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cough turning to pneumonia

Dear friends,

I started a cough which became pneumonia. I “gave” myself away to be taken to hospital.

The admission doctor messed my drug chart, so I had to chase doctors and nurse to reinstate the proper ones, as the nurses wouldn’t give them to me as they were “not prescribed” (drugs I’ve been taking for at least 2 years!)

I was eventually given Tazocin Intravenous for 6 days. Then they wanted to put a pump but delayed it so much I got fed up with this and asked to be discharged. They gave me further Co-amoxiclav to finish the course.

I’m still short of breath. I had to wean myself of the oxygen. When I was admitted it went down to 86%, when really it should be 93-97%.

I caught a nasty Clostridium Difficile which gives me diarrhoea. “Fortunately”, I don’t have to toxin releasing type. So I hope to get by with the antibiotics given to cure it.

I still feel quite unwell. I might decide next week to go back to hospital. But staying sat in a chair all day long, reading a Compressed Reader’s Digest is pretty demoralising.

The first doctor took a blood sample. My arm is all bruised and painful with his trial!

I’m devastated at hearing about Mavary’s husband’s death.

I hope the rest of you feel better.

Love to you all, M

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Awe sorry you are feeling so poorly Mick and you encountered the problems you did. You certainly have to be on the ball when you go into 5* that's for sure. Shame your hospital doesn't do home IVs, then at least you are not open to cross contamination like c dif. Still sometimes it is better to be in and get it sorted (bit of a balance deciding isn't it?) I hope you start to improve soon sweet.

Love cx.


Hi there Helingmic, oh dear you are in the wars. Oh how annoying that so called professional get your meds wrong. It's their job for heavens sake. So stressful.

Always keep a copy of your current prescription to hand for such occasions. Preferably several copies!!

I'm hoping you won't hesitate to go back if you deteriorate?

Take good care of yourself won't you. Much cyber care sent to you. xxx Peeg

ps yes, very sad for Mavis at the moment. :(


Thank you both of you. I feel very emotional about this, feel that i can be understood by people like you and not the blooming doctors!!!


How are you today Helingmic? I'm hoping all's well but p-l-e-a-s-e dont hesitate to see medics if you get worse xxx


Hospitals eh' fix one thing and give you another, I hope things improve for you M and you don't have to go back in, the trouble is the intro-antibiotics they give in hospital do work better than co-amoxiclav, well they do for me but were all different with pills.



I think you#re quite right there. Still, I hope mine will help. I get blurred vision at night. find it difficult to read the mails.


Hi Helingmic, sorry to hear that you're going through this period of ill-health and that you've had such a bad experience in hospital.

You're doing right by sitting and resting in your chair during the day instead of going to bed and I do hope the antibiotics

will see this infection off. Wishing you well again soon ~ Lovelight x


Hi Helingmic. I'm sorry to hear your so poorly and hope you recover quickly. xx


Oh dear, Mick! What an experience. I also signed myself out during my last stay at the hospital because I knew more than they did on the ward and they would not listen so I felt safer at home. I hope you improve soon but if not - well they are not going to turn you away are they! Good luck. xx


Good to hear from you, you have had a rough time of it, Hope you soon begin to feel much better and regain your strength. Love H.x


Hello helingmic...just to say you've not been forgotten. Hope that you're feeling a little better today and the medication is doing its job ~ Lovelight x


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