attack on One of our Members stich

attack on One of our Members stich

1St admin reinstate Her NOW PLEASE

Young fellow assaulted her in a car park in Her home Town , She is Now sporting one Black eye and a very damaged finger , His Defense ( She attacked me first )

anyone that knows stich " STOP rolling on floor laughing "

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  • I really dont understand this, David. I just hope Stitch is safe and well. x

  • She would reply Herself but found out that she banned again ???? she thinks must have been this mornings Cull on trolls that we don't have

  • She didn't want to tell you at the time of YOU speaking to Her, have relayed both reply to her

  • Me too, hope she is ok, did they get the person who attacked her?


  • Witnesses took his Reg Number he is claiming self defense????

  • are the dogs ok they are so cute

  • yes let the dogs loose ,xxx

  • From Stich via Me:-

    "I can see it david, just can't reply. Tell them I didn't hit him at all, he threatened to run me over cos I photographed his car in disabled bay so when I went to get into my car h,e smacked door onto me and trapped my finger. So I cocked my cylinder at him.

  • OMG I hope you are ok stitch that looks a dreadful bruise - glad you clocked him what a dreadful man! Take good care stitch xxx

  • Sorry to learn about this, All th Best Stitch

  • sorry I wasn't allowed to include the finger Picture but seems we can only post one now

  • And this is why this So Called responsible adult and Father , is this the way he is going to bring up his Kids???

  • That looks sore - what a shock. Rest up and I hope you feel better soon.

    love cx

  • I would be interested, dan, I feel uneasy.

  • Because I Know Stich and everyone else that Knows Her well will tell YOU She is Not upto attacking anyone ( Hence ROFL ) she has already agreed to me posting that remark , Also was Speaking FOR STICH as after this morning's troll attack she has been blocked from POSTING HERSELF

  • fail on humour davidmil feel uneasy as others do

  • I am one of stitches biggest fans, girl power, no shrinking violet, into a bit of uppie downie for ruffians on front row, maybe the chap involved in fracas was champion still no reason to laugh about it as her friend

  • Shocked at this, Stitch. What sort of people do we have in this country. Hope you get better really soon. You aint on your own here.

  • Are the police on the case ?

  • Hi message for stitch - I do hope you feel better soon not a very nice incident. Do Take care you have our support if you need it. Best wishes Irene

  • My goodness Stitch that is terrible hope you are not to shaken xx take care Judith xxx

  • Stitch, (via Davidmil). Hoping you're ok, delayed shock and all that.

    I hope there were witnesses so he can be done for GBH? Thinking of you and PLEASE take it easy. xx Peeg

    (I'm trying not to get a picture in my head of you retaliating with your cylinder) it beggars belief that someone with a blue badge AND oxygen would be attacked.

  • What's going on with our Stitch?

  • This is dreadful and why Has stitch been took off forum?

  • HUL are banning all trolls and how they can get access here, anything connected to trolling will have to go I think, it is very sad but this site needs to be secure

  • If only...................

  • OUCH! Stitch, looks like you're in for a right shiner there! hope he feels ashamed of himself that's no way to treat you, maybe a bag of frozen peas will help, hope you don't stay away for too long :) xxx

  • i,m so sorry stitch that is disgusting what as happened to you,sickening some weirdo can do that to a woman who is on oxygen as well,bad enough to an able bodied person but to an ill person ,and if you did hit him first good for you,have you someone with you and have you contacted your doctor,if he is saying you hit him first I hope he gets laughed out of court,and if the police believe him there no better than him,that is so sad .rest as much as you can the bloudy worlds gone totally deranged.i think I can add your in all our thoughts,xxx that is so well I cant write what I think ,

  • Stich Has Never been a troll BUT a VIctim of them as to MY POST's in Her name She can see what is said on hear but can't respond , As to Me passing on Her comments I Did it Through an other Account on FB that Stitch set UP so that WE could be troll free , So Believe What You Like , Stich Is a very Dear friend of Mine and hope she has Her status resumed soonest


  • Hey David send her my love please. Steph. Xx

  • still doesnt make it a laughing matter no matter how well you know her thats sick

  • send all our love and wishes .xxx

  • thats the answer to get troll free on facebook not blf

  • David please pass on to stitch. I just came on tonight when all this started happening and had a problem with all the spam stuff in the email. That looks very sore stitch, hope you get him done for that. How someone can do something like that to a disabled person beats me they must be awfully sick. You take care and rest up and hopefully we will see you soon. Cheryl xx

  • Hello David this is a terrible thing to happen to Stitch horrible erberts and hope they pay for their crime harshly and are hauled over the coals! She must be shocked aswell as in pain.I hope she has company tonight and wish her well. :) Janexx

  • Don't let the Bully win Stitch, rest up and come back fighting. I feel very angry that someone could do this to one of my favorite members. I hope this idiot gets whats coming to him and not just a slap.

    Tony xx

    Thanks David for informing us

  • best wishes stitch,xx

  • To One and ALL , My name is David Miller , I'm a Good friend of Stitch at the time of putting up the post including ROFL comment , I was Chatting to Said Woman through a Private Group that She set up , pergolia don't worry I'm not a troll , I have Her and others as best friends , we only use this site now every now and again ( Take Note MOds , Mark can you sort it out ???) With kind regards and regrets that some people found my post upsetting with the Stop ROFL if you know stich , IF You did know Her she would or might have said the same we will see as She CAN see these post but at the moment is unable to RESPOND

  • I took the ROFL remark to mean, 'Anyone who knew Stitch would laugh at the idea that she had attacked someone'.

  • Hope stitch is resting up and taking it easy, that's a terrible shock to get attacked like that, probably be in pain for a while. On another note I can't understand why she's been placed in the isolation wing ( as we used to say in education ) this seems harsh, and can't really understand why people troll and spoil things for other people, must admit it's shacken my trust a little, but I do know that the majority of people on here are all here for the right reasons, to other help and support and get support when needed. Mustn't let the spoilers spoil what's so very good x x x

  • Evening all. I am here under the only name I have ever used on the BLF site. Over the last year many newbies have been bullied by a few members on here. Show the slightest timidity and you get shouted down. Too many people have forgotten that this is a site for mutual support amongst lung sufferers. Nobody is better than anyone else. If someone has a different opinion that is fine. If they put it across in a friendly manner I have no problem with it. Intelligent, tolerant discussion is the key to everything.

    Instead of this, some people have been posting inflammatory comments and then deleting them in the furore that follows. By the time the moderators come to look the comments have gone. It's an old trick but some of us are wise to it.

    All I would ask is that all members, new and old, settle down and let the moderators sort out the present problems. This has been a great site in the past and it can be again. Just be nice to each other and have a bit of give and take. Help newbies out as much as you can and always remember, behind that screen name is a real person that can easily be hurt. Don't you be the one to do it.

    Bobby xxx

  • Get better soon Stitch, I hope your going to pursue this that's why they do these things because they get away with it. I'm still not sure why Stich is banned from here.

    Kim xxx

  • A post about someone being viciously attacked turns into a character assassination through wild innuendo. Some of you should feel very, very ashamed. As Bobby says "behind that screen name is a real person that can easily be hurt. Don't you be the one to do it". And I would add you should always treat others with the respect you would hope to be shown - you reap what you sow.

  • Hope you make a speedy recovery xx

  • You must be very shaken by this awful thing happening to you Stitch. I hope your OK.

    Angie. x

  • hope you feeling better soon,Stitch. sure you'll get back on here if there is any justice...lots people protesting about you being dropped.

  • Just seen this post! Txs David for letting us know.Poor Stitch,what a horrible experience for her,do hope he gets the book thrown at him,what a waste of space he is!

    Do send her my love & let her know we're thinking of her,xxx

  • Oh dear me Stitch, you poor thing, that really must have shook you up,And all this on the site we are not able to send you are love and best wishes, but really thinking about you and a speedy recovery,xx

  • I am always beefing on about the following. 57 replies - 37 of them missing. Why?

  • take it someone above didn't like them and removed or they caught up with trolls , No Wonder luner7 is not going to argue why she was banned She is fed up


  • What is this world coming to as if we don't have enough to put up with life is difficult when you have COPD I bet this lad is fit and never gets any health problems

  • Onamission thing is stitch id him to me ,he is on facebook and yes Young Fit, so called father???? that's all I can say about the Jerk KNITWIT claiming self defence from Stich???


  • Hope it's been reported in at least her local newspapers, others should be made aware of this thug asap so he can be shamed. xx

  • l have seen some cases in my time but have l ever heard of this appalling behaviour from someone who should be ashamed to the back teeth for the attack on thisa lady l think who ever did this should be locked up and never let out again where public people are

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