pain in my back just below left shoulder.

could this be an infection. I have had the pain since Friday but it seems to be getting worse. Thinking it may just be muscular. any ideas.?

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Have you any other symptoms.


Hiya, I have exact same pain since last Sunday , been worried sick, got docs on Thursday . I have more symptoms than you though I have breast pain too and back pain and after googling it I think I have costochoritis ( wrong spelling) Everything goes thru ur mind . Have u any other symptoms ? Hope u find out soon

yes earlier replies - any other symptoms i.e. temperature?

Hi Natalyab - i regularly get pains around that area and my flanks, and its always a result of coughing ..straining muscles or nipping nerves sometimes a couple of pain killers can ease the issue?....but obviously if you think it maybe something else you need to get it checked out by a professional. Keep strong -Plumbob

Hi Natalyab

go to your G.P heart attacks can show up in peculiar ways, but on the side it could be infection, but go and see your G.P


I have the same type of pain my Doctor said it was frozen shoulder I am having an X-RAY soon

I have just started with that kind of pain worse when I first lay down goes if Olay still and breath slowly saw doc Monday could not get a answer except all part of the COPD cant wait to see next thing ha ha

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