I think I need anti-depressants :)

I think I need anti-depressants  :)

Well my team Hereford utd are sliding towards relegation, I went to watch them today and they lost again. That's 5 losses in a row. The positive and more important thing is my breathing was good and I hardly needed my oxygen.

We'll even though we lost I still had a great day out with a friend, I had a pint of stowfords press cider and the sun shone through most of the match, whats to complain about eh'

Tony. If you are unable to do sport it don't stop us enjoying watching it live does it healthunlockeders

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  • Well done you. I stayed in my nest having a long visit with my friends the Lungs and their friends prednisolone and chloromycin. Lungs can stay but wish the others would leave soon. Not really into football but then again doesn't sound as if Hereford is either. - D x

  • Maybe I should build a nest say a prayer and come out at the end of the football season. Who knows we might go from relegation to promotion by then, well it is a funny old game.

    Who needs enemies when you've friends like them excluding the lungs of course, Keep well DD, the boating season is getting nearer :)

  • Good on you Dall. I did a bit of shopping today and I was jiggered. It's just MotD for me these days. You keep going to Hereford as long as you can. As an old Bedford Town supporter I know how you feel. Five on the trot? Sack the directors. lol


  • Hi Bobby, we sat in the disabled area which made me realise how lucky I am, there are so many worse of than me, I'm still walking and only have my oxygen bottle to give me away.

    I think the manager must have his bags packed, the way football is these days his day's must be numbered.

    Perhaps if I could shout a little louder we would have won, dam these knackered lungs :)

    Hope you enjoyed your shopping and the rest afterwards watching MOTD in the warm with a cold beer.


  • Stowfords press sounds a good anti depressant looking through the bottom of the glass is not quite rose tinted but hey

  • You should be able to get that stuff on presciption, we lost 2 nil but I was still happy Ha Ha.

  • That cider stuff got me into trouble during my national service days so take care. Being a Carlisle fan I can sympathise with you, you never know things could change for Hereford.

  • Don't worry gdb, I know how strong Westons cider is, I once had 5 pints at our local, my wife said you don't need another but I didn't listen. Mistake! when we decided to leave I stood up and next thing I was on the floor with my head in the dog drinking bowl with everyone in the beer garden cheering.

    Why are women always right.

  • Dont argue with the one that knows the best Dall05, I can imagine the cheer you raised. Wish I had been there to see it. That cider is sinister - tends to sneak up on you, as you discovered eh

    All the best: Brian. :)

  • I'm still laughing,my imagination at it all is mind blowing! Always listen to the child bride,young Tony!! xx

  • It was a very funny moment and the mile walk home took forever down a very steep hill. I could have rolled all the way, I'm sure it would have been easier and I wouldn't have felt a thing.

    That local cider was to blame, it should come with a health warning. :) . The child bride love's to remind me as you can imagine.

    Young Tony xxx

  • Never erd of em !! hahahahahaha! sorry Tony couldnt help myself.Regardless though sounds like you had a good ole time,I quite likes a lickle cider or I used to should I say.Its been a glorious day here aswell just improves everything a tad is it going to be nice tomorrow do you know? :) Janexx

  • Oo arr, Jane, Its a shame but I have to stop at a pint these days as zider don't mix to well with all the meds. Yesterday was great but grey sky's and the wind have returned today so business as usual, make Sunday lunch, treadmill and couch potato time. :)

  • Now if you wanted to come to Lincoln to watch a proper team !!!! Keep going,I'm sure you'll find one further up lol

    Being a fan can be very depressing at times.but it's great you can still go.keep it up Dall.

  • Sometimes its the pressure of promotion and other times its at the other end with the fear of the drop but that's what its all about. I've seen Hereford beat Lincoln on many occasion so not much point in changing allegiance is there. :) .

    As you say Jambo at least I can still go and hopefully for many more seasons to come. Look after yourself.

  • You to Dall,change allegiance.Never!! No matter how good or bad your team is,they'll always be you're team.good luck.

  • Its Hereford for me for the local team whatever happens, I'm also a Leeds UTD supporter to, they have always been my TV side from the 70s but there's not much joy there either, It was very strange a few seasons ago when the unimaginable happened and they both ended up in the same division, league 1 and the mighty Leeds had to come to Hereford where they lost 2 nil.

    They were also drawn together in the FA cup and after a draw at Hereford I traveled up to Leeds for the replay as a Hereford fan and Hereford won 1-0.

    Since then Hereford have dropped two divisions and Leeds have gone up 1 so normality has returned but that was a season to remember for a Hereford/Leeds utd fan.

    Tony :)

  • I'm Leeds too,ever since my dad took me to filbert street back in the 70s.they were the first 'proper' team I watched

  • Just think when they win next time, how much sweeter the victory will be.

  • It could be a long wait :(

  • Dare I rear my head and say i cant wait for Wimbledon tennis. This is me being wicked and stirring among you football boys. I will do a runner. SMILEY x

  • I'm with you Annie. Roll on the fab fortnight ;) ..... that pitch looks green though doesn't it.

  • I used to love playing on grass and doing my Boris Becker diving at the net. I played for 10 minutes at the end of last year but it almost killed me, carrying a 1 stone oxygen back pack didn't help but it was great to see some old friends and hit a ball again.

  • Hehe, I remember that Tony. Good grief, do you still carry the 14lb O2 pack for your walks? I hope the sun is shining over there for you this morning, it is here after peeing down all night. xx

  • Good morning peeg, the sun is shinning hear too, its blazing through the patio doors right now and our cat Tiger is loving it. Sleeping as all cats love to do.

    Yes I do carry my oxygen back pack when out for walks, the advantage of the oxygen seems to outweigh the energy used to carry it. I've got liquid oxygen as well, it is slightly heavier but less bulky.

    Hope the sun shines for you all day and you have a nice spot to sit and enjoy it like my cat Tiger.

    Tony x

  • BTW I only say roll on fab fortnight because I live here and there's such a great atmosphere (was always rubbish at playing though)!

  • I love Wimbledon fortnight, last week in June and first in July normally, are you on Murry Mound or Henman Hill when the sun shines.

  • Haha, we still call it Henman Hill. I used to get ground passes via a friend's husband who worked there. He'd store our champagne in his fridges in the men's dressing room. Sadly though, he's just left so that's the end of that. Last time I went in cheaply at the tea time queues it was £25 but worth it. I was in centre court the first summer with the retractable roof. Was a great experience. Will go back when I win the lotto - if I win loads I shall get tickets for all of you :) !!

  • Hurry up and win that lottery then, I'm sure we'll all have a great time. Come on Murray you can do it again!!!

  • I enjoy tennis too so you can stay Annie.

  • Dall you are an inspiration to us all. M x

  • Just had to get out and enjoy the weather and suffer the football. :)

  • wrong shaped ball for me .... but I do vaguely follow Hereford as it's a local-ish team & my brother outlaw & nephews are in Tupsley & have season tickets. Nearest I used to get was the old market .... have they finished building on the site yet?

    Oh, and The Three Barrels ........ possibly my downfall.

    You'll never get into trouble with Stowfords .... it a Westons cider - about 4.5% if I recall.

    Glad you got out & about ..... the wind's a bit sharp for me.

  • I don't mind a bit of Rugby, especially the internationals, we won't talk about how the Worcester Warriors are doing though.

    Their still building on the old market place at the Black Friars end, you can see the buildings going up behind the stands. Who knows the people from Hereford might find they have got a football team and come and support a little more even when things are not going so well.

    It was quite warm in the ground, we sat in a sunny spot and I even had to take my coat off until the clouds came along. From what I remember Westons Vintage is the one to be aware of, its about 8% and tastes lovely. :)

  • Hi Dall that tread mill seems to be doing you some good and I hope you enjoyed the sider.

  • The treadmill is the best investment I've made, I should be well set up for the better weather ahead and I might be able to sample a few more ciders eh'. :)

  • Hi Dallas how well are you doing, keep on like that and Hereford will put you in goals,Excellent new, lovely to hear.X

  • Forget goalie I'm going for center forward, Ha Ha.

  • I feel like I am in the pub having a chat about footie & I too feel low dall my team lost yesterday & all it's teams around it won!!!! Still there's always next week

  • The high's and lows of football is what makes it so good. Hopefully we'll both get 3 points next match and all will be well again.

  • When you get them there new lungs...then ANYTHING is possible...erm except perhaps centre forward

  • Ok' I could be setting my sites a little high, maybe I'll become a 90th minute super sub. :)

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