Rough Night - Chest Infection??

After a week of feeling more short of breath than usual, and sleeping on and off throughout the day - I am now starting to cough up green 'stuff'. Wondering if this is probably a chest infection. Have never felt so desperately short of breath on the slightest activity, even around the house - even had 'fever' like symptoms on and off over the last week..

Due to have a Lung Function Test tomorrow, followed by appointment straight after with Respiratory Consultant. Glad I'm going to see him, as I was beginning to think my breathing was suddenly deteriorating. Just not sure if it is a chest infection as the tightness, exhaustion, 'fever' and breathlessness all in one go are different to what I've experienced before.

Propped up in bed, so hopefully might be able to get a few more hours sleep! :-)

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Green stuff usually means an infection so don't worry! It's good you have appt but lung function test may be inaccurate if you're not in your normal state (whatever that is!)

Hope you get some sleep and good luck for tomorrow. Ask for an emergency pack of antibiotic and prednisolone so you can self medicate if needed in future.


Thanks Jude,

I did wonder - usually a sign isn't it. Nodded off for a couple of hours since posting, and woke up coughing up even more.

Crazy thing is that I've been on Pred since July last year (and will be long-term). I'll phone in the morning about the LFT as I doubt they would do it if they can't get a good reading whilst not well. Would like to still see the Consultant though, otherwise it means waiting until May!! Off to the Walk-In Centre shortly to confirm infection and get some antibiotics in me asap.

Jean :-)

I think you have got a chest infection. They wouldn't do my last lung function test because I had just finished my antibiotics, they said I had to wait 6 weeks before they could do it. If you don't mind me suggesting, go along to the hospital and see what they say, even if you can't have the test at least you will see the consultant.

Agree with mustcarryon. Still go for your appt to ensure you see the con when you're ill with an infection (I'm sure you do have one).

Good luck x

Definitely kleep your appointment with your con. Sounds as though you do have infection. Good luck. M x

I am no Dr but you have a chest infection if the stuff you cough up is green call Nurses they will get you antibiotics and Steroids get well soon.

sounds like an infection to me. Sods law to get it over a weekend & just before a lung-function test .... typical.

Don't cancel the hosp. appt., else you may drop off the bottom of the list & be forgotten, but do make sure you tell the nurses before they do the test otherwise you'll get some quite alarming readings.

Do you not have an emergency pack of meds? My GP always makes sure I've got some for flare-ups.

Good luck .... I know just how you feel.

I`ve recently had a chest infection. Despite having severe copd I`m usually quite active but for the last fornight I`ve had no energy all to do anything. . Infection has gone so its a case of building myself up again. My breathing has been scarey and at times didn`t know whether to go to A & E. I`ve had 3 lots of ab`s and just starting to feel a bit better.

Thanks all for your advice etc. I've just come back from the local Walk-In Centre (nightmare!) and confirmed that it is a chest infection as I thought. Now got some AB's so hopefully will feel much better by the end of the week.

I'm on steroids long-term, so will probably be told to 'up' them at tomorrows appointment (which I will keep). As for AB's, I'm afraid I' one of those lousy whimps that struggles with tablets and has it in liquid form, so impossible to have as emergency pack unfortunately. Will speak with the Cons though and see what he suggests for future episodes.

I think I will do as most suggest and turn up for the LFT, even though as you say, they won't do it, but at least I get to see the consultant - no way I'm waiting another 3 months or so to get to see him.

Thanks again :-)


Hi Jean

Aches, pains and chills followed by a very tight chest and severe shortness of breath are symptoms of an acute attack of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. I have the same condition and was very unwell during the summer months with the same symptoms to the point that I couldn't push a hoover around the living room. Do you know what triggers your HP?

Hi accygirl,

Well, I did wonder if it was a 'rare' attack of HP as I seem to plod along with the permanent symptoms since early last year. It's normally SOB, burning lungs, etc but the steroids since July last year seemed to have helped somewhat. It's the chills that I couldn't understand, exhaustion - and yes, dragging the vac around in the last week was a mammoth activity! It was only when I coughed up the green stuff that I thought it was an infection - but again, also symptoms of HP. Apparently mine is related to birds. Kept budgies (one or two) until 6 years ago, and had around me as a child also. If it is HP related, I can only think that topping up the bird-feeders in the garden could have triggered an attack. Would be interested to hear about your situation, how long you've had it, cause, etc. PM if you want, would be really keen to learn more as it's a horrible disease - like all others - to try to live with.

Jean :-)

I've sent you a message.

thank you acygirl keep on batting and keep warm

it is def a chest infection you need antibiotics asp

It is possible to develop a chest infection on the back of the acute attack of HP, however the symptoms that preceded this are classic signs of an attack. Acute HP attacks are very serious and can cause such severe breathing problems that you need to be ventilated in an intensive care unit. There is no treatment for these attacks except being aware that you are having one and removing yourself from the source of the antigen. Continued exposure leads to severe lung inflammation.

All the very best Jayenne,with your appointments tomorrow, Hope your anti bs are starting to kick in.X

I hope all goes well do let us know how you get on

Hope you feel better soon

Thanks again. I am definately going to the appointment later.Thank goodness for accygirl - your knowledge on the disease we both have is really welcome (as is your PM :-) ). I had begun to wonder late last week if it was an 'outbreak' rather than an infection - although I've not consciously had an attack before - certainly not like this.

I'm sure all will become clear when I see the Consultant later. Have to say that I have woken (as usual) and chest seems ok - as it was as the day went on yesterday. So I'm not so sure it is an infection after all - perhaps it is an acute attack of HP with a mild chest infection thrown in!

Will let you know how I get on later

Jean :-)

Had the LFT this afternoon and struggled through. Don't know the details but it was slightly different to the last one which was done in November last year, but I expected that. Didn't see my usual Consultant but explained to the one I saw, all my symptoms over the last few weeks, deterioration in breathing, etc. etc. I asked if it could be a 'flare up' of the disease, but once he'd heard about me coughing stuff up over the weekend, the chills, etc. he is pretty sure that it is a chest infection, and the reason I've felt the way I have for so long is due to my immune system being shot whilst continuing to take steroids, and the fact that your body struggles to fight things, and of course, takes longer to fight off anyway. He told me to continue to take the antibiotics until the end of the week, if no better to see my GP and to phone and get another appointment at the hospital with him, where they may do another CT scan to see what's going on. Also had blood tests taken to check all others things as I am so exhausted and sleeping so much during the day.

So all in all, a thorough check-up and I guess I'm ok with his explanation - especially with what I've coughed up which does suggest an infection, but will definitely g back and see him if no better by the end of the week.

I just hope the rest of the week isn't as bad as it was today. Really struggled with the chills and headache, all ok just now though so an early night I think.

Thanks for all your advice and well wishes

Jean :-)

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