Not been about much today

Don't know what's going on but hey Scrobbitty I didn't know that I was stressed till I watched it nearly turned into a 12 min cos I was gonna which it again! As for people leaving by choice or people saying they might leave I think this is a great site regardless of what's gone on this week. Not everyone ever is going to agree with everybody else thank god for that it would be boring. This is a site for people with lung conditions and we have our ups and downs which means we're a load of grumpy b-----ds. We want a chat as well as advice and everything else also a lot of fun. This site caters for all that I think. I'm staying put. Unless I get kicked off. He! He!

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It's a fabulous site. M x

Hi Mocarey yes it is we all should remember why we joined and stayed. The grass isn't always greener somewhere else! Xx

We may be Grumpy old ba******s but we still help each other and have fun don't we. Glad your staying Tony xx

Hi Tony of course I'm staying no one else would have me. Yes we do help each other when we can and we have fun also which is very good medicine in my book. Xx

Hey there Steph yep,Im with you on this one.This site has helped me on so many fronts so I too am staying put. :) Janexx

Hey me old mucker why wouldn't we stay there's nowt wrong with this site ignore what you don't like unless it's directed at you then take no prisoners He! He, how you doing? X

Exactomondo.Im all good Im happy to report,just a tad weary.Ive just had new appt through for PR,going for the 6 min walk thingy 1st April :D.So really looking forward to that. Your sounding in fine fettle? :) Janexx

So are you Jane here's to the 6min walk thingy. I think the bloody treadmills fired me up. Better have a vodi to slow me down. He! He! Xxxx

It's a great site to be a member of.we all have our ups and downs and off days.but at the end of the day we are all here because we aren't in the best of health.we learn,we help as best we can.we have a laugh,which is always the best medicine.and importantly we make freinds who understand.

:) john

Hey John yes your right. We are all friends here sometimes you don't like a friend sometimes you don't agree with a friend then you'll have a laugh with a friend but you'll still be friends regardless and that's what it should be like here. Xx

Steph I am not a grumpy b*****d. According to the coaster my kids gave me I am a grumpy old g*t. Just putting the record straight. lol

Bobby xx

Ok! Ok! You old git you. Xx

It's so nice to be loved. lol

Bobby xx

Hey old git it is nice to be loved and what a lovely endearment off your kids. Xxxx

Yep, if you don't like it then leave. I've only just come back properly in the hopes that things will now be better, and I'm sure they will be. Libby x

Hey Libby stay with us things will settle down I'm sure of it but only if the good ones stay. Xxx

Just watch the fluffy little things with a vodi in one hand and a bar of something chocolatey and life will all be well again :) Simples :) xx

Scrobbitty I've done what you said and life does look well. Have you done the same? Xx

I'm armed and dangerous with the choc but the incohol will have to wait until the kidneys start behaving properly. Gutted. :) xx

Ive got a spare Mars, if you wont pop round.!! X

might pass on the vodi and have two bars of something chocolatey

the site seems very calm to me now which is great

Hey Riverbank yes it does seem to of calmed down now. Did you have 2bars? Xx

All to true, lovely to have friends that really know how you are feeling, great need to pretend and put up a front here.Thankyou.all.X

Hi Steph, It has been a bit awful this week. I tried not to get involved but just stayed in the background and watched. A lot of the time I don't feel like posting or answering posts but just like to see what is going on, its company for me. I have been helped out quite a few times on here, as everybody is so helpful. I will stay too but maybe stay in the background for a while. Its quite scary actually when all these new names come on and we don't know if they are legit or not. Cheryl

I'm happy to stay on here and leave it to the mods to keep the peace. We blokes don't waste our time arguing, we know we can't win.

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