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A little info on my COPD is this what they call a exacerbation flareup


Hi all since being diagnosed in jan 2013 with moderate COPD FEV/FVC RATO OF 62% and put on seretide 500 then down to seretide 250 7 months ago and have not noticed i have been breathless even when do a lot of excercise i even went on a pulmonary rehabilitation 8 week course and got a C.A.T score of 6 (what ever that means)

I sometimes even wonderd if they got it right with my diagnose and was i mild instead of moderate has i have been fine with no problems, then last night has i lay in bed for the first time i could find it hard to breath so i had a puff from my blue top has and when inhaller for the first time has have never had to use them so am starting to get a bit worried now but feel ok today

has i suspect this must be the start of the COPD starting to progres

anyway i have another spirometry test on first of april so will be intresting to see what the% is then has i will let you know

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once you go on rehab course things should improve

If you are in any doubt phone the helpline

with moderate COPD FEV/FVC RATO OF 62% there should be no need to worry, it will only make matters worse, you are very fortunate to have been prescribed PR at such an early stage as usually patients at more advanced stage encounter problems getting prescribed or following a hospital admission. Have you got an oxymeter ?

best wishes for ongoing improvement


Could be all this damp weather that is exacerbating symptoms. However, be aware and if you feel you have a lung infection beginning try to get to see your GP asap. Indications of a lung infection is any worsening in symptoms, usually more than just one symptom. If you find after using the ventolin inhaler your symptoms subside and you have no other symptoms chances are you may not be having an exacerbation nor experiencing a lung infection. But if you are worried do check in with your GP.

Your notes from the PR course should refresh your memory about how to identify a lung infection, if not search the forum (search box top right) or check with the BLF helpline, or their home pages (click red balloon top right for links and contact number)

FEV% on a Spirometry tests can go up and down so this may not be a good indication that your illness is progressing.

Keep exercising, eat well and stay away from smoke, these all help to avoid progress of the disease.

Best wishes BC

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I know this is an old thread and I would have messaged BlakelyC directly but it seems he may not be with this site anymore.

I was interested when he said

"FEV% on a Spirometry tests can go up and down so this may not be a good indication that your illness is progressing."

I thought FEV1% was the main thing they used to gauge your COPD severity and progression. If as he states it is not a good indication does anyone know what is a good indication?

I know how a person feels is important but it seems there are people here who are severe that do much better on a daily basis than some that are only moderate.

Thank you

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hi jackdup sorry i know this may not be much help but i can only say what you already know and its how you feel and what you can do that really matters..have a look at my past posts but then again has you also know we are all diferant

with me i know that exercise on a treadmill or just walking has inproved my fittnes and if your fit that helps a great deal

good luck


hi wonderwomen i thought that they may think that i am not ill enough for PR course but they told me that they like to get people in with early stage of COPD to educate them and that was the main reason i went for the education about it

Thanks for info blakeyc has i said i feel ok now so it could of just been a one of due to damp weather, fingers crossed

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music ive found lately the weather as effected me a little ,were as before wasn't using ventolin like now,but as blakey c says all good advice ,and when I,ve fell asleep on my back I,ve woke odd times trying to catch my breath,sleep on my side now and its helped,hears to warmer weather ,xxx

I eat raw garlic every other day, keeps doctor away, friends stay away too though

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i eat raw garlic and doctor can take it or leave it ,friends can do the same but they don't,xxxdont see them that much anyway,

God forbid if you have to hospital,mind you it would soon empty the ward

I've been coughing for the last two days I think its to do with all the damp weather were having.

dont worry i have severe

dont worry to much about copd i have severe copd

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