After several years I think it might be time to find a different site

I was one of the first people to trial this site when the BLF changed to Health Unlocked. It used to be a great site with lots of people helping each other along with jokes etc. now the site is full of spam, members being nasty to each other and the moderators removing people.

I think it is now time to leave the site for a while until the BLF sorts it out.

I shall not close my account - although of course I might get deactivated!


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  • It would be a shame for you to go Judith. Do what most of us are doing and just wait it out. HU are doing what they can to stop the spam and the moderators seem to be taking a firm line. Hopefully in a few days all will be peace and calm.

    Bobby xxx

  • Me too x x

  • Yes,I can certainly understand it as well! You would be a loss though,maybe a bit of patience is the name of the game,as Bobby & Bev said,things will finally settle,

    Here's to you staying! Love Wendells xx

  • I am still undecided as to what to do, especially as one of my posts was deleted without explanation. I have gained so much over the last year from this site...and strangely enough the wheeze in my chest has disappeared in the last week...have no idea why and just keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Hi alanjudy what other site would you go on I would be very interested to know lol x

  • Morning AlanJudy, I have had similar thoughts but am going to wait it out - the moderators seem to be taking a hard line stance. It seems odd that this site should be targeted so much - but the advise I have had has been so useful, I have decided to stay after all. I hope that you don't leave. TAD xx

  • Thumbs up tad x x

  • Well that would be a shame Judith. If all the supportive, friendly people leave what will really scared newbies do for support. There have been ups and down here before - it will die down again and HU are dealing with the spammers. Whatever you decide to do I wish you well.

    love cx

  • I have contributed to this community only occasionally, both to seek advice and to offer advice. I think that it is a useful resource for information and the exchange of ideas about lung problems. But there have been too many people polluting the group with diatribes on topics such as fracking and radon and "bedroom tax". People are, of course, entitled to hold whatever views they wish, but, imho, this is not an appropriate vehicle to express such views.

  • Hang on, there are isolated house bound, ill with lung problems people who speak to no one from one day to the next. They may be really freaked and scared by the bedroom tax.

    This site is a lifeline to them, like a family who care (when they have no one else to care or understand).

    The radon post was put up because the poster was trying to make people aware of what it can do to vulnerable lungs

  • You have a point there Peeg its my view that if you dont like a post or topic then ignore it. We are all in different situations and as you say some people may find a particular subject of interest to them. Live and let live.

  • Absolutely Brian, thanks. Living alone isnt exactly fun even when you're reasonably healthy the majority of the time, confident & with some energy. Very isolating if you are the opposite xx

  • well said peeg with you there on all you wrote,xxx

  • I think that Peeg is demonstrating the point which I was trying to make. The radon posts were made by people who have no knowledge of the subject and who were referencing studies which have no serious scientific basis. "Bedroom tax" is an emotive issue but it is totally irrelevant to any discussion of matters related to this forum. All that happens when such matters are raised is that arguments ensue. Which helps no-one.

  • Some people with a serious disability need their spare bedroom for carers to stay in, carers being quite possibly the only way they can stay at home at all. So the bedroom tax is highly relevant for us on this site [Edit:] as this use of spare bedroom is not usually allowed causing terrible problems for disabled people needing care.

    I agree these discussions can get emotive sometimes, but there's usually some point to their having been posted in the first place. These may have no meaning for you but it's important that we can have the empathy and imagination to walk in others' shoes.

    Sorry if anyone's said the bedroom thing further on. My energy is flagging :)

  • I think many subjects are very worthwhile on this forum, other than literally our actual health. Our disabilities bring along many other problems that we have had no experience of before, such as benefits and anyway, I don't think the majority of users of this forum want to hear doom and gloom all the time, our lives are so much more than that. You have struck the nail on the head with the last sentence of your first paragraph 02Trees, there are people on this forum from mild to end stage and naturally the less severe your condition is the less able you will be able to understand the problems of people at the other end of the scale. A lot of people have arrived here at their wit's end and found answers to their questions, company and a few laughs.

    Btw, if you get even the lower care element of PIP, you are allowed one extra bedroom free of the "tax", even if you don't actually have a carer as such. Libby x

  • I beg to differ hewiehex, stress is most definitely not helpful.

  • I agree with Peeg on this, this site is a 'window to the world' for many people and although the site has been set up for helping with lung related issues there is also a place for day to day topics. Loneliness and worry ( for whatever reason) has a negative impact on health and forum members who have day to day problems/worries should be able to turn to their virtual friends on this site. The members who use this site are from diverse backgrounds/professions etc. drawn together with a common ailment and as such will all have differing opinions on every subject. If an issue causes healthy debate then so much the better surely - please note that I said debate and not argument as has been the case in the past but this is what the mods are trying to put a stop to and I for one sincerely hope they are successful. As Grandadbrian pointed out, we all have freedom of choice to ignore posts if we don't like the subject.

    Sorry to get on my soapbox but freedom of speech was hard won and should be appreciated by all. :) Julie x

  • Toci has misrepresented what I posted. I said that it was irrelevant to discussion on a forum related to lung health. And if someone posts something which I consider to be wrong or misleading, then surely it is better not to ignore it but to respond to it. This is not the correct forum to discuss totally extrinsic matters.

  • Hello huwiehex. Sadly my finances, or lack thereof, do impact on my lung health, and as this is a forum on lung health, surely an appropriate place to discuss the pros and cons. Cuts in welfare have meant a choice between heating and eating, not both. Not being a political animal, I care not which government makes these cuts, rather how this affects vulnerable people. It's only through discourse people can share ideas on how best to manage their health with limited funds. I'm sorry you feel this is an inappropriate place to discuss such matters, but where else can people find those who appreciate the plight they are in with regards to their lung conditions?

  • I have no problems with the concept of people sharing ideas on this forum about how to manage their health with limited funds. I haven't suggested otherwise.

  • It's the cuts in the welfare budget that have created this impoverished situation. The stresses associated not only with that, but with WCA's also impacts on lung health, as stress lowers our immune system. It's all connected, and therefore relevant topics to be discussed on a lung forum.

  • In what way have I misrepresented your original post?

    You said:

    " "Bedroom tax" is an emotive issue but it is totally irrelevant to any discussion of matters related to this forum."

    I disagreed for the reasons given, that health issues affect finances (and vice versa).

    You criticized "people" posting about Radon "who have no knowledge of the subject" yet some knowledge was obviously there and discussed by others.

    In what way have I misrepresented your original post?


  • I totally agree jools, if one disagrees with a an issue, just state your opinion, don't have to be abusive, it's good to debate in a proper manner, and people can learn a lot from it


    where do you start, I have COPD, just joined

  • Welcome Clint, sorry you've COPD, but nice to meet you; don't worry, you'll get plenty of support with helpful information on this normally friendly site. :) x

  • I have followed this discussion and found it helpful, balanced and very useful to clear my mind of all the reactions in my own mind to all the hubbub over the last few weeks. I have been concerned with the actions of BLF and HU to resolve the problems, that it could become very bland, loosing its character. I cant see the point of slamming the door. Too final. So, mates, lets look to a bright future. It can happen!!

  • Onwards and upwards. I think the spam issue is under control now, sadly this type of thing happens on thousands of sites, and the mods are doing a brilliant job of restricting trouble makers. Lets move forward please and support each other and all respect that we have different views and opinions without resorting to abuse.

    Good luck in what ever you decides

  • As a newbie i have had some good advice from Judith and many other lovely people on here who have been living with or supporting those who are living with lung problems. I would be lost without your valuable support. I know nothing of whats happened regarding posts etc i did see funny repeated stuff unrelated to this site but i just logged off. Hope you all stay to continue helping us all xxx Judith x

  • I don't tend to comment on posts, as I've seen all too often how they get hijacked, but I have learned so much from so many, and it will be a shame if you do decide not to contribute Judith. Best wishes to you, no matter what you decide. x

  • Things seem to have calmed down now, I haven't seen any spam today, so thats good.

  • The way that this post has gone says it all

  • Sorry, it just bothers me when I see some comments being used to put down other members.

  • that's really the reason we should openly talk about things as adults,not select members who are helpful and put posts up,and then put the members down for doing so,if you or me or whoever does not agree with posts just ignore it,or have a civil chat about it with the poster,then shake hands after,the post wasnt for me or whoever but thanks for posting it,you can please some people some of the time but not all the time,xxxthis week I think has tested members to the limit,hope better days are coming for us members on hear,this is our community we must not forget that,

  • My apologies also, Judith, as I too was party to your post going off-topic, by responding to a comment.

  • Do hang on in there AlanJudy. You are too valuable to lose and we want to hear how you're doing after your hospital stay.

    Bobby is right, it'll all be okay very soon xx

  • This forum to some people, is there only social contact outside of their home. Try it this way. If you are housebound for a couple of weeks, very few visitors and all that was on this forum was folk describing their symptoms and looking for help....nothing more.....within three days you would be hiding all the sharp knives. Being housebound brings isolation and depression. You may have social contact at work and even a social life after work...bear in mind, others do not. In your social contacts you talk about different topics...then let us do the same...we all need it. This is our social outlet.

  • Very well put CB, variety is the spice of life. Tony

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