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can i get info on bloating have copd oxy/17 hours

my stomach seems to swell up and down for no reason is really bad trying to get dressed in the morning as finding trousers that will be cummfy get totally exausted buy the time im dressed

cant seem to stand any kind of pressure from elastic on underware try pants on the soon as my stomach feels pressure have to take them of again

have been on steroids a few times can this cause bloating

i would go and ask my doctor but dont know what to ask him about without him just thinking im just puting on weight

could really do with some help as it is getting me down i dread getting dressed in the morning but i dont want to become housebound but is getting worse

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Billy I have had this problem for years now and it gets worse as the day goes on. I sit at night watching telly with buttons on waist open for comfort but usually I wear light weight joggers that are a size bigger than I actualy need

. I have been on steroids for over 40 years almost constantly so I am sure this is the culprate. M x

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Hi Billy, not sure what the problem is with the bloating, especially when it's sometimes a bit easier than others.

I've also had to have a few courses of steroids but I'm not convinced these are the cause. In my own case (emphysema/hyper-inflated lungs) I wonder just how much the lungs crowd the stomach and eveything gets pushed together? And that over-breathing/swallowing air distends the stomach too.

Yes, do go to your doctor and tell him your tum swells up and down - can't think that would be caused by being overweight cos it would stay the same all the time?

Lovelight x


Hi billy, I am sorry you are in such discomfort. I have been on inhaled and oral steroids for years and have the rounded face and also the rounded stomach( thin everywhere else though). But it doesn't come and go....not bloating...if I were you I would visit your gp and tell him what is happening and he can examine you properly. The BLF helpline is open on Monday so you could ask them too . Best wishes.


hi billy i am a thin person, but have a very large distended abdomen, i have had scans, colonscopes etc etc, some docs said it was fluid, others ruled that out, some said massively stretched bladder [on catheter now] belly still big, some said constipation [bowels open regular],, asked g,p her answer,, "i dont know, could be a bit of all these things, but nothing "sinister" i am on oxygen now, but it was swelled before that,,,, so its to the oxfam shop for wider waist trousers,, with braces [we call them in scotland] no belt,,, but know what your saying, it really is uncomfortable to say the least,,, best have a word with your gp,, hope things improve,,jimmy


Hi there Billy it is such a horrible feeling Isuffer with this and am waiting on tests i think mine is maybe a food allergy? but dont know yet. Best go the docs and just explain exactly how it is for you.Hope they are able to help and you improve soon. :) Janexx


You are not alone, Billy. I have been suffering from much the same problem for some time now, though I do not take the steroids. Have had to revert to braces and dispense with the belts which helps a bit. I start off quite flat in the morning, but as the day goes on it looks like I am 9 months pregnant. It also puts pressure on my diaphragm making it harder to breath.

I mentioned it to my Spiro Nurse who implied that it was quite normal to put on weight at my age which got up my nose a little.

I take ‘Bisodol’ and when it is bad ‘Deflatine’ which help temporarily.

I hope you can get it sorted out pal, Brian.


I also suffer with this problem , my consultant said it can be common for people with emphysema he said my lungs are expanded most of the time , i hate it and admit i have cried over it, i am slim and sometimes look pregnant .


Hi, Gillian, I get the same look if I eat anything fermented, yeasty or fungal. A few mushrooms & I'm fit to burst. Therefore I dont eat those things.

I also find thet mixing carbohydrates with proteins swells me so I have all my carbs for breakfast & avoid them the rest of the time - bar the odd oatcake xxx


thanks for all the replies will visit my gp and see if he can help

good one jimmy123 oxfam shop & braces have the braces will try oxfam tomorrow

live in edinburgh some classy charity shops

will try morningside where all the well to do folk live

nobody will know me lol

will let you know how i get on



:) :) hi billy, co-incidence i live just outside edin,, but same oxfam shops, in morningside lol,, some good ones in penicuick,,

tip,, leave the label on the outside for a couple of days, add a one or two £24 or £12 ha ha, no one will no the difference :) :) ,, someone always says "the labels still on" ,, and get a posh carrier bag lol,,,regards jimmy


will do jimmy will be going soon finding it hard at the moment once start walking about gets bad stomach seems to push trousers down the way so end up all day pulling them up end up exausted but i will find a way round it

cheers jimmy


Hi Jimmy Ive had a problem keeping my trousers up for a long time, I think braces are the answer as one poster suggested

Maybe its a. age related thing eh. Glad to see your active with posting Jimmy. - keep it up. Regards: Brian. :)


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