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New treatment for COPD with Diabetes drugs?

I really hope so!

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Sounds promising ...thanks for the post ..

Regards Wes

wow jeremy76 many thanks for this info very intresting

thank you for the info,xxx

More promising news Jeremy76, things seem to be improving with lung research. Fingers crossed.

That's great news, cheers you up. thanks for that.x

I just got diagnosed and my world just changed..

But i'm not the type to give up.

Hi Jeremy76 welcome to our friendly helpful forum,what an interesting read wouldnt it be just fantastic for us all?Thank-you for posting the link. :) Janexx

Thanks for that info Jeremy76, it was an interesting article and could hold hope for many of an improvement in there illness.

This does sound hopeful. As the drugs have already been passed as safe thus shortening the time until we can have them. Let's hope they find that they do work. Thanks so much for posting this

I'm all for trying new drugs I would give everything to be rid of COPD

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went there said its dodgy site,have you another link,thank you,xxx

Thanks Stilltrckin I will ask my GP about these when I see him next I think winter is always the worst for us can make you feel very low.

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did you get access to the link of stiltrukin ,I tried and it said dubious not safe onamission,xxx

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Try this

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same dodgy thanks anyway onamission,xxx

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I can't vouch for it as I haven't used it. Does your system give a warning about ?

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thank you that one came up ok,the other 2 give a warning sites not safe,xxx