Antibotics Daily long term

any body doing this and if so ,which one,and what dosage pls, as my specialist has prescribed this for me . thanks

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In have bronchiectasis, etc., and have had many chest infections. I am on azithromycin 3 times a week, but dont think I have been on it long enough to give an opinion. I still keep a rescue. Best wishes, pergola x

HI pergola, I too was diagnosed with that 2005 approx. never had treatment for it as far as I know , but have been treated for severe brittle asthma since 17 (now 52),got told I had COPD about 18 months ago. I have been on antibotics for 3 months daily ,but got told at my review I shall be staying on them long term, as blood test reveiled no immme system ,x

Hi there ive had asthma copd etc for 63 years been o steroids non stop for 30 years i also have no immune system so have to give myself a drip of immunoglobulin weekly. This helps to stop chesf infections. I also take sntibiotics continually andbetween us we seem to win most of the time. .i been on the infusions 2 years just takes about 1:1/2 hours. Bedroom looks abit like i. C. U. But had lessinfections since. .l go to heartlands hosp regarding this. Everty. 6 months wich is about 50 mls away. (Depending on sat nav ! ) but live in staffs. Anything you want to ask ..feel free to message me. Good luck. X

I have been on antibiotics daily since the end of September. As soon as I dropped down I was in hospital so now back - currently azythromycin 500mg daily but will be going down to 250mg daily. Do also have Doxycline 100mg which I can take daily - no immune system!


Mine is 250mg, but I take 35mg prednisolone daily as my rountine treatment.Never heard of Doxycline is it also an antibiotic

I started on azinthomiacin daily as support for my Bronchiectasis it didn't work I still got chest infections now on Trimethoprim this will be daily long term if I get no flare infections .I to have extra AB and steroids for emergencies. Hope you are doing OK. X

well after the 3 months trial on azinthomiacin, I have coughed up a lots of mucus an it has reduced my coughing fits, I have 35mg steroids daily as routine maintenance ,thanks for the reply :)

I take the above antibiotics 3x week ,over winter and cold months ,unfortunately this year I've had 3 chest infections since November and thus required stronger antibiotics and steroids , but it does dry the mucous up which is a bonus .ive got bronchiectasis and asthma .exercise (swimming ) and walking is a key factor for me .do take care and keep smiling x

I have just joined up fro swimming hopeful it will help,cant walk much unless its a fine day and flat :)

Been on azithromycin, 250 mg every day for the past 6 months. Supposed to reduce the number of flare-ups but I was hospitalized twice in the first two months. Better since then. Am in stage 4.

oh dear, I brought up a lot of mucus which seems to of cleared up and coughing less, that is the dose I am on,along with 35mg steroids daily as maintenance :)

Where are you - haven't posted for ages - getting really worried about you . Helen .

I have been on flucloxacillin for a year now, I have asthma and bronciectasis and was getting chest infections every other month for two years. Since taking this antibiotic I have had a clear year of no infections, little bit Chesty now and again, but so much better. Consultant sees me every three months, so I feel I am being looked after.

that's good news,glad it has worked for you :)

Im on Doxyciline 100g every day been on this since january this year due to being ill since dec. Im also on daily steroids just waiting for my ct results nxt tues . I also have emergency steroids in case i need to increase. I have supressed immunity due to meds for rheumatoid arthritis xxxx judith

not heard of this one,but on 35mg steroids daily as maintenance :)

Its a common one used for chest infections ...ive been on 30mg reduced down to 10mg now best wishes judith x

just used too taking a course of antibotics when needed,so if this helps maybe I might be able to reduce the steroids, have you felt better on a lower dose ?

To be honest at first i struggled but now week 4 im ok as long as not doing too much as then struggling for breath but think thats due to recovering from infection and having not been able to exercise for three months due to it. Trial and error i suppose to see level best x

I have been taking colomycim in a nebuliser for almost 2 years to try to reduce the number of infections. It works most of the time but still have to take top up ab's when i do get infection. I'm just getting over a very bad virus infection that seems to be doing the rounds of able bodied people. Put me in bed for 2 weeks, just pottering now getting some strength back.I have Bronchiectasis and occasionally Asthma. Don't worry everything helps, I've had this since I was three years old and am now 68. If you can go with the flow, do what you can, and sometimes what you think you can't, then you'll be okay, you're living with a chest complaint, not dying with it, that;s what I try to remember. x Good luck.

this is very good advice, I have been at this since 17 with the brittle asthma ,other thing have crept up the last few years, but hopeful after all the feed back these antibotics will be a good thing :)

I take Ciprofloxacin every night 250mg. They tried me on Azithromycin, but I had an allergic reaction to it. Have to stay on the Ciprofloxacin until I see the Resp Team again in April!!

Been taking doxycycline 100mg for about 2 and a half years. It cut down the amount of infections for the first few years but they are creeping back so I'm being moved over to azithromycin soon. Hope they work for you

Been taking Azithromycin 3x a week for 5 years or so for brochiectasis - I also have copd - and I take 2x 500mg amoxicillin every day for life as well. The amoxicillin is because I have cellulitis which is probably antibiotic resistant and it keeps the infection minimised as far as possible.

I get side effects from all the antibiotics, but just keep on keeping on!! Never give up!

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