Hello peeps another one of my scribblets!

Now you see me

Now you dont

Does make me sad

That some are bad

And so we moan

And continue to groan

So enough now said

Dont give in and be lead

Coz i'm now praying

The rest of you are staying

I like it here

You help my fear

I'm here for you

And your here for me

I'm green your blue

Thats great to see

Serious or not

We've got the lot

So hang on in

Helping each other is a defo win ! :)

A smile a day helps you work rest and play, and so do mars bars :D


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Lovely poem Jane I enjoyed reading it thankyou.


Hi Tedthebear thank-you tis how I feel this is a good place to be. :) Janexx

10/10 Jane. Nice one.

Bobby xxxx

Cheers Bobby havnt enjoyed all the hoohah but my silly scribblets are cathartic for me and a harmless bit of fun Janes way. :) Janexx

Spot on, and well said that girl! :) x

Thanks Initial lets hope its all good in the hood now. :D Janexx

Well said Jane :) Julie x

We are a good bunch me thinks Julie lets stay like it eh! Thank-you. :) Janexx

I'm back and hopefully staying! Libby x

Thats really good to hear Libby good for you.Its so much easier being nice dont you think! :) Janexx

Thanks Jane.

Hi Toci thank-you.Its been a funny old week for sure. :) Janexx

I'm only here because you keeping putting mars bars on your posts :D xxx

Good will keep doing it then coz you make me smile. :D MARS BARS mmmm :p Janexx

I have to retire now for the evening because I'm busy being held to ransom by my kidneys; me and the lungs came to an agreement they would behave and now it's stern words with all my inner organs in case they get ideas :D xx

Take it easy Scrobbitty,have you all the right jollop for those kidderlies playing you up? :) Janexx

Well............. got orange squash to replace the intravenous coffee and on antibiotics already so that will have to do (and paracetamol to take the edge off) and a hot water bottle. I'm sounding right pathetic here LOL :) xx

Needs must and all that scrobbity got to be done.Keep an eye on yourself people can go quite bonkers with kidney infections!I know this might be difficult to tell in you case :D Be good be careful and get better quick. :) Janexx

Hahahahaha now that explains it - going to flump dramatically on my bed (making sure I don't squash the wine gums under the pillow) and tomorrow I will be miraculously cured. Yeah right xx

Lol I can just imagine you doing a Sarah Burnheart onto the bed directing your body away from where the wine gums hide. :p Janexx

I did. It was an oscar worth performance especially as it accompanined by the moans and grumps LOL. This morning my kiddlies are better but still tender but I'm full of the dreaded yuck now. More stern words required. :) xx

Hi scrobbity hows all the internals tonight,kidderlies still good?hows the bliddy lungoes going? more pampering more choco more stern words! :) Janexx

Houston we have ignition on all parts of the body - bleurghhhh! Feeling very bleurghhhhh - kidderlies have rebelled, lungs have joined the kidderlies gang, run out of flippin chocolate and sick to the back teeth of mega diluted orange squash. Apart from that - I'm totes fabulous LOL xxxx Bless you for asking :)

Oh shizzenours !all gravy then :D flibbertygibbits.So tomorrow then haha get well soon :) Janexx

Great one Jane, love every line, you can go to the top of the class and throw out Mars Bars for all!!!

Tony xx

Hooray its a good day,the mars bars are on me.Thanks Tony. :) Janexx

Evening Jane, Loved the poem, except for the mars bar. They pull my teeth out. Hope your keeping well, take care Nannyb xx

Evening nannyb oh dear we dont wanna do that then eh! ah thanks for that.I really cant complain have been lucky so far this winter hope it continues.What about yourself? are you busy being a knitty nora with your new fandangled knitting machine,you must show us what you make. Keepwell now :) Janexx

Hi Jane, weather not that bad here, turned cold today, couldn't get warm. Still practicing on the knitting machine, will show you when eventually get something made, I saw an advert for some one wanting knitted alpacas, they sent me the pattern so have knitted one today with knitting needles, just need to sew it up an see what it looks like. A job for the morning I think, going to try and get some sleep now. Sweet dreams Nannyb xx

It's been a grey rainy and windy day here.its very chill tonight.Hope it's dry tomorrow,I fancy a poodle out haven't been out in over a week be nice to get some fresh air in my lungs.

Looking forward to seeing your new creation

Haha sorry pressed wrong button and sent before I said goodbye.Sleep well see you tomorrow nannyb. :). Janexx

On ya Janey ...hugs Wes xx

Hey there Wes :) How's the tumeric tea going? Hope you have a good weekend. :). Janexx

Yep just what I meant to get Tumeric and wheatgerm, forgot !! but got the mars bars. good swop eh.xx

Have to say mars bars sound much tastier a much better swop in my opinion lol! :p Janexx

Hey Jane all good here ...Tea is really fab don't drink coffee anymore as it was a trigger for a fag,,,weekend raining here in Au,indoor wrestling with me 2 little ankle biters an jigsaw puzzles ...have a great weekend ...hugs Wes xx

Bet the ground where you are is gagging for rain.! Sounds like a nice cosyposy family weekend,beware of your ankle biters now lol bless their little cottons. :). Janexx

Yeah have a nice lil spot 2 blocks from beach ...good for the ol copd as it now turns out ...an yep been screaming for rain here so it's a pleasant change ...Wes xx

Sounds lovely have always wanted to live by the sea.Your right the sea air is very good for us lungies,enjoy. :) Janexx

That's great,Janexx

Cheers Heather its a funny old life sometimes eh,we have to ride the waves! :) Janexx

Too true sweetheart, You ok have you and Gertie been out this morning, it is nice here in Shropshire, every where seems to be sprouting, little green buds, Spring is on its way, Bailey ok.? xx

Its been beautiful here too Im just about to get my David to get her out and then pop up shop via the park which will blow the cobwebs away wonderful,Yes its all happening out there at the moment wont be long before we see big splashes of colour everywhere :) Bailey is like spring lamb at the moment bouncing around everywhere he is such a joy. Im really well I have to say have been very lucky so far,touch wood! Hows about yourself Heather? See you in a minute :) Janexx

Just going to make a fruit cake, going over to see my boy tomorrow, he enjoys a bit of home made cake,bless him.x

Helloo its only me again.Mmmm cake sounds yum made me think to make one now havnt made one for a while i can get what i need up the shop oww cant wait now best go cos it'll be dark in a minute,im so slow lol see you later :) Janexx

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