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Wow! I wasn't on yesterday so just seen all the brouhaha. Don't understand a lot of what's been said but it looks to me as though some members have used the spam shambles as cover to "have some fun". The photo of the black eye? Do we know it is really stitch in the photo? If it is I'm sure we all wish her a speedy recovery. As someone else said, if we ignore it all, it will blow over but every time this sort of thing happens more good members are lost.

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  • Normally, I like to be friendly towards people but I am getting more suspicious, especially when shouted down for voicing an opinion. People wouldn't behave so aggressively to people they meet so why on the forum?

  • I'm so sorry it comes to that! We are supposed to be uinited on our suffering. Please, know that there are stil people who vallue your opinion. Mike

  • This is a lung forum isnt it I have a feeling the records stuck on the same track as yesterday.

  • I assume because of the anonymity they feel they can say what they please. I try to make allowances because the illness can make people ( including me) depressed, irritable and even angry. I didn't realise you were annieseed in a previous life (and something else before that I seem to remember). I have been a member for a couple of years now and have learned lots and have often enjoyed the exchanges, even the disagreements although I rarely take part. I am a bit wary as I have seen what has happened to others when they disagree. Do hope this all gets sorted out, I would miss the site.

  • Sorry paperback, not another word on the subject from me!

  • Sorry if I seemed short I did not intend any offense all I want is the forum I joined back again.

  • Quite agree teenieleek. It frightens a lot of people off who need the backing of a group like this. Where can they go otherwise. I nearly finished myself when it was going on before. I thought NO! Why should I be frightened off. I hope all these newbies will do the same as it's a great group to be in. If you want information and support this is where you should be. It's like a lot of schoolchildren bullies can't get in so try and get you out. I can't believe it would be Blakey or stitch as I have only known them to be nice . X

  • quite right Mavis and Teenieleek, we wont let these vermin hound us out. Odd they dont publish anything supportive and kind. Just vile stuff against others.

    Yes, this is a lung support site soupset and stress are definitely out for us. Newbies particulary need suports as do others housebound and lonely.

    Hope you're well M xx

  • Here, here Bev! Let's all work together to keep this forum and use it in the way it was intended i.e. Help, support, kindness and even laughter sometimes too, why not! No room on here for nastiness or bullying - end of!

  • Can't say its really affected me and I've only been on here a couple of weeks.....I enjoy reading all the old posts so keep in the background of any aggro if possible. COPD problems and solutions are the same a year ago as they are today so I'm getting a wealth of information.

    My username btw is my nickname from a little girl.

  • Cute :)

  • I am staying regardless.

    polly xx

  • I have stayed but have been bullied on here and reported it, nothing was done, so mostly read things only now.

    glad to see that the bullying is being taken notice of.

    my user name is because I love nature.

  • p.s. my user name is because I like to think I am a bit sassy (!) and I was 59 at time of joining. xxxxxx :)

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