Hi just thought I would say hello

Hi just thought I would pop in and say hello sorry I haven't been on for a while got a very poorly mother inlaw plus ive been trying to come to terms with different things that are happening in my life hope everyone is as well as can be iam still ciggie free neatly 12 months now but still getting the strong urge to have just the one

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  • Hi Pamela, sorry to hear your m-i-l is poorly, but congrats on being ciggie free. I think all us ex-smokers are the same, Pamela, that urge, but stay strong and the urge disappears as quickly as it happened. Hope your keeping well in yourself :) x

  • Hi initial thankyou for your replie very upsetting seeing my mother in law this way xx as for the ciggies I wont go back there but as you no its so hard at times kind regards pam x

  • well done on the ciggie front Pamela

    I've been given up for over 7 years and still get the urge at least once a month but it only lasts for seconds.

  • Hi riverbank thankyou just thought the urges would be gone now and yes I no the urge dosent last to long

  • Hello Pamela how good is it to see you has been ages.So sorry to hear your motheringlaw is so unwell you must be under pressure and weary probably please take a little time for yourself when you can.Oh how brilliant nearly a year you must be proud of yourself.Yes I like you thought the urge to have one would go but alas no im6mths now my son watched me mimmicking someone lighting up on tv and I was there doing it thats what im missing at the moment is that first light up and drag,daft isnt it.Oh well stay strong cant give in now.How are you in yourself these days Pamela? Hopefully see you soon. Takecare now :) Janexx

  • Hello longlungs lovely to hear from you to yes it as been ages :( thankyou on the thoughts about my mother inlaw xx the stress of everything as been very testing which iam sure you would have been through a few testing times :( yes I am proud of myself to be truthful I didn't think I would get this far but I have :) and well done to you 6 months :) you should be so proud of yourself ive not done the mimicking thing myself but I used to like going past people that was smoking but no more I cant stand the smell which as got to be a good thing xx iam stoll having my counselling still trying to come to terms with my disabilities and past issues but iam sure ill get there :) lovely to hear from you longlungs xxx

  • Glad to hear from you but sorry to hear about your mother in law. How brilliant to stay off the fags. Wishing you the very best, lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi tad lovely to hear from you to sad about my mother inlaw x and yes still keeping of the fags hope you are well as cam be take care pam xx

  • wow, 12 months, well done you - especially if life is stressfull for you.

    Really nice to hear from you :)

  • Hi peeg lovely to hear from you to yes been nearly 12 months ciggy free ;) couldn't of done it without everyone support hope your keeping well as can be take care pam xx

  • Hi Pamela. Well done for reaching a year. I'll have done 3 weeks on Tuesday. Can't believe I've got this far but I finally realised that sh** happens all the time, and my smoking wasn't help with the stress like it did before I was diagnosed, it was just adding to it.

    It's crap when someone close to you is ill and your poorly yourself. It's so frustrating and makes you feel totally helpless and overwhelmed. I hope things ease up a bit for you soon. x

  • Hello casper99 lovely to hear from you :) well done you for reaching the 3 week mark and your right s..t does happen I used to use a ciggy as my crutch but no more because like you say it dosent help it makes things worse xx and yes seeing my mother inlaw going through this hell is horrible and not being able to do anything about it frustrating dosent come close thankyou for your replie kind regards pam xxx

  • Hi Pamela, well done...12 months....I remember when you first started to post. Congratulations again and look after yourself

  • Hello knitter lovely to hear from you :) yep 12 months and counting I remembered when I first posted on here you all was a power of strength for me and I thank you all for that kind regards pam xxx

  • Hi Pamela67, I don't think we have 'spoke' before as I don't post that often, sorry about your mother in law but well done on the ciggie free period. I gave up 5 months ago and still have a very strong urge to light up, more so when things are getting me down/upset, luckily they don't last very long and I just keep telling myself that a ciggie won't won't change anything so why bother! Keep strong :) Julie

  • Hi julie no we haven't spoken before hope you are as well as can be so very sad to see someone you love very much go through what my mother inlaw is going through :( well done to you for being ciggy free for 5 months and the urges are worse when iam feeling low which as been alot lately but ive started looking at things in a different way now if I can get through this time of my life which feels like everything going wrong and still not reached for a ciggy think ive defo cracked it you to keep strong thankyou for your comment take care pam xx

  • Hi Pamela,congrats you have done so well,good on you,do hope you treat yourself sometimes,with what would have been ciggies money!

    So sorry, you are having hard times at the moment with MIL,do hope things get a bit easier soon.

    Take care,hugs,love Wendells xxx

  • Hi wendells lovely to hear from you I always treat my 4 beautiful grandchildren with my ciggy money that makes me feel better :) regarding my mother inlaw its very sad xx hope you are well thankyou for your replie pam xxx

  • Hi Pamela, you are doing so well! Don't go thinking about "getting the strong urge to have just the one" just keep concentrating on your achievement. It is not easy - don't have to start again! :)

  • Hello toci thankyou for your reply I do keep having the strong urge but iam not and wont give into ive come to far now ;) and plus I cant stand the smell of smoke hope you are as well as can be kind regards pam xx

  • Hi Pamela, You have done really well especially being stressed, never give in ,to the terrible weed it only takes a puff, and your back on them, keep strong.xx

  • Hi june thankyou for your comment iam not going to give in to the weed its jyst the bad urges but iam managing them pam xx

  • I still get the odd urge and its been nearly 15 years.

  • Hi pamela67, nice to see you posting again and that's brilliant news about the ciggies, keep it up you are now officially a non smoker well done. Sorry about your mother-in-law that puts strain on you, try to pamper yourself occassionally with your saved ciggie money. take care

  • Hi Katieoxo60 its lovely to be posting again and getting some great advice and support from you lovely people :) sounds good a non smoker dosent it and yes seeing my mother inlaw so poorly is heart breaking but I wont go back to the ciggies and the only pampering I do is on my beautiful grandchildren just love treating them take care pam xx

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