How to treat annoying customers!

A customer was continually bothering the waiter in a restaurant; first, he’d asked that the air conditioning be turned up because he was too hot, then he asked it be turned down because he was too cold, and so on for about half an hour.

Surprisingly, the waiter was very patient, he walked back and forth and never once got angry. So finally, a second customer asked him why he didn’t throw out the pest.

“Oh I don’t care.” said the waiter with a smile. “We don’t have an air conditioner.”


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  • Nice one Wendells very funny and a bit true to life. Xx

  • Ha Ha, whats an air conditioner , we only know about heaters over here. :)

  • Heater?? What's that?? Lol xx

  • air conditioner helps breathing when its hot weather

  • :D xx

  • Excellent, I know a few people like that. Hugs Auntymary

  • Another good one Wendells theres always :) Janexx

  • Haha very good Wendells LOVE IT !! I must have what that man had as I keep going hot then cold ! :D XXXX

  • Nice one. I was in Egypt years ago and eating in the outdoor eatery where they had a large fan that misted cool water every so often there was loads of available tables but this idiotic family sat right in front off the fan and moaned about it. Why sit there plenty other seats and tables around. I missed that fan when they switched it off it was so hot in the evenings no respite from that dry heat except A/c and misting fans. It was one of the best holidays I ever had.

  • That sounds great Sandra,Egypt would be a fascinating place,ship stopped at Port Said,& had a bit of a tour,but would have loved to seen more.What a shame,nobody shifted that family,sometimes people are to polite! xxx

  • I stayed in Luxor, the hotels indoor dining room where we had breakfast had a huge panoramic window and we looked out onto the River Nile and on the other bank was The Valley of the Kings I think I said wow way to many times on that holiday. I always wanted to go from when I did a project in High School I wasn't disappointed. you should go back Wendells and see all the historic sites.

  • That sounds awesome Sandra,unfortunately I am not allowed to fly any more,so just enjoy being an armchair traveller! So do it whilst you can!! xxx

  • Great, so typical, of some people

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