Hi Everyboby, I wrote a post saying why couldn't I stop smoking!!! Well that's me now stopped 3 months!!!!

I wrote a post months ago saying why can't I stop smoking, now i have for 3 months not interested now!!! I ended up in ICU first on a breathing machine I was really ill. I can breathe easier now and walk a bit further great outcome. The hospital took great care of me I was impressed by the NHS we are very lucky in Scotland to have such a great service. I have severe COPD been diagnosed 4 years ago, life is a big struggle, with the support I receive, I manage day to day, but I do give sympathy to everyone that has this illness. I would like to ask what questions I should be asking my specialist, I would like to go on the transplant list, how do I get to that point!!! Everybody smile be happy that is the best medicine for all. :-) make the most of every day. :-)

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  • Well done three months fantastic. Just asked your consultant about a transplant. Have you done a Pulmonary Rehab course that really helps.


  • Hiya Kimmy thanku for your message yes I have done rehab course years ago but planning going back again to keep my fitness up :-)

  • That's great news,not so great that you were so sick,drastic way to stop smoking though!

    3 months is pretty good,what a good feeling for you,do hope you are spoiling yourself,from saving on the fags!

    Keep well,love Wendells xx

  • Sounds like you had a frightening time! glad you were looked after well and you are feeling better, smoke free, richer and breathing better! I think a certain amount of fitness helps when getting a transplant, so yes good idea to discuss it with your Consultant. Please let us know how you get on, stay positive, huff xxxx

  • Very well done Anne, and the best thing you could have ever done, you will never regret it :)

  • So glad you have given up smoking, the best thing you could have done, I know its the best thing I did 7 years ago.

  • Hiya riverbank thank you for your message 7 years well done to you it's I didn't believe it was so hard to give up, no going back now keep smiling :-)

  • Hi Anne, well done, keep it up, I know what it's like to stop smoking. I did it 39 years ago never smoked since. Just take it day by day. Keep up the good work


    Keith x

  • Hiya Everest love your name thank you for your message 39 years and still counting well done I'm at 13 weeks now no going back now I'm a non smoker heading down the road of transplant I hope, I'm 49 and struggle every day is my life over!! Or is a new one about to begin :-) keep smiling :-)

  • Hi Anne thanks I thought when I chose the name it was fitting meaning having COPD it's like climbing a mountain every day. I am glad your sticking to your pledge so to speak, now your a none smoker ( brilliant ) keep it up, keep smiling and take good care.



  • Yes u are right Keith lol COPD is like climbing mountains every day giggle :-) keep smiling be happy :-) enjoy your day

  • Well done for giving up smoking :)

  • Hi Anne, Very well done giving up smoking even after three months you can see the difference health wise, Keeping up the exersises can only help you if it gets to the transplant stage.Good Luck Mattcass

  • Thank you Mattcass appreciated for your message keep smiling :-)

  • That's fantastic, well done TAD xx

  • Hi


    well done for stopping smoking, you will continue to feel the benefit with every month that goes by.

    Have you considered asking your specialist whether you would be a suitable candidate for some form of lung reduction?

  • Thanku for your message what is lung reduction never heard of it? :-)

  • Hi, well done you!!! It's so daunting trying to stop smoking. I stopped 3 weeks ago with an ecig and so far, it hasn't really bothered me as much as I expected it to do.. x

  • Hiya Casper the ghost lol giggle yes the ecig the answer it's the hardest thing I've had to do with my life as I smoked since I was 12 I'm now 49 getting old giggle my friends and family go outside to smoke and when they come in they smell yuck, did I really smell like that!!!! Omg disgusting eh keep strong I'm on my 13th week now yippppeee :-) keep smiling :-) good luck

  • I think giving smoking for 3 months is a real achievement. Do carry on smiling!

    I've been in hospital for the last week and am still wobbly with breathlessness and pneumonia... and C difficile, oh dear!

    But I do like PR, leading to the gym!

  • Hiya sorry to hear your not well just now and I hope u are on the mend I'm sure your in the right place in hospital they will look after you keep smiling, it's so horrible not been able to breathe I'm like that on a daily basis life is tough with COPD. :-) but you have to be strong and fight it. :-)

  • hi anne , what a great post, well done indeed,

    i cant advise on the questions you should ask,,,, but after stopping smoking like that, bet you will at least have LESS questions to ask,

    best of luck, hope things go well for you,,,jimmy xx

  • Hiya Jimmy thank you for your post and your best wishes hope you are all well keep smiling I keep of the smokes I don't even miss them have a great day. :-)

  • your doing fantastic anne,very well done i have been off them 13 days, now [approx] managing ok really, but intend to carry on, i just try not to think of it,,i have just made a lovely big pot of lovely stew, quite proud of myself :) :) no "cant cook or wont cook" with me ha ha lol,, mind you havent tasted it yet :) :) best of luck anne,,jimmy xxx

  • Hey Jimmy well done making nice pot of stew great to cook eh most days I can't cook no energy or just to breathless., have u COPD ? Well done 13 days, I'm on my 13th week never thought I could do it!!!! Enjoy ur stew mmmmm pity I'm far away you could of popped round with a plate lol giggle :-) keep smiling :-)

  • well done marian x

  • Hi Anne!

    Great news to hear that you have quit smoking, it really is a filthy, expensive and unhealthy habit.

    I stopped when I was Sixty Seven........it saved my life.

    I have had lung Cancer and have suffered very badly from Emphysema since then, but I am still here, fifteen years ago I made the right decision to stop smoking, so have you. Well done.

  • Hiya Thankyou for your message 15 years ago wow u doing well yes stopping smoking saved my life 2, I couldn't walk to kitchen back then 4 foot steps away, now no problem getting to the rest of my flat. I have COPD, Emphysema as well. Not a nice way to live life I feel sorry for anyone that has this. How are u managing? How old u now near 80 my guess u doing very well. Keep smiling :-)

  • Just a quick message to say congrats on stopping smoking. It's not the easiest thing to do. It's only been a week for me and while I don't know you, I am really proud of you x

  • Thank you Jacs good luck to you to a week that's a great start keep going u can do 3 months as well as I was a heavy smoker feeling much better. :-) xx

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