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Is this happing in UK : health and enviroment

Is this happing in UK : health and enviroment

Some might be deluded and not think its conected but you would be very wrong.

Shocking FACTS Letters of HCP who had had streanth tho chirp up.

Then we have those HCP who will not chirp up

Alarming Secret Your HCP Doctor Is Gagged From Telling You when it comes to health enviroment and onshore fracking

But like a was talking about my mate and he's radiation reading

And how in my opinan should write to our MP just to clear issue up with truck x ray scanners.

Here is he's reading and mine is was clear.

Also you would think those at Fracking Camp's sites would give gammapix app a waz but you can only lead hourse to water cant make it drink it.

But anyway when thay xray a hgv trailer what x xray log do this country keep and the drivers .

Is it reg number of truck or is it chaise number of trailer as we all know thay can swap number plates.

And you might want to ask them who long dose it take to distburst as its metal and stuff ... its not like its meat is it ... and what happent to those unloading them few hours later over a period of time.

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I think that it probably is Electromagnetic radiation and a tinfoil hat would help.

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Al teady checked sprcs and if its not radiation will say unclear result i.e such as wifi mast tv etc


I think members should be careful when following links, they are not always written by people in the know anyone can start one of these sites and sometimes do it to cause a bit of a fuss. Just my opinion but take care.


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the level of radiation required for xray is very low, consequently the equipment is not capable or generating lethal levels.

Holding a mobile phone against your ear, particularly with wifi and data enabled, is probably far more dangerous.

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Hi daz

as an ex european refrigerated truck driver this often used to worry me.

I could see temperature rises on the fridge read out after it had been through the scanner at calais sometimetimes by quite a bit if i was only running chilled food! Not so much if it was frozen but still enough. Other drivers have noticed this too and fridge trailers do have inbuilt recording devices so customers can see this temp change if they ask. So you arent far from the truth.


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Hi cheers sambob yer tryed looking for info on trailers as thay can change units.

And could not find anything .. Makes you think

Might be one for MP


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