It wasn't me!

Yesterday I was woken from my slumbers by the dulcet holler of Mattcass telling me Spring had sprung. Well what's a little dormouse to do? I crawled out of my pit and stuck my head outside, only to get it rained on by a stream of something called DDOS, sounds like a bad stammer to me.

Well, on further research it seems these little bots were after my money. The only bot I know is the one attached to my tail. These things were breeding like rabbits, something we mice know a bit about. Digging deeper the word worm was mentioned, that should have been mentioned before as I and my brood are awake and could do with a good meal and as someone called HU left the door unlocked, the least he could have done was invite us to the clear up feast. Missed out on that so had to go and feed the hibernation hunger.

Come back this morning to find bans all over the place, can I be invited to the wedding please? I'll get a new hat! Off for a brief nap and play in the sunshine after. Waving goodbye to the kids shortly as they go off on their travels and then maybe find out what all that loving stuff was about. Bye-D x

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Hi Dozy. I haven't seen much of you lately. You must have been all snuggled up warm and dry. The sun is out today which means you must wake up for a while. How are you? My Hubby hasn't been very well again. I'm pushing him about in the wheelchair. It will be nice when summer comes but I don't want to hurry up time as it is precious for us. You look after yourself. It was nice for you to pop out if only for a while. X

Hi, I'm thinking of getting a pair of those roller trainers so when I have done my 10 steps and get fluffy the other half could pull me along! He is hopeless with a wheelchair. You take care you are the important one, we can't be at home without our beloved carers. - D x

Thanks Dozy. At the moment he's not even doing ten steps. I think he has had another infection. He had two lots of Doxycycline and is now on Clarithromycin. He is a little bit better tonight but as soon as he moves he can't breathe very well. To think just a year ago we flew to Venice then went on a Cruise along the Amalfi Coast. We can't go very far at all now. How are you keeping. X

I have my ups and downs, mainly ups. At present on a course of clarithromycin myself. My ab of choice. Still try to do a bit everyday, and if the sats drop too low then I stop. Really looking forward to getting outside more though. Take care - D x

Us too Dozy. It's warming up a little already. If we could only sit out in the sun it would be good. My garden is full of spring flowers. I put a lot of different ones opposite the window so we can see them every time we look out. There's crocus, polyanthus hyacinth, snowdrops tulips, daffodils and miniature irises. I've also bought half a dozen polyanthus to put in a pot on the patio. My Husband had a really bad coughing fit earlier and couldn't breathe. It's so scary for both of us. It must be the same for you if you do too much. X

Good day dozydormouse,

The wonders of

With you awake and events of the last couple of days,maybe spring has sprung at last.

Jambo x

This the silly season indeed. Almost ready for those March hares, have to be careful in the field and nest when they are about. Take care - D xx

Hiya Dozy, aw what a shame, getting woken up like that, and without a cuppa, but to add insult to injury,not getting an invite you to a worm feast, bah, that's a real disappointment! Hope you're able to snuggle down again to doze..... think the Spring call was a false alarm, it's still cold and raining :) x

Promised to stay awake as the larder is empty and we need to go hunter gathering. Extra worms would be good. Take care - D xx

Hi. it looks like spring today where I live, but then they spoke on snow on Friday, maybe you should go back to sleep for a few more weeks.

We still have some sunshine but snow is bad for us dormice. An inch will bury us, you just get cold toes. Take care - D xx

Be careful DD keep your head down and with a bit of luck you'll duck the spam and avoid a ban. Its tough out here at the moment. Them dam spammers are wearing out my e mail delete key so protect your computer and rehibernate for a few more day's or you could of course turn into the superwoman that you are and fly around the world and sort out these stammering spammers. :)

Tony xx Now what were you saying about that loving stuff Ha Ha

Well, got a huge new bed, kids have gone and if only the flesh were able. :) - D xx

Its those bloody pills Dozy.

Oh my days, I thought they were there to help! Whoops - D x

I know exactly what you mean DD. Once upon a time we were both ambling along quite nicely thank you very much and then from nowhere WOLLOP !!!! woke up and OMG! I've aged 30 years overnight. What the Bl***y H*ll happened????? How are you doing with the oxygen now, are you able to lower how many liters you are using and kick out some of those concentrators, I hope so.

Tony xxx

Nah, oxygen still at 15. Cons said my lungs were burnt out so keep the sats high with loads of lovely oxygen. We fell about laughing trying to work out how to do a FEV test. Not going to bother. CT scans are a bit like a find Wally pic except it's find the clear bits. He reckons I have between 10 and 15% working lung left. The good thing, Spring has sprung and I feel good. - D x

Oh I do hope not, I love light and sunny days. It does' t even have to be hot, the air smells so fresh and clean. - D x

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