Would Like to hear from someone in the know,

What is going to happen now that Atos have gave up???

They have already cancelled both appointments I had for assessment, and now still on assessment phase,

I should have been assessed back in Mid December , I Know that it will be back dated , but wonder what is going to happen now??

Shouldn't the fact that Jobcentre Staff and My GP agree that I'm unfit for work count, I Have to waste My GP'S time every 4 weeks to get a sickline , Takes 5 min,s as he starts printing it as soon as I get in the door

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  • Phone the helpline davidmil, they might know whats going on

  • You will carry on at the assessment phase rate until atos do the assessment, submit as much written evidence as you can from nhs professionals involved in your care and try to get a face to face assessment, don't let them do it just based on your form, it can make a big difference. Good luck.

  • That's the thing they aren't doing it Trinite , think they have packed up, Its all over the news Yesterday

  • Will your GP let you request repeat sick notes over the phone? Mine used to and it saved a lot of wasting his time and travel for me. I know it's frustrating but keep pushing as I did hear that ATOS are supposed to still be doing assessments until they are replaced.

    Good luck


  • you can get sick notes for 6 months, ask your doc.

  • After the Demonstrations outside 144 offices and their shares dropping 6.6% ATOS are looking at ways to break their contract that is until 2015 (extended by G Brown). I think Capita are doing some in the PIP/DLA and Scotland so maybe they will take it over. (I understand they are no better) I would now make sure that any new evidence that you have for your conditions are sent to the DWP. This can be done at your local Job centre and it is proof of posting as they fax it though plus you will need to make an appointment.

    I would highly recommend that you get in touch with your MP and put all the facts to them it might quicken things up, it did for me.

    Jobcentre staff have insisted that I should be on DLA/PIP but it gets thrown out at the assessment since they changed the rules to 20 metre walk?

    Good Luck

  • Did I not read some place captia is employed by atos I have not seen the news the last couple of days has atos thrown in the towel

  • I read that ATOS are withdrawing because of threats to their staff (in other words sort of blaming people like us) which anyway we all know is rubbish - just a face saver, as ATOS are, as usual, not fit for purpose - in other words useless but guess the government will still pay them their 500 million viz. half a billion fee despite their failure. The government apparently says PIP will save 11 billion a year - so are they saying that there is 11 billion of fraud under the old system which the introduction of PIP will weed out or are they really saying that the 11 Billion (or 10.5 now as atos get half a billion and guess any new company will get the same so call it 10 billion) will be saved by just refusing claims - depriving people who really need it - I notice the government has not made this clear but then from this shambles of old spoilt overgrown millionaire public schoolboys what can you expect - except no doubt they will all get nice cosy seats of the boards of Atos, Capita etc.etc. when people finally see through them and vote them out.

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