If it wasn't for the furkids!

If it wasn't for the furkids!

If it wasn't for my daxies I just crawl into bed and stay there. Have been unwell for over a month now, got rushed into hospital 8 days ago, but because I don't present like a normal asthmatic the junior house officer didn't take me seriously and i got sent home with antibiotics as a precaution. My foot deep x 7 medical files just didn't cut it with her :(. I am currently swallowing 50mg of Prednisolone daily, have my syringe driver going and nebbing as much as I want. It has taken me two hours just to get up this morning, and now I am sitting on the sofa recovering from a shower, in the hope that I can go out for a toddle with with the dogs in the sunshine.

For those of you who know me yes you did read the plural dogs, I have a new daxie in my life called "Chester," aged 3 who is a rescue and came to me a month ago. Cracking little chap, black and tan minnie dachshund. A friend rescued him after seeing him up for sale on facebook, something we both detest. My friend had two daxies already and didn't really think about what she was doing, nor did she tell her husband about Chester. So after 24 hours came to my door rather stressed and insisting he wasn't going anywhere and her husband would come round. Hubby and I had been thinking about having a second dog and so I said I was willing to take him in if she wanted me too. Hubby was asked but of course I had already made my mind up, and Chester moved in the very same day. Chester is a little devil and obvious that no one has done any training with him so we now go to training classes with him. Lottie my darling old girl as taught him that she is top dog, and they have settled well together. Lottie is also doing well after her recent back injury and back walking too. Having Chester has meant a few changes in the house, he is a wee bit of a barker so teaching him that is not acceptable, and neither is eating the mail, a cage is being fitted to the letter box. Cats are another thing, not sure whether I will be able to cure him of that, but god forbid me meets Jake from next door who will just give him a good slapping with his paws.

I don't often get frustrated with my health, just get on with it, but when you are full whack of drugs and they are not working it does leave you screaming inside. I keep going because I have to, yesterday i went for a walk in a local woods with hubby, I don't mind saying it was hell for my lungs, but seeing the furkids enjoying themselves is why I do it. Right now my lungs are screaming at me because they are so inflamed, but because I am not wheezing or noticeably SOB, and look okay I know that the outside world won't see my inner turmoil. Oh well whinge over, and I still have my furkids by myside :)

Love the Daxiemad Crew

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  • Glad to hear that Lottie is doing better and the youngster looks lovely. But sorry to hear you are having such troubles. :( Don't hesitate to go back to the doctor/hospital if you feel the need. And don't forget that you are the expert on you.

  • Love the babies, Toci is right, go back if you have to. Hope you are feeling a wee bit better.

    Take care xx

  • Sorry to hear your having a bad time. Bad enough with the illness to cope with but the steroids too don't help the way you feel. I truly sympathise with you. Dogs are such a blessing, and thank you for rescuing Chester, sounds like you have your work cut out there but I think in the end he will be good for you. He is lovely.

  • Aw I love daxies.....just gorgeous little things.....they must be a ray of sunshine when you feel so poo. I hope you start to feel better quickly and enjoy more of that sunshine....when it arrives of course. I went for my first doggie walk this morning after a month indoors following a hospital stay (copd flare up)....it was lovely to walk across the grass and I didn't get noticeably out of breath....Yay me!

  • Thank you for all your replies, sat here in tears now, which is so not me normally, outside I always have a smile on my face, but today struggling with that even. Yes I am the expert and my GP is lovely, but if the local hospital refuses to see that I am the expert there is little or nothing I can about it anymore. Over the years I have fought a running battle with them, tried everything from carrying letters written by RBH and local consultants. Had meetings etc but if some little F1 in A & E decides I am not ill then I am stuffed. Just think this exacerbation is going to take a lot longer to recover from because I didn't get the help I needed when I asked for it. Supposed to working towards my degree and because I feel so shattered all the time and the steriods mess with my concentration levels have fallen behind. Tutor is lovely about it, but I cannot help feeling bad about it all. The sun is shining outside and I want to be shining with it. Think that I have been on high dose steriods so long usually on 20 mg a day that I am slipping a bit with my mood, understandable.

    And yes my darling Chester is a handful, but I am glad I have him, it is the furkids that keep me going.

    xxxxx Katina

  • Get BOLSHIE! Demand to see the consultant. Or cry all over them, lol. Whatever it takes. Make them listen to you. xxxx

  • Oh Daxiemad so so sorry you have been unwell and are still. It is awful when the lungs get so inflamed like that, I so hope the prednisolone will help to soothe them real soon.

    I love your stories of the Daxie crew, you should write a book I think :) So glad you and lottie are enjoying having Chester stay with you, he will be well trained between you and Lottie for sure.

    Get well soon and take good care of those lungs, keep on enjoying the little furkids :)

    Best wishes B C x

  • Lovely picture, they will be your best meds .

  • I feel that pets can be such a comfort and good friends as well. Our cat Betsy is being a big support to us. No harm in having a grumble. I am having an inner grumbling. I just want to get on with this more that is going to happen soon. xx

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