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Consultant appointments - thank you.

Thank you to everybody who replied and gave advice re consultant appointments, especially Cofdrop who kicked my backside to be pushy lol. The secretary didn't phone back yesterday so I 'pushed' again and phoned her. Appointment is being posted out! I have bronchiecstasis so if anyone can give advice on questions I should be asking that would be great. Hugs Kat

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Hi Kat glad your getting yourself sorted that's what being pushy gets you. Write everything down you want to ask.

Thanks Steph, just not sure what I should be asking. I'm such a numpty where this condition is concerned :). Hugs Kat

You could try a private message to cofdrop. I am sure she would help.

Sorry i replied before I'd finished. If you don't understand your meds make sure you know everything about them before you leave. Also ask what you can do to help yourself. Hope this helps. X

Yes, thank you :). Hugs Kat

Good news about your appointment...Do write all your questions down as its easy to come away forgetting something you really wanted to know

Steph made a great suggestions re: asking what you can do to help yourself

Read around this site, then questions may come to you , and ask for any test results to be sent to you

Some places do spirometry and they may tell you the result, but I always like to have it written down so I can look into it fully later

Good luck

Hi there Kat22 good news with appt well done you eh.Iagree with others start writing any questions that might pop into your head down.Dont be shy if you dont understand anything ask them to explain again to you ,this is your body and you need to understand all that they tell you ,write it down while there even,I would take somebody with me that helps. Good luck Kat. :) Janexx

Thanks everybody, I'll start writing things down and see if I can get a friend to go with me. Good idea to contact cog drop too.

Hugs Kat

Hello Kat, do you have long to wait for your appointment? I rang my Consultants secretary so many times she recognised my voice in the end! He had promised I could have a copy of all my test results, but only my GP got a copy in the end , then I had to wait another few weeks to see him and even then he didn't offer me much info other than I was severe, I don't have the same as you I'm afraid I'm an Alpha and I have Emphysema like my Mum and I just wanted to know everything lol! It is important to learn as much as you can about your condition, so you can help yourself to stay as well as possible! look after you huff :) x

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The appointment hasn't arrived yet but it has been 14 months since my last one. I'll let you know when it arrives. Can your GP give you copies of your test results? You could try contacting the records department at the hospital too, they may be able to send them. Take care. Hugs Kat

Hi Kat

I have bronchiectasis and thought that I would not be eligible for pulmonary rehabilitation. However when I asked my consultant she immediately said yes and wrote to get me on the waiting list. So, it is worth asking - you will have seen many references to the benefits of these courses. I am still waiting for a place but it will happen. If you don't already have a rescue pack of steroids and antibiotics to have at home ask the consultant to ask your GP to arrange this and get clear instructions about when to take them. Sure other people will contribute more ideas so you should be well prepared. Please let us know how it goes for you.


Hello my little assertive friend:-)

Hope I don't sound bossy - just trying to answer your question Kat. Good ideas already from you pals above.

Firstly I would think what concerns you have yourself and what you want to get from this consultation - you may find you have some questions of your own.

If you want to know your spirometry FEV1 results ask the nurse who does them for your predicted. They used to have to calculate it but now it is usually done automatically for them.

When you see consultant I personally wouldn't mention the 14 month wait. However if she mentions it or apologises, I wouldn't say 'it's alright', nor would I make a big deal. Probably say something like 'I was getting concerned and felt I had to 'phone' - that way she knows it has effected you and that you were the one who started the ball rolling to sort it. Then say something like 'well I'm glad we're here now' - that puts it to bed.

You may want to talk to her about the hearing problems it is thought you are getting from the Azithromycin. I do know of a bronchiectatic who doesn't take them in summer because she has the same problem, but you need to discuss this with your cons.

I would also ask if she would like you to put in samples when you start an infection to see if there is a pattern in the bugs you are growing. I note you have a supply of Augmentin at home. I am assuming this instruction came from you consultant originally anyway.

Do you know the cause of your bronchiectasis Kad? I don't know if your consultant has a specialist interest in cf/bronchiectasis, but in the main they would do a sweat test and look into the possibility of a genetic cause. I expect your consultant has covered that on a previous visit.

Physio - I know you considered your experience with the physio you saw was poor. Again I personally wouldn't say that to her. Perhaps something like when you saw physio you had just been diagnosed and feel you are more able to take it all in at this stage. Would she refer you as you feel you need to know how to manage you bronch well. (by the way you will probably not hear from you physio once you have seen her, as you will be expected to do it yourself) that's how it is with bronch! So any other questions relating to physio wait 'till you see her/him, you just want a referral from con.

Re medication - you don't mention if you have any inhalers, nebuliser or thinners. I would ask if con thinks a mucus thinner or nebulising saline would be of benefit to you.

It is good to write stuff down but only put it in bullet points or you will get lost and muddled.

You will find the consultant will cover some of this stuff anyway, but please Kad if you don't understand anything tell her you don't or ask her to explain again.

to summarise: Spriometry - ask nurse

Azithromycin - hearing problems

Samples and abs

Cause of bronch

Physio referral

Neblising saline - mucus thinners - inhalers (? benefits)

Good luck sweet - let us know how you get on.

Love cc

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