Am hoping you can come up with some very easy recipes for me, sick of ready meals and get sooo breathless so simple is good!

One I have is slice some smoked pork sausage (Mattessons or similar), fry gently with onion, a handful of mixed peppers (I use frozen so easy, (could add a handful of peas or similar) and some chilli flakes. Make up a cheese sauce, packet or fresh, mix with cooked sausage mixture and dollop onto cooked pasta. It is very, very tasty.

I do make it in stages - slice the sausage, come back and slice the onion, come back and get the peppers out ready, make the cheese sauce (as it will warm up with the sausage mix later). We have to adapt in so many ways but find ways and means. I do use the slow cooker, adding bits during the day until it's ready to cook.

Come on, help me out with some more ideas!

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That sounds tasty, libby. I have discovered ready made meals, after years of making things from scratch.

You get so fed up of them after a while Pergola, I have a few favourites but am dying to try some new things.

The only thing I can manage these days is stir fry - total cheat cos I buy the prepack ones, bung it in with some mussels and hey presto! At least I get my vitamins that way :) xx

Mmm, sounds lovely. Do you use a sauce too (ready made of course! ) Scrobbitty's marinara stir fry. :-)

Dark soy sauce - a dash - garlic bit things from a jar, nutmeg, ginger and hope for the best! Prawns too if I'm feeling very flush :)

Do prawns help the flushes Scrobbitty?!!! Lol! xx

Oh bless! No idea because I never had those or any other symptons and finished with all that when I was 43! Prawns and sea food are supposed to be brain food - I eat shed loads because I'm an optimist LOL :) x

Neither did I! Was told at 54 that it was over and done with! Didn't have a clue. Brain food, well I must be brainy then, have had it 3 times in the past week, Admirals Pie, fish in a cheese sauce thing with sliced potatoes on top and a tuna thingy. The cat's been loving it, she loves fish and cheese. xxx

Guess we were lucky then in some things! Kevin hates fish - in fact Kevin hates most things LOL xx

Hey Scrobbitty I'll have a go at most things if you don't try you don't know. Xx

Flaming Nora, I did reply but obviously didn't press the button properly - it was a brilliant reply too LOL :) xx

Put Nora out sit down and have chocolate . Lol

Already on the case :D

Is Nora ok. Lol xx

No :D x

Hi Libby in a little butter fry sliced mushroom green pepper spring on a low heat until just soft add a little salt then add tin chopped toms and garlic granules to your own taste bring to the boil then simmer with lid on for about 10mins transfer to oven dish. In a deep bowl mix together either oats or breadcrumbs with grated cheese till it a bit like crumble topping put this on top of the mix in dish put in oven and cook on 180 for about40mins or until piping hot and crumble is very brown. That's what I had for my tea. Try and enjoy. Xx

That sounds great too, looks like I'll have to bookmark this page. And I could easily do that in stages during the day :-D

Here's a very fast one put rice on to boil a chop a bit of red and green pepper cook in microwave till just soft a tin of Campbells condensed mushroom soup it has to be this one add the peppers to soup slowly bring to the boil pour over rice you can also add a tin of tuna in spring water drained to this. X very easy.

Mmm, I love mushroom soup so this would be a winner with me. x

We do the same but we use diced chicken. Lightly fry onions, peppers and chicken, add condensed soup and heat gently. Variations.....used cauliflower flourettes and pasta and turn into pasta bake. Bit of grated cheese over the top and brown.....for extra texture, smash up a packet of cheese and onion crisps and spread on top with the grated cheese.

Still on the diet, still on the ready meals. No proper food and I'm wasting away. I am only Joe 45 now.

Bobby xxxx

Rubbish Bobby your telling porky pies xxx

Did you have to mention Pork pies Dorothy, that was a really cruel thing to say to a starving man. lol

Ha ha! Ahhh poor Bobby x

Poor Bobby nothing! Have you seen the price of those ready meals! Extortionate for what you get, and pretty tasteless too. Or perhaps that's just the ones I buy LOL :) x

Tonight I dined on a pasta dish. Haven't got a clue what you'd call it, but I boiled up some pasta twists, grilled some bacon, onion and mushrooms, then, when the pasta was ready and drained, dumped some marscapone in the pot to melt, bunged in the bacon, onion and mushrooms, then bunged in the pasta, quick stir, and that was it ... I admit, it looked like something the dog had threw up, but it tasted nice LOL :) x

Hey initial not sure about all the bunging that went on in your kitchen. He! He! X

LOL what a giggle :) x

Was just thinking that! Bish bash bosh. Sounds flippin yummy. An Italian breakfast? xx

Forgot to add, Libby, I had some wilted spinach to go with it too :) x

Was it wilted cos it'd gone off initial? Xx

Sadly no, then I would have had an excuse to throw it out. I wilt my spinach in the micro, so much quicker and simpler to do, I think :) x

I lurve spinach. xx

Fry a couple of spring onions add half a tub of soft cheese garlic granules some spinach and a splash of milk if needed boil some gnocchi 4mins heat the sauce mix in with gnocchi you can add just a bit of Parmesan. Bobs your uncle. X

These all sound great, I like this one too! x

Enjoy it Libby and it takes under 10mins. Xx

Don't mind the bish and the bosh but I'll pass on the bash. He! He! X

No, no, Steph. Bashing is so much fun. You don't know what your missing! When I've the energy and the puff, I've been known to Bash the potatoes into mash :) x

Your kitchen sounds like chaos initial. :-) x

Am just picturing it! Bet it's dead neat and tidy reallyx

It usually is, since I rarely cook. Can't remember the last time I used my main oven, as it's the microwave I use to reheat ready made meals. The kettle and the microwave are the two pieces of kitchen equipment I couldn't live without. :) x

I am often too tired to make something good from scratch I do like the fresh ready meals that Tesco do. There is a great variety and I have found all the ones I've tried to be very tasty. I also enjoy the Pasta n Sauce with some toast as an easy tea/dinner.

Sometimes I steam potato's and make up tuna mayo and enjoy that with some butter on the spuds. There is no end to the toppings you could have on the potato's....... I hope some of these ideas appeal

I am sick of toasted sandwiches need to have a break from them and have some bacon sandwiches for a change. I'm off to the hospital tomorrow and I will have a BLT sandwich a cup off tea and some crisps for lunch and in the evening I will have sausage and mash with onion gravy ala Tesco.

Good luck at the hospital Sandra and enjoy your BLT sounds good to me. X

HI Sandra, I found Tesco's ready meals really good but after about 4 years of them I'm just getting fed up of them. Do like some of them, cannelloni with ricotta and spinach is my favourite at the moment. One they used to do, braised beef and mashed potato was lovely but they stopped doing it? I find some of the low calorie ones the best but as I'm very underweight they're probably not a good idea. I do like baked spuds though and have them now and then, with cheese and onion usually, Libby

Best of luck at the hospital tomorrow, Sandra, and I think that BLT will be a terrific reward to yourself. Have you tried the Indian meals they do fresh at Tesco? They are quite tasty, say she, licking her lips :) x

Yes, good luck from me too Sandra. x

I'm only moderate so I'm able to cook most things but its interesting to see what you guys cook.

I will keep all these menu's for future reference.

Good luck at the hospital.

When I've got the energy, I cook, and when I don't, I either have a ready meal cooked in the micro, or I phone the local Chinese Restaurant. My advice would be to keep a good supply of menus :) x

It's great to see everyone's ideas, just something different makes all the difference. xx

We do tend to get in a rut, don't we, when our breathing dictates. It was enjoyable, though tiring, cooking tonight. Now, when do we start discussing puddings? LOL :d x

Trust you initial! Ice cream from the shop tinned rice pudding sugar butties will that do for starters? Xx

Well,dare I say, am just about to have a ginger sponge pud with ginger syrup sauce. They're not big enough though. Maybe I'll have two. xxx

You did dare to tease us with ginger sponge and here's all us giving you mouth watering recipes. How very dare you and thinking of having 2. Lol xx

Tesco - auntys puddings. Trouble is, my son usually sneaks them before I get a chance. Won't he have a surprise when they've both gone!! x

Just finished off a gorgeous sticky toffee pudding and custard. Stuffed full to bursting :) x

Guess what, I ended up with cheese and biscuits after all that! xx

Have you got a slow cooker Libby if not invest in one everything in one ploy and you can out it on in the morning done at night cheap to use. Xx

Yes, used to use it a lot but it's all that peeling and chopping and standing that gets to me. Will be using it tomorrow, making Mexican Chicken, can just throw everything in, just have to peel a sweet potato. Even have some microwave rice in bags. xx

Hi Libby. Yesterday I took out some casserole steak from the freezer. Last night I sealed the steak in the frying pan then fried some onions. I put half of the steak in a dish with the onions and an oxo cube, salt pepper and a pinch of mixed herbs. I then put that in the oven with some water enough to just cover it. I cooked it for about an hour. I then made some pastry to put on the top and put it back in the oven till. Cooked. You could always buy some pastry to make it easier. Just do a few veg to go with it. The rest of the steak I made into a stew with while the steak was cooking in the oven. Today all I did was heat the stew and make some dumplings. Easy peasy. X

Well, it's round to yours for dinner then :D xx

Your having a giraffe Scrobbitty round to mine as if. Xx

Oh and I was so looking forward to it! xx

RIP Nora lol. Did you enjoy your choc? Xx

Bless her, she took one for the team :) Enjoying .............

Sounds gorgeous Mavary, would take me all day in bits and pieces to make it though. Am planning to make a corned beef hash next week with added lentils and dumplings. Lovely, but will take ages. Usually peel the potatoes and carrots in front of the tv in fits and starts!! xxx

Hi Libby. Do it the easy way. Put the steak and onions in a dish with some water, salt and pepper. Cook in the oven for say anhour and a quarter to hour and a half. Add a little bisto to thicken. Have some ready pastry cover it and cook till slightly browned. I never used to seal it and its just as good like that. Couldn't be quicker. X

I`ve had a lovely dish of stew and dumplings. I`ve had a chest infection and too exhausted to cook anything so thank goodness for my lovely sister who thinks of me and brings me a decent meal when I`m ill.

You've got a lovely sister Susie. X

I want a lovely sister! Sulking now. x

I want one too. I've got two but they wouldn't think to do anything like that. They have got a job to pick up the phone.

Restricted to online shopping Bev it's a flippin pain sometimes. Bargain Hut sounds very cheap! xx

Well, I'm off to get my pud and ovaltine and then bed. If there's anyone I haven't replied to, sorry, it's all gone a bit berserk. Great fun. Keep the ideas coming anyone coming to this late. Thank you everyone. Libby xx

This evening had some dark chocolate and a raw carrot! Although I had a special lunch with a special person today consisting of: salmon marinated overnight in ginger, chilli, coriander & soy sauce plus she'd load of al dente veg: asparagus, young carrots, green beans & young broccoli all tossed in a tiny bit of butter. It was yum and went down well with a couple of glasses of Chablis. I've had a sh** week and now feel restored.


Hi :Peeg, I've had some combinations but carrot and chocolate??! But your lunch sounds stupendous, hate mushy veg so would be perfect for me. Glad you're feeling better, our pleasures are so simple these days aren't they? xx

hehe, not my normal fare but was staying at my daughters too knackered to be sensible. There was that bar of 85% choc in my bag and it was supposed to be: ONE SQUARE PER DAY! Grrrr, I have no self discipline at all! It's been a stressful couple of days (at home as well as on here)! ;)

Good meal this evening Libby? I had a trout plus same veg as yesterdays lunch. I'm trying to be good tomyself at the mo.

Hi Libby .I have been following the replies to your post about meals and wish you lot would cut it out I've already suffering night starvation,my tongue is hanging out and all this chat about food my stomach thinks my throats been Cut. Ha ha.Hope you don't pile on the pounds.Love Bengunn.xxx

Ha ha, poor Bengunn! Wish I could pile on the pounds, severely underweight, some may think how lucky but it's not good, no stamina and look 10 years older than I should (at least!!). Am just getting my appetite back after a year or so. I don't sleep too well at the moment and tend to get the munchies, I have nutella on brown bread at the mo with Nesquik, helps me get to sleep - well, that's my excuse! xx

A simple meal yet tasty is cheese and potato pie. Boil and mash a couple of potatoes, add some grated cheese, slice a tomato on top and pop under the grill for a few minutes. Have it with some salad, or stir fry, even some bakes beans. But, it's filling enough to eat on it's own.

Oh my mum used to make something similar, boil potatoes and onions, drain, add cheese sauce, sliced tomatoes on top with grated cheese and bung under the grill til cheese bubbling. I love it but had forgotten about it! I used to make it quite a lot. xxx

might be good for you Libb, get some meat on yer bones!

I dont have cheese or spuds in the home (or bread come to that)

A tasty snack. Curried eggs. Do scrambled eggs in the normal way, best in the pan not the micro, then as the egs are setting, add a half teaspoon of decent curry powder...delicious hot or cold as a snack on toast.

Would never have thought of that Brian, sounds tasty and am sure my son would like it. xx

The Indian lady that runs our corner shop told me about this....lovely supper.

Hi Libby,

that sounds really nice :-)

I love my slow cooker. Late morning is my best time of day as by the afternoon/evening I'm too tired and breathless to do much and although my 17 year old son is a great cook and happy to do it, he is often tired, has coursework, groups to go to so I don't like relying on him. I, like you, get things together in stages during the day, chuck it all in, lots of veg, and then just leave it until we dish up in the evening - so easy AND healthy :-) I tend to do enough for 5-6 portions so I can put some in the fridge or freezer ready to use on a day when I feel more unwell or am out doing something so only need to heat it up.

Happy cooking,

Victoria x

You're very organised Victoria, am determined to make more effort. Have used slow cooker today (see below). One of my probs is I don't trust supermarket meat, you never know what it's going to be like I will have to start splashing out and get my son to go to the fantastic butcher which isn't too far away and start buying from them. In fact, have just remembered, they do ready put together stews and stuff, you just put them in the oven, could cook and freeze them - great for when you're not so good and if you're like me you never know when that's going to be - just had a rubbish couple of days but miraculously breathing a bit easier today. xx

Hi Libby, what we had tonight was, Hot sausage rolls, mash and broccoli,with a aunt bessies Yorkshire pudding, What I try to do in the week is make a really big casserole, either chicken or beef, I sit at the table chop all up, then once in the oven can forget it, the second day I add dumplings, if I don't feel like peeling and mashin potatoes I bake them in micro, then just slice, hope this helps,xx

Dumplings, mmmmmm licking lips. Am having some next week with corned beef hash. I really should start making a bit more effort. Have put together a mexican chicken thing in the slow cooker today, all sorts of bits and pieces in it and feel really proud. BUT, the proof will be in the tasting, we'll see! xx

Libby how do you book mark a page as you can tell I not very good with pc. I save all post in the personal box so if I need to go back takes ages,? please

Hi June, let me know which browser you use as they are all different, and I will have a look. I use Google Chrome. xx

Hi Libby, Just straight google, not the chrome, thanks.x

Hi June, there should be three black horizontal bars at the top right hand of the screen, click once and you will see a list, "bookmarks" is fourth down. Click on bookmarks once and another list will come up, fourth down again is "bookmark this page", click once - you can leave the title of it that is showing (in the case of this page it is the original title of this post) or put your own title. Then click "done". To access your bookmarks just click on bookmarks once and you will see your bookmarked pages below the first few lines. Hope this makes sense! xx

Just thought of another quick one Mackeral and cuscus, quick and easy,

We've been having packs of smoked Mackerel from Tesco/Asda, takes seconds to heat up in the microwave and can be eaten with whatever you fancy. Salad, or oven chips and fresh/tinned veg. Healthy too, with all that omega 3. xx

Hi June and Poems, I do like that smoked mackerel (but like if fresh best), some weeks I get a load of bits and pieces like the mackerel, mini pork pies, potato salad, coleslaw, feta, cooked meat, mini sausages, olives, salad etc and have buffet type meals, so quick and easy. xx

Hi Libby, thanks for your help, still looking for the black bars, Told you I was hopeless, but will keep trying.xx

Sorry June, it's me that's wrong! It's called favourites in google,.com not bookmarks. Ok, when you are on the page you want to keep click the star in the top right hand corner once, you will see "add to favourites", a box will come up and you can keep the title that is showing or change it to something else, click "add" and it's done. When you want to see your favourites, just click the star and they will be listed, newest comes last. Hope I've told you right this time, sorry! Libby x

I get battered fish put it on a flat oven tray with some chips in the oven for 25 minuets

Mmm, like that too, with peas and tartare sauce xx

It is nice and so simple to do and you can sit down no intervention needed

Make a pocket with tinfoil,mix together some soy sauce,honey and a little chilli,pour into pocket plop salmon fillet in let it sit for half hour or more or not at all.fold tinfoil to seal put in hotish oven for 10-15 mins depending on size of salmon i have either a green salad or green veg to balance flavours and have a slice of 50-50 bread and butter.I managed to buy a whole salmon for £10 and got 15 good size portions from it .The fish monger did all the boning etc for me so works out quite economical.I cant get enough of it at the min. :) Janexx

That sound delicious and something son would like too and so easy. £10 for a whole salmon? Blimey, is there something I don't know? You missed out the new spuds, mmmmmmmmm Libby xxxx

You right Libby a few buttery potatoes mmm! Yes I got it a month ago was well impressed. It is a very easy quick dish to do and you can dress it up or down depending how you feel. Try it you might like it. :). Janexx

I found this,"Cook" a firm that does frozen food I am trying it out A bit expensive but could add frozen veg and other easy stuff to make it go further,Click on cookfood.net Very interesting menus ,only thing is they use sulfites (maybe not good for Asthma).Lola.

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