Nasal Cannula and sore ears!

Having been put on home oxygen 3 weeks ago I began to notice the soreness and damage to my ears, very painful! After many searches I found these which have worked wonders! I have them fitted to my glasses but they will fit on caps and/or headbands. They are widely available in the States but the only place here is on E-Bay, I can recommend them to anyone.


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There is also for people without glasses.

Those also rub the ears! As I said above the clips also fit on headbands or baseball caps so you do not need specs

But as I don't wear specs or a baseball cap, nor use a headband the clips are no good for me. How on Earth have you had time to develop sore ears and try two remedies in only three weeks? Anyway, I prefer the tubing covers which, in several years, have kept the skin behind my ears comfortable and pain free and they are free.

Because they were the first things I tried and they did not stop the savage pulling down of my ears when I trod on the oxy tubes. Using the clips if I tread on the tube then they just flip down and there is no pulling down on the ears at all.

Easier just to stop treading on the tubing, lol.


Hi Scribe, I don't use supplemental oxy as yet, but it so useful for people like you and Stone to let us know about this kind of thing. Will bookmark this post for the future. Thanks. Andy

Your oxygen supplier should be able to give you some little sponge protector tubes which fit over the oxygen pipe where it goes over your ears - my husband used them, he was on O2 all the time - if you don't want to be seen with them on, you could use them at night.........highly recommended, and free !!

I have pressure sore on outside of ear (not behind) due to sleeping on one side. I could do with little foam ear muff or something similar. GP prescribes cream but doesn't help. Need to remove cause. Any suggestions please

Hi Scribe, I have looked at the picture on ebay but can't picture how they work. Can you post a photo? Popplewell

Look at the pictures underneath the main photo

Can these be used for nebuliser masks too?

this is one of my problems, only been on oxygen about a week,,,,,,,,ears agony,,,, and my ears are big lol. [big agony lol]

just to bring my prob of the lugs lol:) my oxgen company [B O C] sent me a few packets of ear sheilds, free, on request,,,

but just looked at toci,s post,, tread on the tubing,, ouch,, jimmy:)

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