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Portable oxygen concentrator - continuous flow

My husband developed interstitial lung disease/pulmonary fibrosis 2 years ago and we still haven't found out the cause. He loved to travel abroad but we require a Portable oxygen concentrator but it has to be continuous flow. I am unable to afford a new one, please can anyone make a suggestion to acquire a used one.

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Hi Lyn, if you look to the right you will see a section entitled Respiratory Equipment for sale. People have put adverts in there. Or you could contact the companies that sell the new ones as they often have used ones for sale too. Good luck with your search.


Thank you Toci, I have replied to two ads on the Respiratory Equipment for sale but no one replys, but I will try and ask the companies directly about used ones. All this is all so new to us glad I found this site. It's so helpful.

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You could also try Smile Rehab.

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What is you husbands flow rate,

The company linked to will supply, New, Refurbished, and hire equipment.

Hi Stone, He flow rate was 2 but he has got pneumonia and is in hospital so I don't know what if will be when he comes home. Thanks for your link I will have a look.


Who is you supplier , Air Liquide do a POC that goes to 3 lpm on continuos flow rate. As part of your oxygen needs,

They also offer units for holiday purposes.

I would speak to your oxygen suppier first to see what they can offer, then to your respitory nurse to confirm suitability and supply the required order, which you will have to have inrespective of any equipment you use.

His oxygen supplier can only organise them for use within the UK. You will need to speak to the department of health, who should be able to help find a suitable supplier in whichever country. He may also need a flight assessment, so have a chat with 5 respiratory nurse also

aaahhhh .... I've had this discussion loads of times with my POC supplier. They say you can't take them abroad, nor indeed to certain counties in the UK, simply because if it goes wrong they can't support them there. If you're willing to take that risk, then take the machine with you - just make sure it's covered with your insurers (your normal household policy is usually adequate for personal items taken abroad).

Thanks everyone I have been in and out of hospital due to my husbands pneumonia and just been told today his lung disease is progressing. I don't even know if he will be allowed to travel now. We live in Scotland our oxygen supplier told us they don't do the portable units and I have to purchase one privately. I will look all the option everyone have advised me about. Thanks again.

try Pure 02 as well for second hand ones - good luck

iv just bought one from this site keep looking in equiptment for sale i need a freeflow &they r xpensive new . most that r for sale seem to b pulse flow check that good luk

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