Re- Liquid Oxygen

Afternoon everyone hope your all well.

I've just been changed to liquid for my exercising and for another PR course and hopefully to give me more freedom. I have a concentrator 15 hours, I'm a bit scared of it to be honest, lovely man explained all and it sits very nicely in my porch, I'm hoping to buy a plastic box for the garden. Any tips to get me started would be wonderful.

Kim xxxxx

3 Replies

  • Firstliy dont worry and secondly I wrote a post about liquid oxygen anything more please ask away

  • Thank you Jonty very helpful. going to try it now.

    Kim xxx

  • Thank you. This is my second one I'm not sure I'll do as well this time, I had pneumonia last June and it's taken all this time to feel a little normal, but I'm taking Azithromycin so I'll give it a go.

    Kim xxx

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