Now that i have joined another forum where those who were once here supported me, and are okay,I shall continue to pop here now and again too. Cannot deny that I feel great sadness about recent events, and do wonder if justice as been served fairly, but I shall try to understand when it is possible for me to have full access to everyone, what went so wrong.

For now I am back in a hospital bed, since my Asthma was not getting any better and i

desperately needed some help to try and get back on top. Thank god for my wondeful gp who understood that i needed help despite not presenting like a text book case, and thank heavens there was an understanding resp con on call. Thank you to my wonderful daxie friend who took me not only to the hospital but also took my Chester and Lottie home with her two daxies until hubby could pick them up after work. And thank you to my hubby for searching for my phone charger when it was in myhospital bag all the time whoops!

Not the weekend I was planning but if it rids me of the pain and helps me get back to my beloved dogs fitter, plus gets me back to my degree it will be worth it.

Huggles Katina aka Daxiemad

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  • Hello Katrina really sorry your in hospital but glad your getting the extra help you need at the moment. Get well soon and get back to your dogs .my daughter has a dachshund he is 4 years old now and has the terrible habit of weeing when you greet him so we all try to ignore him,love him but he still has other accidents can he be stopped from doing this.He is so adorable he's called stretch, he is so funny with her cat who tolerates him so well I have never seen him get his claws out he pads him really quickly round his ears when fed up that play together a lot it is a real joy to watch and so funny. Again get well soon :) Janexx

  • :-D

  • Where is this other web site / forum? I would be interested to have a look.

  • Hi, will be sorry to lose a lot of the people on here, don't always comment but do read and help where I feel I can, but these incessant postings are really getting me down now. I hope you are on the mend and stay well in the future. x

  • So sorry you are back in hospital, but as you say you needed the extra help. At the moment I do not have a my typical chesty wheezy cough, but a dry one which makes it very hard to breathe in. The doctors then say as my chest is clear that my asthma is ok....hmm. Best wishes

  • knitter, I was on 55 mg of pred and subcut pump, which stopped the wheezing but not the tightness or severe pain, i am a brittle asthmatic and don't always prsent in the normal way, i have just got someone to listen to me this purely by luck because the right people were available

  • Best of luck with your treatment....I did my OU degree in social science when my asthma was at its worst , the university was very accommodating and helpful.

  • Hi Daxie, I hope you feel better soon, I have just got out of hospital and now begins the 'proper' recovery of getting back to daily activities. Sorry to hear you're leaving this forum. All the best with your degree, it can be hard work but also very satisfying. Take care, Richard.

  • Richard i am not leaving, just going to hover in the background because the site seems a bit lost at the moment and even overnight see it is a victim of an obsessive spanner again

  • I don't post that often but I do read the other posts and questions in case I can contribute something useful, but this excessive poster needs blocking. My email alert listed about a hundred posts by this one individual. I think someone new to this condition and this community would definitely be deterred by seeing that. Well, all the best, take care, Richard

  • Hi Richard, did you see Stones post yesterday? You can stop all the incessant emails on your account page and just receive one block email per day. I've only ever had one a day, it's perfect for me. It still has every post n question for the last 24 hours, comes in before 7 am daily.

    All the best for a good recoup xx

  • I've only ever had one block email a day too Peeg, easy enough to arrange. Am sure HU/BLF are doing their best to sort this out, but these spammers get more clever by the minute. Easy enough to ignore on the forum. Libby x

  • Agree Libby, I don't know what all the fuss is about really, just a glitch that will get sorted.

    Hope the sun is shining in your windows today xx

  • In my experience as a website owner and blog runner is that this spam is not by one spammer but by many. It is clear that this site is badly put together as most sites have software in place that will stop spam. Until proper arrangements are made this will continue. Most spams is spidered and unless protection is in force in the way of software with that software being monitored with permissions set correctly this will continue to happen. Quite simply the ones in control have not a clue how the software works or how to use it...

  • Oh!!! So sorry to hear you are in hospital hope you feel better soon, lots of hugs lol xx

  • Hi Katina, so sorry to hear that you are in hospital, but at least you will be well sorted out, sounds like you have good friends and great hubby to help you through this,and sure that it wont be long until you can get back to your dogs, all the very best Heather.xx

  • Get well soon Katina. ((((HUGS)))). xxxx

  • feel better soon :)

  • Oh, I got my secret invite to join that one too. Isn't it exciting. :-)

  • Good luck and I hope your feeling better soon

  • hi daxiemad, glad your feeling somewhat better, i myself was just discharged from hospital after a 9 day stay, thankfully feel a little better now.,,during this time there were hundreds of spam e mails from the site. i wondered what on earth was going on,,,

    i was a moderator on a very busy forum site,a few years ago and honestly it was almost a full time job, unpaid off course, and quite often thankless, these things can happen, and quite often the moderators can put things right, or find out who or why this has been done,[off course they cant say] so i am sure things will be back to normal soon .

    i am sure once you hover a little you will be back on posting.

    anyway i do wish you good health and the ability to get back to your beloved dogs, kindest regards katrina, hope all goes well,,,jimmy xxx

  • so relieved daxie, i was wondering if you were making a good recovery, as i had not seen you about as much recently i'm not too well at moment, so best wishes to all where your friends are at too

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