take care. Nannyb xx

  • Hi becraftygirl, think nannyb may very well be on to something there, about the time of year, that is! No wonder you've been feeling down, it does get rather wearing, having infection after infection. I do hope the anti-b's and 'roids help to stop it developing into pneumonia. Take care, keep warm, and drink lots of fluids :) x

  • Oh that is miserable!! It is this time of year - my husband worse time is when the seasons change so from now til May he can be very ill!! Could I just suggest you try one of those live yoghurt type drinks which help to replace the good bacteria the antibiotics destroy. I so hope that the meds stop the infection in its track and you start to feel well very soon, take good care, TAD xx PS I also make my husband take a fizzy vitamin C every day!

  • Hi Tadaw,

    Dont know if you can answer me this question, I too take AB s quite often and suffer from HUGE quantites of mucus you may have seen my posts asking for help, my GP told me to take the probiotic drinks as you do, but then I am advised to avoid dairy products because of mucus ?? so not sure what to do , xx thnks Carol

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