An update regarding the spam in your emails from HealthUnlocked

Dear BLF Community

We would like to thank you for bearing with us during this period. The team has been working hard to put in place a number of features that will restrict a spammer’s ability to post in the community.

We are also aware that some of you have concerns regarding emails you receive from HealthUnlocked. If you have signed up to receive notification emails each time a member posts, you will unfortunately continue receiving email about those posts, whether they are written by a spammer or genuine member. You will find, though, that as the level of spam falls the number of such emails received will also fall and return to the normal level.

Additionally, you may find that the daily or weekly emails contain posts by spammers. Going forward, we are putting in place a system to reduce the chance that such posts will be in these emails to ensure that you continue to receive relevant information from the community.

We want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to limit level of spam on the site. We are confident that with the steps taken this will reduce substantially.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the ‘help’ button above.

As always, thank you for being a member of HealthUnlocked and have a great day.

Hugo W.

The Communities Team


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  • Hugo, May I thank you personally for you time and effort to sort out these moron spammers. If you had hair on Monday I bet that you have lost it now. Once again thank you for your time and effort. Berwick

  • .... he has hair and he's a lovely young man - as well as being charming !

    hear hear Berwick

  • Thank you. We should call you Big Billy Goat Gruff for sorting those trolls out ;)

    We'll done hugs. Kat

  • Well done, Hugo, for putting things right.

  • Thank you for the work you have done and keeping us informed. I assume by the 'going forward' jargon you mean 'in the future'!

    Thanks again.


  • Many, many thanks for all the hard work. :)

  • Well done Hugo and the team. to those who enjoy being rude and ungrateful I say go away somewhere else and be that sad.

    Well done again HLU Team


  • I've noticed a few of these profiles have appeared. Seem like profiles created and left dormant ready for a banned member to slip into, looking as though they've been here years,.Creepy. But thank you to Hugo and the Communities Team for your efforts. Andy

  • Thank you Hugo for trying your hardest to sort this out for us. Cheryl

  • Many Thanks for your hard work.

  • Hi Hugo they are at it again

  • Glad to hear your on the ball....x

  • Hi Hugo, Thanks to you and your team for curtailing the morons who must have very sad lives. Well done.

  • Thanks Hugo, I find these things really worrying though and wonder if I should stop coming on this site?


  • From a Newbie, who is getting much help from this site but not contributing much yet, I am shocked at how rude some of the replies are, if they have nothing nice to say to people who are trying to help others then so nothing at all or better still go somewhere else and play

  • Well said Thomas8, the mods have a thankless task dealing with mindless but determined hackers without dealing with rudeness on the site - this is a free site that has been set up to help people, when this kind of thing happens to my e-commerce sites I lose income but still have to pay 'rent' to the host business who have the unfortunate task of fighting off these 'invaders' whilst dealing with complaints from website owners whose businesses are being affected. Julie

  • Thank you to all the community team in trying to sort this out.a thankless job.

    Good luck

  • I'm not contributing very much at the moment, the body is here but the mind has other ideas. Without being able to have my daily visit here my life would be almost non existent. Please don't allow these morons destroy what has been built here.

    Thank you Hugo and all that help keep this life saver of a forum alive.

  • Just wanted to say well done Hugo, I've been spam free for two days now. Whatever you've done, it's working for me, thank you. Hugs Kat

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