Anesthetist say's 'with those lungs general anesthetic is not an option' at pre-op meeting this morning

But it seems as though a type of epidural will do the job if I'm taken off warfarin for around 5 days before operation to remove Abscess on Bum region. Oucha :O

Of course this increases the risk of another DVT but its the only way to move forward and get back on the transplant list. He say's things will probably move fairly quickly now and I could be in for the op soon. Hooray!!

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  • A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do but that is a big ouch hope it works out well dall05

  • Thanks Chris, just hope the mans got a steady hand eh' :D

  • Well, there's yer lungs insulted then. Good job there is an alternative. I'd say 'bottoms up' but that would be considered insensitive. :) xxx

  • The man say's the general anesthetic could damage my lungs further so its not worth the risk, I said your the boss :) . 33% is as low as I want to go so we'll take no chances eh'.

    The transplant team want me off warfarin anyway so now's as good a time as any to try. I have an iv filter fitted also which the transplant team would like removed so maybe they'll do a job lot. :) xxx

  • Hey bargain basement! Three for the price of one. You hang onto that 33% for as long as possible and with luck and the right wind, that transplant will add to it. Go Team Tony! :) xxx

  • That's great news dall. We will all be happy for you(cos we love you). But a wee bit jealous when u are A OK again. Wishing we could be like u with new lungs xx

  • That's good news dall. I've had a few surgeries with a spinal block and recovery is much quicker.

    Good luck

    love cx

  • Thanks for that information cd, a quicker recovery sounds good to me. Mind you the last time I was told I would only be in for the weekend it took 4 months. :)

  • well don't be doing that again! cx

  • Did they say you will be given Clexane injections to replace the warfarin while they do the procedure dall?

    I have to inject my husband in the stomach each time his warfarin levels drop or during the five days that he comes off warfarin for alterations to his internal defibrillator, don't worry, the injections are not painful, well at least when I do them its not he says. hope it all goes well and soon over...

  • Yes, he did say that I would be having Clexane injections in the stomach for around 5 day's so can you come around and do them for me Dr Zube. :)

  • sure will, have to come by dingy though, still some roads flooded here in Somerset, don't worry I will have a swig of scrumpy to stop my hands shaking, you'll be alright.

  • I think it would be me who needs that scrumpy zube. :)

  • Hi M8, Hope it does not take long there is some good execising weather ahead. i have no up and go just now the gp says it's a kick back from the chest infection I had last month everything i do is a effort, keep smiling.Matt

  • It seems as though nothing comes easy for the likes of us MC, still as you say with the weather improving we'll soon be back up to speed so no worries. At least we both had a result with the Rugby even though both games kept us on the edge of our seats right to the end. :)

  • Keeping fingers cross all will go well for you Tony with the epidural + procedure to remove the unwanted.

    Wishing you well for a fine fitness level for the transplant op. :)

    Best wishes BC

  • Thanks BC, it will be nice to get this thing 'behind' me and return to the transplant list as soon as possible.

  • All going in the right direction then Tony good news for you.Most definitely oucher of your bumboes! yes will be good to see the back of the darn thing! Keep us in the loop when you here from hosp. :) Janexx

  • Once again I am finding myself in the hands of the experts and all I can do is go with their advice. The only way to get my new lungoes is to get the bumboes sorted. :)

    When this thing first decided to let me know it was there 9 months back and the GP put me on co-amoxiclav antibiotics to fix it I never realised the problems it would cause.

    I've been on abs since then just to contain things but that can't be a good thing can it.

  • Persistent little big blighter eh! No you cant keep taking those cos they would loose their effectiveness eventually wouldnt they? Nope time to get the powertools out unfortunately,but needs must you've given the other route a good try.Lets hope you hear soon ,try and be extra careful with any bugs about ,dont need any other nasties at the mo.Need to be fit fit fit for 'operation Bumboes' in preparation for 'for operation lungoes' :o :p Janexx

  • Ha Ha Jane you do make me laugh, don't worry I'm on high bug alert as operation Bumboes is looming and I've got to be ready for them power tools, aarg!!

  • Thinking about this boil, perhaps sitting down will be more comfortable! All the best. x

  • Sitting for too long is when things start getting a little sore so that's probably why I'm always on the go. In some ways I guess this abscess has gone someway to improving my fitness, as they say there's always a bright side. :) xx

  • Another step towards being on that transplant list. I hope you don't have a long wait. x

  • It would be good to get back on the list soon but luckily my lungs are holding steady at 33% so were not panicking yet. Your right though this is a step towards getting myself back and waiting for that very important phone call once again.

    Thanks Chris

    Tony x

  • Tony fella, my admiration for you grows with each battle you tackle, I feel for you, especially when having watched you do the Sit/Stand exercises, I,m cringing just thinking about it, I normally kiss my grandchildrens booboos better, but I,ll have to pass on this one chum,

    The very best of luck with op, these epidurals are used for hip replacements too, & trust me, you wont feel a thing once its in,

    Keep fighting Tony, I know you,l win through in the end :)

    Karen xxxx

  • Hi Karen, from the time of coming around after a month of sedation to find my lungs were in a very bad way its been a roller coaster and many obstacles have been overcome. There's been a lot more good than bad over the last 3 1/2 years so we'll get this next thing out of the way and move on.

    So you don't fancy kissing my problem better then, I can't imagine why :) and yes the making of that video didn't come without a price. 41 oucha's!!! to be precise.

    It sounds like this epidural thing won't be too bad but it might get a little sore when it wears off eh' :)

    Thanks Karen, maybe you could blow me a kiss from the safety of your own home Ha Ha.

    Tony xxxx

  • A very big Mwah coming your way :P xxxx


  • Cancel that op, I'm cured :) xxxx

  • :P cheeky :) xxxx

  • Hi Tony. Tell them to get a move on.

  • Dall will they give you a new Heart too ? I 'thought' I read somewhere they usually do a double transplant

  • Its either one or two lungs, they do lots of tests when you go for transplant assessment and luckily my Heart is good. They said they would prefer to do both lungs but if only 1 became available then they would only do the 1. It seems that 1 is enough to live a normal life and would be much better than what I've got now.

    Anyway its abscess first and Lung/lungs next, the saying is right you know, when you reach 50 everything falls apart. :)

  • God luck. Due to the location of the abdess, I would not consider "kissing it better" as an option.

  • Are you squeamish CB Ha Ha

  • Could be A big pain in the butt, the sooner the better for you Tony, Youll get there, and I shall be gunning for you all the way, Heather.xx ps can I borrow the treadmill, giggle giggle

  • Thanks JS, it'll be good to get this transplant suspension taken off and get back on the list again. This abscess has been a lot of trouble even though I hardly know its there most of the time. The transplant consultant says it could get right out of hand when they kill your immune system when fitting your new lungs so who am I to argue. Best be safe I say while the lungs are behaving themselves yeh'

    If your in the Malvern area Heather feel free to try out the treadmill, its been a very good investment as the weather outside has not been too kind for us bad breathers has it.

    Tony xx Oh yes whats been going on with this crazy e mail spam thing, my delete button is wearing out. :)

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